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WSOF 21World Series of Fighting 21 goes down live tonight from the Edmonton Expo Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. In the main event Chris “The Polish Hammer” Horodecki challenges Lance “The Party” Palmer for the World Featherweight Title. In the co-main event Smealinho “Prince” Rama defends his World Heavyweight Title against Sambo standout Blagoy Ivanov. This card also features a stacked undercard with many of the top ranked fighters in Canada.

The card will air on a three-hour tape delay in Canada on The Fight Network beginning at 12am et. The prelims and postlims will air on at 730pm et and 1105pm et respectively. As always Top MMA News will have live play-by-play right here for all the action.

  • Fight of the Night: Stephen Beaumont vs. Jose Rodriguez
  • Knockout of the Night: Garret Nybakken
  • Submission of the Night: Lance Palmer

Stephen Beaumont vs. Jose Rodriguez
Round 1: Beaumont with a big kick to the body and Rodriguez with a combo. Beaumont with the big body lock and slam. Beaumont with a big knee to the thigh from north/south. Rodriguez sweeps and lands elbows from side control. Rodriguez locks in a brabo choke and traps the leg. Beaumont knees Rodriguez in the knee in an attempt to escape and gets out of it. Beaumont on top in side control. Beaumont works to north/south and works for a brabo choke of his own. Beaumont releases and Rodriguez works for a kimura from the bottom. Beaumont goes to stand and Rodriguez lands a huge knee to his still downed opponent and referee Kyle Cardinal pauses the action and takes a point from Rodriguez. Beaumont is ready to go in just a couple of minutes and ties him up against the cage. Rodriguez gets the clinch and lands knees and Beaumont responds with knees to the body. Beaumont just muscles him to the ground and gets to half guard where he lands shots. Beaumont to side control and rides out the round landing one more solid shot. Top MMA News scores round 10-8 Beaumont with point deduction

Round 2: Rodriguez with the leg kick and sticks a jab. Beaumont with a head kick but falls to the mat. Rodriguez kicks the legs and lands a kick to the body while falling backwards and Beaumont jumps on top and gets to full guard. Beaumont stands and drops a big right and Rodriguez boxes the ears with little shots. Rodriguez throws up a triangle attempt and sweeps to half guard where he works a kimura. They scramble and Beaumont is back on top in full guard. Beaumont postures up and Rodriguez looks for an armbar but Beaumont shucks him off and stands. Beaumont stands and kicks the legs before dropping back into the guard and landing shots. Beaumont again postures and drops big punches before settling back into half guard. Rodriguez replaces his guard and Beaumont works the body, stands and lands more hard rights. The round winds down with Beaumont landing a trio of hammerfists. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Beaumont

Round 3: Rodriguez with a solid leg kick and they trade shots before Beaumont drags him back to the mat. Beaumont rides him and chips away with punches. Rodriguez works to his feet and Beaumont grinds him against the cage and dumps him to the mat with a big single to side control. Beaumont presses his shin across the chin and lands little hammerfists from side control before switching to short elbows. Rodriguez uses the cage to escape the side control but Beaumont still has full guard. Rodriguez works for a triangle but it’s easily defended by Beaumont. Rodriguez tries to get to his feet and slips out of a rear naked choke attempt and the round comes to an end. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Beaumont
Stephen Beaumont defeats Jose Rodriguez by Unanimous Decision (30-26×3)

Tim Smith vs. Spencer Rohovie
Round 1: Smith with the right and the leg kick and Rohovie drives for a single and ends up in full guard. Rohvie chips away with punches and passes to half guard. Smith gets his guard back and controls the posture. Smith with an elbow from the bottom and Rohovie works to pass but Smith works for a sweep. Rohovie stays heavy and passes to full mount. Smith works back to half guard but Rohovie rains down a barrage of punches. Smith gives his back and Rohovie works for the rear-naked choke and gets the tap.
Spencer Rohovie submits Tim Smith by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:09

Garret Nybakken vs. Nick Hrabec
Round 1: Nybakken presses the action right away and lands a kick to the body. Nybakken catches a kick and looks for the single. Hrabec looks for the hip toss but Nybakken stays up and they jockey against the cage fighting to stay up. Nybakken briefly gets the takedown but Hrabec pops back up. They exchange knees to the body and Hrabec keeps firing away until Nybakken can get some distance. Nybakken pounds the legs with kicks and Hrabec responds with a pair to the body. Nybakken clips him with a Nasty right and follows up with a couple more before referee Vern Gorman can pull him off his unconscious opponent.
Garret Nybakken defeats Nick Hrabec by KO (Punches) in Round 1, 3:36

Roger Alves vs. Danny Doig
Round 1: Doig sidesteps a shot from Alves and looks to keep his distance while landing shots. Alves gets a brief takedown but Doig gets back up. Alves ties him up against the cage and works the body lock and switches to the single and gets a huge slam to half guard. Doig gets his half guard but Alves is able to pass to full mount and sinks the arm-triangle choke, jumps to the side and forces the quick tap.
Roger Alves submits Danny Doig by Arm-Triangle Choke in Round 1, 2:49

Mark Drummond vs Michael Hill
Round 1: Drummond with a body kick and a right immediately. Big leg kick lands by Drummond but Hill responds with a combo. Drummond with another leg kick and Hill connects to the body. Both men swing but miss the mark. Hill with a combo connects and a kick to the body. Drummond comes back with a body kick of his own and shoots in and presses him against the cage. Drummond knees the body and they jockey for position. Hill chipping away with little shots and Drummond knees the body. Hill drags him to the mat and lands in full guard. Hill works the body as Drummond holds him close. Hill able to get some separation and lands shots before looking for a guillotine. Drummond defends and Hill goes to north/south. Drummond works to his feet but Hill drags him back down. Drummond works back up as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Hill

Round 2: Hill with a leg kick and ducks as Drummond rushes in and connects with a hard right. Hill with another leg kick and Drummond comes back with a kick to the body. Hill with another thudding leg kick and Drummond goes up high. They begin trading leg kicks and Hill presses forward with a combo but doesn’t connect. Hill misses the mark with an overhand right. Drummond continues to attack the legs with kicks. Hill is bleeding from the nose and lands a combo. Head kick from Drummond is partially blocked. Hill with a combo but not landing with much power. They tie up and Hill breaks away and connects with a solid combo against the cage. Drummond with another leg kick and Hill with one of his own. Drummond lands a right and Hill takes his back and drags him down briefly. Both men land and a scramble see both men hit the mat for final seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Hill

Round 3: They trade leg kicks and Hill with an overhand right. Drummond responds with a shot of his own and Hill works for a takedown but Drummond defends with elbows to the body. Hill gives up the takedown and Drummond with a high kick. Drummond lands a knee and has a kick to the body blocked. Hill throws but falls short and Drummond lands. Drummond counters a right with a solid right of his own. Hill with a spinning back kick but not much behind it. Hill connects and Drummond presses forward with a knee to the body and ties him up against the cage. Drummond knees the legs and body and Hill responds. Drummond content to control him against the cage and they finally separate and Drummond continues with the low kicks. Hill advances with a combo and Drummond lands a few of his own as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Drummond
Michael Hill defeats Mark Drummond by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Lance Palmer vs. Chris Horodecki
***World Featherweight Title Fight
Round 1: Horodecki opens with a head kick that falls short. Palmer with a solid leg kick and a right connects. Palmer with a stiff right on the chin but Horodecki eats it and responds. Both men trade shots and Palmer with a leg kick. Hordoecki connects with a leg kick and Palmer gets the takedown to guard and passes to half. Palmer with a lightning quick back take and works for a rear-naked choke. Palmer is unable to slip it under the neck but has a crank and Horodecki survives. Palmer looks for an arm triangle but Horodecki defends and gets back to his feet. Horodecki with a jab and Palmer shoots across for a takedown and gets the back. Palmer rains down several hard punches before working for the rear-naked choke. Palmer can’t sink the choke but Palmer is able to secure the neck crank and the tap.
Lance Palmer submits Chris Horodecki by Neck Crank in Round 1, 4:28
***Palmer retains WSOF World Featherweight Title

Smealinho Rama vs. Blagoy Ivanov
***World Heavyweight Title Fight
Round 1: They feel each other out and Rama throws first with a kick to the body and follows up with a right to the mid-section. Ivanov connects with a combo and Rama comes back with some shots of his own and a leg kick. Rama with a kick to the body and Ivanov catches and sweeps the leg. Rama looks for a leg lock and scrambles back to his feet and breaks the grasp of Ivanov. Both men throw but fall short. Rama with a leg kick and a combo that staggers Ivanov briefly. Rama pressing forward and Ivanov keeps him a bay with a pawing jab. Rama with a leg kick and a right that connects. Ivanov with a combo and Rama give it right back. Ivanov connects but Rama answers each shot with one of his own. Rama connects with a barrage of punches against the cage and Ivanov lands a couple of his own as time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Ivanov

Round 2: Both men trading but Rama lands the first significant shot of the round and they clash in the centre ord the cage with Rama pressing the action and landing against the cage. Rama eats a decent shot from Ivanov and keeps coming forward. Ivanov turns it up and hits Rama with a good combo. Ivanov with a leg kick and Rama with a body kick and falls to the mat only to pop right back up. Rama with a nice one-two against the cage and Ivanov circles away. Rama with a leg kick and strings another nice combo. Ivanov lands a solid right and Rama again responds and is cut under the left eye. Ivanov also seems to be sporting a cut although nit as bad under his left eye. Rama putting punches together and Ivanov content to land one or two at a time. They come together with a wild flurry and clinch up before separating and Rama lands a body shot right before time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Rama

Round 3: Rama goes to the body and again before sticking a jab. Ivanov with a jab of his own and a nice combo. Ivanove coinnects with a right and an uppercut and follows up with a barrage against the cage. Ivanov locks on a guilloyine choke and forces the tap to capture the title.
Blagoi Ivanov submits Smealinho Rama by Guillotine Choke in Round 3, 1:17
***Ivanov captures WSOF World Heavyweight Title

Hakeem Dawodu vs. Chuka Willis
Round 1: Willis shoots for a takedown right away and looks to take the back where he works for a choke. Willis connects with a chipping shot and Dawodu defends the choke while Willis sneaks in little punches. Dawodu uses the cage to stand but Willis takes him back to the mat and again Dawodu to his feet. Willis with a knee to the body and Dawodu gets separation. Willis connects with a right. Dawodu connects with a shot as Willis shoots in and Dawodu defends the single. Willis knees the thigh and Willis continues to work for the choke. Willis with the leg kick and Dawodu stuffs a takedown. Dawodu connects with another right as Willis presses forward. Dawodu gets ahold of him and drives a knee to the mid-section. Dawodu gets the clinch and begins to feed him a steady diet of vicious knees to the body. Willis slows the attack and puts Dawodu against the cage but Dawodu reverses positions and lands a few more knees to the body. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Dawodu

Round 2: Willis looks apprehensive to start the second and Dawodu lands and Willis drops to a knee. Dawodu takes the back and lands but Willis gets back to his feet and works for a single. Dawodu works back to his feet and Dawodu gets the clinch and lands another knee. Dawodu secures the clinch again and drives several more knees to the thighs and body. Willis looks mentally broken and Dawodu continues the assault before stuffing another takedown and blasting Willis with more hard knees and some elbows against the cage. Willis signals to referee Kyle Cardinal that he’s had enough and that’s the end.
Hakeem Dawodu defeats Chuka Willis by TKO (Knees and Elbows) in Round 2, 2:55

Thiago Goncalves vs. Matt Baker
Round 1: The two friends and teammates step into the cage and Baker will be cornered by Lee Mein with Luke Harris and the Hayabusa team stepping in to corner Goncalves. Goncalves throws a head kick and Baker blocks and lands a combo against the cage. Goncalves lands a leg kick and Baker pressures and looks for a takedown. The tie up against the cage briefly and Baker lands a leg kick. Goncalves catches a front kick and pushes Baker to the mat. Baker lands to the body and Goncalves responds with one of his own followed by a leg kick. Baker with a combo and a knee. Goncalves lands a leg kick and Baker winces. Baker connects against the cage and Goncalves catches another and lands another leg kick. They clinch up against the cage Baker with a leg kick and a side kick to the body. Goncalves lands and presses him against the cage. Baker connects to the body before they collide against the cage. Goncaves shoots and gets the double but lets him back to his feet. Baker with a spinning back kick just grazes the target. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Goncalves

Round 2: Baker pressures and looks for a takedown but Goncalves right back to his feet and they move across the cage and jockey for position against the cage briefly. They trade shots but it certainly doesn’t seem like either man is trying to finish as maybe their friendship is holding them back. Goncalves lands a leg kick and Baker with a body shot. Baker landing an uppercut elbow to the body and Goncalves gets the clinch and lands. Goncalves lands a finer to the eye and Baker takes a moment. On the restart Goncalves lands kicks to the legs and body and Baker responds with a front kick and a body shot. They trade shots against the cage and Baker lands a knee low. Goncalves is down for a few minutes and they restart. They trade shots and Goncalves lands a kick to the body. Goncalves puts his hands down and Baker tries to capitalize but Goncalves blocks it. They slug it out against the cage with both men finally throwing some solid shots. At the end of the round Baker indicates to referee Kyle Cardinal that he broke his hand and he waves the fight off. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Goncalves
Thiago Goncalves defeats Matt Baker by TKO (Retirement) in Round 2, 5:00

Justin Sander vs. Dan Lariviere
Round 1: They trade shots and Sander shoots in and Lariviere looks for the guillotine but Sander pops back up. Sander works for a takedown against the cage and picks Lariviere up in a fireman carry and slams him. Sander settles into the full guard and Lariviere throws up an armbar attempt but Sander is able to pull his arm free and moves to side control. Sander tries to pin the arm but can’t hold it down. Sander is able to pull him away from the cage but Lariviere works for a kimura from the bottom. Sander escapes and gets back to full guard. Lariviere lands from the bottom but Sander picks him up and brings him closer to his corner. Lariviere looks for a heel hook but Sander pulls his leg out. Sander back to half guard and eats an elbow before taking the back with a body triangle and working for the choke but lets go and lands some shots as time runs out. As Sander stands up his face appears to be bloodied from the elbow. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Sander

Round 2: They clash with leg kicks and Lariviere drives him to the mat and gets to north/south where Lariviere looks for an inverted triangle but Sander slams his way out. Sander moves to the back again but Lariviere gets his half guard back. Sander is working to pass to full mount but Lariviere scrambles and gets half gaurd again. Sander connects with a left and a pair of right elbows and opens a cut on the forehead before sinking an arm-triangle and forcing the tap.
Justin Sander defeats Dan Lariviere by Arm-Triangle Choke in Round 2, 2:52

Michael Hay vs. Louie Grover
Round 1: Hay sticks a jab to kick off the action before catching a kick and shooting in to get the double to side control. Hay passes to full mount and works for an arm triangle but Grover defends. Grover gives his back and Hay works for a rear-naked choke before Grover tries for a sweep and gets caught in an armbar from the bottom. Grover stacks him and continues to defend but ultimately Hay is able to force the tap and gets the win in front of a large crowd of hometown supporters.
Michael Hay submits Louie Grover by Armbar in Round 1, 2:17



Postliminary Card: ( et)
155lbs- Stephen Beaumont (—) vs. Jose Rodriguez (—)
155lbs- Tim Smith (—) vs. Spencer Rohovie (—)
155lbs- Garret Nybakken (—) vs. Nick Hrabec (—)
160lbs- Roger Alves (—) vs. Danny Doig (—)
170lbs- Mark Drummond (—) vs. Michael Hill (—)


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  1. Slammin sammy f says:

    N e link to watch it for free in Canada ?

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  2. Bdc says:

    Holy shit rama looks way smaller

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  3. Bdc says:

    Gona have a big speed advantage

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  4. Bdc says:

    It looked to me a big factor was size n power. Rama was landing but it didnt phase him and then Rama was rag dolled with the choke.

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  5. brandon chase says:

    its a real shame rama lost his fight!:(

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    Rama weighed in at 227lbs… I think he could easily make 205 if he wanted to go that route!

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  7. That guy says:

    Stephen Beaumont fought two in a half rounds on pure heart and instinct, well deserved win after continuing after that vicious illegal knee. He told the ref “I think my jaws broken but let’s go”. Well deserved fight of the night.

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  8. Pmoney says:

    yeah rama should consider cutting to 205. for better success in future, I wish him the best

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  9. EnigmaNinja says:

    Having trained with Rama in the past, I was dissapointed with his performance. I know that it is a lot easier to coach from the sidelines, but I also know what he is capable of. I definitely think that he needs to be fighting at 205 from now on. it looked more like a boxing match to me when he is such a complete MMA fighter. I’ve taken his kicks elbows knees takedowns and his Jiu Jitsu in the gym to know that he is good at all areas. anyway not talking s*** just trying to critique, always a fan and hope to see him back at his full potential in the future.

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  10. Your bigger more skilled heavyweights will always be a problem for Rama, hence a move to 205, logic dictates to be a smart decision. on a second note the fighters fighting out of complete always seem to have problems when matched up with guys from established gyms like Hayabusa.

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  11. Royalty combat says:

    Blagoy Ivanov looked shap

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  12. james says:

    Beaumont fighting after taking that knee makes the head butt look like a joke that andrew took in the last show.

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  13. @james, theres a saying in the fight game, fighters are born they are not made, Beaumont was definitely born to fight and it showed, so you can take all your fancy dan bjj credentials and chuck them in the garbage, if you were not born with a fighters heart, the willinness and mental attitude and fortitude to dig deep and fight through adversity and attrition, then you will never make it as a fighter., thus when the going gets rough you will pick any lame ass excuse to save yourself.

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  14. Mmafan says:

    Rama should definitely go to 205lbs he is already a dangerous heavyweight! Imagine at 205lbs he would be an absolute monster and perhaps a world beater!

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  15. Pmoney says:

    so many missed opportunities for leg kicks by rama

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  16. GGod says:

    I think WSOF has to do better promoting inside the city. Im getting pretty tired of not being able to watch local fights on canadian tv live, when im not able to make it there.

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  17. Bdc says:

    I think its a tough call for Rama. Its would be hard to tell a guy you need to drop down when hes the best HW in a country. I think he belongs at 205 and again would be the best 205er in canada. On the worldwide scale theres alot of great 205ers. Either he packs on muscle or drops down if he wants to continue to fight globally. I know one thing hes got a great future in combat sports.

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