Hybrid Pro Series 3 – Results


Hybrid Pro SeriesHybrid Pro Series held its third pro event on Saturday, May 2. The event was held at the Palais Des Congres in Gatineau, Quebec.

Here are the results of the event:

Pro Fights:
Mathieu Charette defeats Samuel Desruisseaux by Unanimous Decision
Hideto Tatsumi defeats James Kouame by TKO in Round 3, 2:08
David Moon submits Dan Larivière by Triangle Choke in Round 3, 3:56
Matt Long defeats Joe Goodleaf by RNC in Round 2, 1:13
Koyomi Matsushima defeats Dave Leduc by TKO in Round 1, 0:19
Eric Mendiola defeats Jordan Baccin by KO in Round 1, 0:20
Peter Grajcar defeats Yuki Suzuki by Majority Decision



6 Responses to “ Hybrid Pro Series 3 – Results ”

  1. should get the times from the commission today. Will add when we get them from the rajc.

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  2. Jamie says:

    Really wanted to be at this show, I heard these fights were all awesome!

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  3. Jamie says:

    I saw pictures of the Daniel San fight, bloodbath!

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  4. Added the times and also changed the Grajcar/Suzuki decision to a Majority Decision, as per the commission.

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  5. Aaron Avruskin says:

    Really proud of the Japanese contingent from Fight Xchange!
    They showed tons of heart, rose to the occasion in hostile territory, and embodied everything that’s revered about JMMA.

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  6. Jack says:

    There was at least 2 bloodbath

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