Global Warriors FC 2 – Weigh In Results


Global-Warriors THUMBGlobal Warriors will be holding their second event tomorrow night at the Central Arena in Burlington, Ontario. If you are in the area there is still a limited amount of tickets available so why not pick up a pair? If not the event will be streamed live via GFL. Here are the weigh in results for the event:

Pro Fights:
135lbs- Josh Hill (135.6) vs. Josh Rettinghouse (135.8)
163lbs- Ryan Dickson (163) vs. Jason Witt (161.6)
155lbs- Alex Ricci (155.8) vs. Kyle Prepolec (155.4)
135lbs- Lyndon Whitlock (135.6) vs. Mike Hernandez (135.8)
163lbs- Adam Assenza (162.4) vs. Taylor Solomon (162.8)
125lbs- Adrian Woolley (125.2) vs. Cleber Junior (129.6)*
135lbs- Denis Puric (135.8) vs. Josh Rich (136)
145lbs- Dave Hale (145.6) vs. Thomas Sumantri (—)**
155lbs- Oliver Vadnais (155.4) vs. Kyle Post (155.8)

*Fight Cancelled due to Cleber Junior missing weight

**Weight for Sumantri was not available at the time of posting



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  1. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Woolley still paid show and win purse, I hope?

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  2. delta says:

    Feel bad for Woolley. Dammit.

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