WSOF 21 – Weigh-In Results


WSOF 21World Series of Fighting 21 goes down live tomorrow night from the Edmonton Expo Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. In the main event Chris “The Polish Hammer” Horodecki challenges Lance “The Party” Palmer for the World Featherweight Title. In the co-main event Smealinho “Prince” Rama defends his World Heavyweight Title against Sambo standout Blagoy Ivanov. This card also features a stacked undercard with many of the top ranked fighters in Canada.

In an interesting developement, Marcus Hicks has been forced out of his fight against Matt Baker due to weight cut complications. In Hick’s place steps Thiago Goncalves who is a teammate and was set to corner Baker in his Middleweight bout. The men will now stand on opposite ends of the cage and do battle in a teammate vs. teammate fight.

Tickets are still available HERE so if you’re in Edmonton get down and check out the action live. The card will air on a three hour tape delay in Canada on The Fight Network beginning at 12am et. The prelims and postlims will air on at 730pm et and 1105pm et respectively. As always Top MMA News will have live play-by-play right here for all the action.

Main Card: (NBCSN-9pm et/Fight Network-12am et)
145lbs- Lance Palmer (144.5) vs. Chris Horodecki (144.4)
***Featherweight Title Fight

265lbs- Smealinho Rama (227.8) vs. Blagoi Ivanov (251)
***Heavyweight Title Fight

170lbs- Michael Hill (170.4) vs. Mark Drummond (170.2)
145lbs- Hakeem Dawodu (145.6) vs. Chuka Willis (145.8)

Postliminary Card: ( et)
165lbs- Stephen Beaumont (165.4) vs. Jose Rodriguez (165.5)
155lbs- Tim Smith (154.9) vs. Spencer Rohovie (156)
155lbs- Nick Hrabec (155.1) vs. Garret Nybakken (156)
160lbs- Roger Alves (160.9) vs. Danny Doig (161)

Preliminary Card: ( et)
190lbs- Matt Baker (189) vs. Thiago Goncalves (189.1)
155lbs- Dan Lariviere (154.9) vs. Justin Sander (154.6)
135lbs- Michael Hay (135) vs. Louie Grover (135.4)



38 Responses to “ WSOF 21 – Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Marcus Hicks is out due to weight cutting complication.

    Thiago Goncalves, who is a teammate of Baker and was set to corner him steps in to fight him instead.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    I will post the rest of the weigh in results as soon as I get them… I was not able to make it to the weigh ins and there was an issue with the stream.

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  3. Bdc says:

    Thats fuckin shitty and not good on hicks gym. Weird that his corner steps into fight.

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  4. Goncalves vs Baker just does not feel right.

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  5. CCF says:

    Garret was actually 156.2 , why wasn’t that recorded?

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  6. harry balls says:

    Hicks, you fucking dipshit.

    ..and postliminary just sounds weird.

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  7. NightMoves says:

    Wow hicks can’t make weight… And now he can even get through a wait cut. What joke. BLACK SHEEP DOWN!

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  8. NightMoves says:

    Weight cut*

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  9. Torontobjj says:

    Da thing is it is the promoterz fault for booking a classless human on the card to begin with! Hicks is a stain on the sport and should be banned from talking let alone coaching people. Marcus Hicks is also one of the most fudley lookin dudes around.

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  10. rush says:

    I like it Props to Gonçalves and Baker for steping up nOT padoing records. Some of the best fights are in the gym behind closed doors

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  11. Fightfanforlife says:

    “Garret was actually 156.2 , why wasn’t that recorded?”

    I thought Edmonton didn’t allow any allowances? Does his opponent get 20%?

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  12. Goncalves vs Baker, who wants to pay good money to see two guys from the same gym spar each other, I guarantee goncalves lets Baker win. b.s

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  13. cody says:

    Could be a sparring session, could also be a arlovski vs browne, guess will find out

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    In regards to Garret Nybakkens weigh in… He stepped on the scale at 156.2lbs with underwear, the commission listed his official weight at 156lbs as the underwear was at least 0.2lbs!

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  15. TNT Jackson says:

    I know both Thiago and Baker VERY well and trained with both of them for years. These are guys that are both awesome guys and great fighters. They both have something to lose for sure…they are both very close to having their career go to the next level. For someone who says Thiago will let Matt win is absolutely clueless. These guys BOTH have a lot of pride for their art and are both very competetive. Although I just hope they both get out of the fight injury-free as they are both my good friends, they will put on a great fight because that’s all either of them know how to do it.

    Good luck my friends…I know I couldn’t do it!

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  16. Fightfanforlife says:

    So they estimated the weight of his underwear? Is that even allowed? According to this boxer briefs weigh .121 lbs. looks like another ECSC screw up. SMH.

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  17. Cody Rempel says:

    Also due to Ivanov’s Visa issues he will not get in until tomorrow and the commission will weigh him in then!

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  18. I respect your comments @TNT Jackson, but imagine if both Tampa Bay Lightning goalies got hurt and Chicago’s backup volunteered to play goal for them against his own team and the NHL let him?

    Even if that goalie played hard and lost, you will always wonder if he let his Chicago buddies win.

    Baker and Goncalves may say they will fight 100% but if one of them gets subbed in the first minute, fans will wonder if it was fixed.

    Even with the full intention of smashing each other going into the fight, one of them may have second thoughts when they are locked in the cage and only give it 70%.

    Tough situation. Great story. I am interested to see this fight.

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  19. CCF says:

    Why isn’t it a 1.2 lb allowance then?

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  20. Fight Fan says:

    This isn’t hockey Grienke! Get real

    Top Hockey News

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  21. Keith says:

    Hicks shouldn’t be given any more chances, this is garbage. I’m glad Thiago and Matt decided to make it a good show and compete. Hicks is an absolute disgrace

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  22. AkaSC says:

    Marcus Hicks is and always has been one of the most embarrassing people in the sport of mma. The fact he opened a gym which he actually got a dude who used to run a tattoo shop and sell drugs to finance it tells you something. Besides of having no certification, no belt ranking or no requirements to even coach with a under 500 record of 20-24? I believe everyone can agree that this is the 8th time in the last 9 fights he has missed weight, i am unsure how he still gets fights under these promotions and why the promoters and matchmakers would even allow it.. The commissions really need to banned or suspend him for wasting everyone’s time. Just retire already, you suck and after 44 fights still eating fast food fight week. give it up.

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  23. PEDuser says:

    hicks is a joke. he has missed weight just about as often as he loses. BSmma is just a collection of scrubs, the equivalent of an MMA trailer park.

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  24. mmafan says:

    Co main event not even at the weigh ins, why not bring the guy in a couple days early to make sure this doesn’t happen? looks bush.

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  25. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Hicks is a local guy whom doesn’t cost the promotion much money, except for when instances like this come up. I’m sure Darren Owens or WSoF will no longer be seeking his services.

    As for Baker vs Gonçalves, I’m sure it will be just like Browne vs Arlovski. But what’s really cool about those guys (if true) is that their still roommates at the hotel, declining separate rooms!

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  26. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Also anyone know why the main event was given to the Featherweight’s instead Heavyweight’s, thought Rama was an Edmonton native? Wonder if it’s similar to the UFC’s 189 with Aldo vs McGregor over Lawler vs MacDonald, more draw for Palmer vs Hordecki?

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  27. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Lastly, if any other division other than Heavyweight, had a competitor late for weighing in would commissions still allow him to compete because he would technically be at a disadvantage cutting weight with less recovery or time to rehydrate. Not sure why Heavyweight Division or opponent gets special privilege. Visa issue is not a valid excuse unless there was fault on the country issuing it?

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  28. @Fight Fan…. oops sorry. Thought Baker and Goncalves played hockey. Thanks.

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  29. Who is going to corner Baker and Goncalves now?

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  30. Zach b says:

    Well maybe we can stop hearing about bullshit mma taking over the world , and any conversation involving mma and hicks in the same sentence .

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  31. Zach b says:

    War Drummond ..

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  32. Adam Lorenz says:

    Keith, maybe they’ll just meet in the middle of the cage with a bottle of water between rounds and talk about how the fight is going lol!

    Jokes aside, these guys fighting each other is incredible…I don’t think I could do it. Good luck to them both, I hope that they remain buddies after.

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  33. Right now Marcus lma Hicks is feeling rather sheepish, hopefully at next event he pulls up his wool socks, grabs the ram by the horns, and either gets more serious about making weight or fights at a higher weight class, its not like this is his first rodeo, at this point in his career he should have surpassed the virgin wool stage, another fiasco like this and the sheep sh#t will really hit the fan!! In Black Sheep terminology this is really Baaaaad,Baaaaad, Baaaaad!

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  34. Always Right says:

    Marcus Hicks…Yesterday…not looking much like he was busy cutting weight

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  35. Cody Rempel says:

    Ivanov weighed in officially at 251lbs

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  36. Hey Kris have faith maybe when he f#cks up his gym, and they close their doors on a permanent basis, valimaki the manager of the soon to be opened Sherwood Park ufc gym will hire Hicks as his assistant.

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  37. @Kris, I am shocked and surprised!! I knew black sheep graze on grass, I didnt know they blaze it too!!

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  38. Deandra says:

    I found just what I was needed, and it was enarittening!

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