Global Warriors 2 Play-by-Play


Global-Warriors THUMBGlobal Warriors are holding their second event at the Central Arena in Burlington, Ontario.

If you are in the area, there is still a limited amount of tickets available so why not pick up a pair? If not the event will be streamed live via GFL.

Top MMA News is live at the fights.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night: Denis Puric vs Josh Rich
  • Submission of the Night: Josh Hill
  • Knockout of the Night: Mike Hernandez



Here is our usual play-by-play:

Josh Hill vs Josh Rettinghouse
Rettinghouse comes out to American Badass. Nice touch for the heel. Josh Hill chooses Journey. Awesome! Who doesn’t like Journey?
Rd 1.
Leg kick Rettinghouse. Left jab by Hill. Big right hook by Hill lands. Body kick by Rettinghouse. Hill catches a kick and hits him with a right. Drop to the mat and back up. Hill pressuring him against the cage. Knee to the thigh and some softer body shots by Hill. Rettinghouse breaks and gets in a right during the escape. Body kick by Rettinghouse. Front kick by Hill misses. Left sets up a hard right by Hill. High kick sails wide by Rettinghouse. Hill hits a right. Hill catches a leg and launches Rettinghouse to the mat. No problem. Right back up for Rettinghouse. Hill with the body shots against the cage. High kick blocked by Hill. Leg kick by Rettinghouse lands. Spinning back kick by Rettinghouse connects. Leg kick Hill.
Top MMA News scores the round for Hill 10-9

Rd 2.
Left by Hill makes Rettinghouse stumble. Right by Hill. Rettinghouse says enough of that and grabs a leg. To the mat. Rettinghouse holding the leg and Hill occasionally dropping a right elbow or punch while fighting off Rettinghouse’s takedown attempt. Hill finally stuffs it. Knees to the body by Hill, 3,4 times. On their feet. Hill pressuring against the cage. Knees to the thigh by Hill. Rettinghouse goes for the guillotine. Hill shakes it off. Hill standing and kicking while Rettinghouse is on his back. Back on the feet for both. Hill with the takedown. Hill drops some punches and then gets his back. Hooks in. Rettinghouse tries to spin out. He regains his feet. Punch to the head with a right by Hill as the round ends. Round definitively for Hill.
Top MMA News scores the round for Hill 10-9

Rd 3.
The two engage. Not much lands. Uppercut by Rettinghouse. He needs a finish. Hill pushing Rettinghouse against the fence. Hill takes him down. Hill has his back. Hill gets the RNC and the crowd erupts.Very impressive performance!
Josh Hill submits Josh Rettinghouse by Rear Naked Choke in Round 3, 2:01

Ryan Dickson vs Jason Witt
Rd 1.
Left by Witt starts things off. Left right by Witt scores. Left right by Dickson. Both fighters throwing hard to start. Witt hits Dickson in the stomach and drops Dickson with punches. Witt pounces and drops more. Ref jumps in to stop it. Close call by Beauchamp but a fair stop in my opinion.
Jason Witt defeats Ryan Dickson by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 1:00

Kyle Prepolec vs Alex Ricci

Rd 1.
Jab by Prepolec, kick by Ricci. Rights by Prepolec. Big left by Prepolec. Kicks by both. Front kick Ricci. Hard body kicks x 3 by Ricci. Prepolec hurts eye and stops but Ricci pressures him against the cage. Prepolec reverses and the break up. Kick by Ricci lands hard. Kicks have been very effective. Left hook catches Prepolec. Head kick by Prepolec lands. Hard body kick by Ricci again. Prepolec brusing on his side from all those kicks. Ricci lands a right and left. Hard kick and left by Ricci. Right by Prepolec lands. Ricci explodes with a takedown. Can’t keep Prepolec down. Knee, leg kicks, punches by Ricci as he attacks against the cage.
Top MMA News scores the round for Ricci 10-9

Doctor comes out to look at Ricci’s eye. All OK.
Combo by Ricci as they meet in the centre. Exchange kicks. Hard knee by Ricci. Punch by Ricci who presses Prepolec against the cage. Ricci looks better than ever. Body kick by Prepolec. One back for Ricci. Prepolec shoots but Ricci is strong on his feet tonight. Prepolec pushing Ricci against the fence. Ricci grabs his head and drags him down into north south. Ricci spins and gets into Prepolec’s guard. Ricci misses with a hard left. Elbow by Ricci. Right by Ricci. Prepolec back on his knees and Ricci kneeing his shoulder. Prepolec on his back and Ricci lands some rights. Knees to the body by Ricci. Ricci picking his shots and Prepolec finally regains his feet. Hard shots by Ricci to finish round.
Top MMA News scores the round for Ricci 10-9

Left by Prepolec lands. Right by Ricci and another body kick. Leg kicks exchanged. Body kick lands as Prepolec goes for takedown. Back to this north south position with Prepolec on his knees with Ricci wrapping up his head. Ricci now has side control on Prepolec. Hard right by Ricci. No quit in Prepolec but Ricci has his number tonight. Ricci in his full guard. Prepolec throwing some from bottom. Prepolec goes for arm but they are sweating too hard to hold it. Hard right by Ricci. Prepolec can’t get off his back. GNP by Ricci who is dominating. End of fight and Prepolec regains his feet.
Top MMA News scores the round for Ricci 10-9
Alex Ricci defeats Kyle Prepolec by Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

Lyndon Whitlock vs Mike Hernandez
Great atmosphere here.
Rd 1.
Whitlock shakes off touching gloves. Like that. Leg kick Hernandez. Not much on it. Harder kick by Hernandez. Another leg kick. Lots of movement and little landing early on. Leg kick slaps hard on Whitlock. Right lands by Hernandez. Front kick by Whitlock pushes him to the mat. Back up quick. High kick blocked by Whitlock. Hernandez falls but Whitlock can’t capitalize. Leg kick by Hernandez scores. Hernandez with the takedown. Whitlock on feet but Hernandez lights him up while he gets there. Hernandez hurts Whitlock. Whitlock getting pounded on. Whitlock trying to find a way out but Hernandez is relentless. Whitlock can’t find a way out of the assault and turtles up. Hernandez keeps up the pressure with his Clubber Lang stylings and the ref steps in.
Mike Hernandez defeats Lyndon Whitlock by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 4:42

Adam Assenza vs Taylor Solomon
Two well-supported fighters here. Solomon and Assenza both had different opponents a week ago. Now they rematch.
Rd 1.
Solomon aggressive to start. Punches and knees. Big right by Assenza thogh. Jab by Solomon. The two stand and trade and trade and Assenza stumbles Solomon. Uppercut by Solomon. Right by Assenza. Solomon pounding on Assenza who was hurt by that knee. Assenza covering up and taking the body shots. Assenza starting to recover. Great action. Can’t keep up! Body kicks by Solomon. Assenza cut under left eye. Assenza lands a good left and Solomon shoots. Assenza regains his feet. Spinning wheel kick misses. Shades of Puric! Left kick lands by Assenza. Assenza pours it on. Lands a left and right and drops Solomon. Solomon hurt and Assenza finishes him. Brian Beauchamp stops Solomon from getting hurt further.
Adam Assenza defeats Taylor Solomon by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 3:25

Josh Rich vs Denis Puric
Rd 1.
Leg kick wiffs by Rich. One lands for Puric. Rich goes for take down. Puric stuffs it and drops Rich down. Puric right into full mount. Rich escapes grabs Puric’s neck and the two go for a ride to the mat. They stand. Puric daring Rich to strike with him. That is not Rich’s plan. Don’t blame him. Superman punch by Puric then Rich shoots. Stuffed. Back on feet. Left by Rich to set up a shot. No dice. Rich lands and drops Puric. Puric says it doesn’t hurt. It did. Puric jumps at Rich and eats a right. Left by Puric. Puric throws HARD. Throws a crazy right and misses and falls to the mat after losing balance. Rich jumps on top but can’t capitalize. Round ends.
Top MMA News gives the round to Rich 10-9. Very close.

Rd 2.
Puric looks the more tired of the two. Hard body kick by Puric. Shot by Rich and nothing there. Front kick by Puric and some more shots added. Hard swings by Puric. Body kick by Rich who ducks under the counters by Puric. Hard body kick by Puric. Rich shoots. Sprawl by Puric. Those kicks have taken it out of Rich. Left kick lands by Puric. They tie up. Nice knee to the stomach by Rich. Double leg by Rich gets Puric down. Puric landing elbows from bottom. Rich on top lands an elbow. They rise. Body kick by Rich lands. Is Puric gassed or faking it. He explodes on Rich. Rich with a light kick that lands. Spinning wheel kick misses by Puric. Rich and Puric are exhausted in a hot arena. Spinning wheel kick by Rich! misses and Puric smirks. Body kick by Puric lands. Another. Round ends. Nice fight!
Top MMA News scores the round to Puric 10-9

Crowd yelling for Puric. Puric yells back. Body kick by Puric and a jab stumbles Rich. Body kick by Puric who slips. Hard kick by Puric and then the two trade hard shots. Rich ties up Puric by the cage but Puric slips out. The two clash heads as they both shoot. Puric gets a single. Rich spins around to get his back but Puric slips to his feet. Hard left by Rich and the top drop to the mat with Rich on top. Puric working hard and gets to feet. Rich with a body lock take down. He lands in Puric’s half guard. Hard elbows by Puric from bottom in full guard. Puric doing more than Rich at this point on the ground. Some light shots by Rich. Todd Anderson stands them up. Flying kick by Puric sails wide. left. Round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round to Puric 10-9.
This can be anyone’s win. Hope it is a draw. Hard to pick a winner here.
Denis Puric defeats Josh Rich by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Oliver Vadnais vs Kyle Post
Rd 1.
Leg kick by Vadnais and then they trade. Hard right by Vadnais. Knee by Post. Legkick by Post. Vadnais really tracking Post down. Left by Vadnais. Vadnais goes for the headkick. Jab by Vadnais. Leg kick by Post lands but is caught and Vadnais tosses him down and drops into Post’s guard. Body shots by Vadnais. Vadnais throws some heavy shots from top that just miss. Post looking comfortable on his back until three hard shots land. Vadnais moves to side control. Vadnais pounding on his ribs. Back in half guard. Nice elbows dropped by Vadnais who is dominating. Full mount. Vadnais pounding on Post and just throwing a barrage. Kitchen sink lands and the ref steps in to stop it.
Oliver Vadnais defeats Kyle Post by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 4:32

Dave Hale vs Thomas Sumantri
Rd 1.
Big cheer for the local boy Dave Hale. This is a loud, raucous full house in Burlington, Ontario.
Tap gloves. Feeling each other out then Hale lands a right. Sumantri presses forward and pushes Hale against the fence. Hale defending and throwing quite a few rights while Sumantri works a single. No doing and they split. Right lands by Hale. Sumantri shoots but Hale lands on top. He drops a few harder rights. Sumnatri now on top and lands a left elbow. Hale using the closed guard and holding tight. Hale pushes off and escapes. He takes Sumantri’s back and quickly taps out his opponent with a RNC. Crowd erupts.
Dave Hale submits Thomas Sumantri by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:35




10 Responses to “ Global Warriors 2 Play-by-Play ”

  1. Hale looks so much better since I last saw him fight Devin Murray. Good showing and hard work in the gym paid off for Hale.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 0

  2. Jim says: with the fuck up AGAIN!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  3. Hope you did not miss Puric vs Rich. Fun back and forth fight. Puric with some grappling! Not just heavy hands and feet anymore.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

  4. Josh Hill is one of the most exciting bantamweights to watch in Canada. KO over Adams, sub tonight and a great performance against a great champion like Moraes.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 15 Thumb down 5

  5. Taylor Lang says:

    I think this was the best card in Ontario to date. Exciting night of fights

    Well-loved! Thumb up 12 Thumb down 3

  6. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Great to see Josh Hill transformation into an exciting pleasing fighter!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 17 Thumb down 4

  7. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    First time Dickson’s been finished, he’s tough as nails. Has to be a tough loss for the guy.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 4

  8. steve hill says:

    wow karimi bet that hurt , was a great card …extremely warm in the venue…but plenty off cold beer helped,nice to see robin black at the show …..josh hill poised for rematch with marlon moreas….great nite for mma fans in Ontario……

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 7

  9. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Not at all, Josh Hill has become a more exciting fighter. That’s a good thing.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 16 Thumb down 3

  10. Kevin Bradley says:

    What happened to Wooley’s fight?

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