Battlefield Fight League 35 – Weigh In Results


Battlefield ThumbBattlefield Fight League goes down live tomorrow night from the River Rock Casino in Richmond, British Columbia. The main event features a Middleweight Title fight between David Perron and Ryan Janes. Also on the card Matt Baker takes on Ariel Gandulla and Nick Ghaeni makes his pro debut against Jamie Siraj.

Limited tickets are still available HERE or if you are unable to get down to the venue to take in the fights, there will be an Internet PPV HERE or Top MMA News will have live results right here as usual.

Pro Fights:
185lbs- David Perron (184.4) vs. Ryan Janes (183.5)
***Middleweight Title Fight

205lbs- Matt Baker (201.7) vs. Ariel Gandulla (204.7)
135lbs- Jamie Siraj (135.5) vs. *Nick Ghaeni (138.5)
155lbs- Alexi Argyriou (155.1) vs. Ryan Rohovich (154.4)


Amateur Fights:
135lbs- Kirk Tse (133.9) vs. Cole Smith (134.8)
***Amateur Bantamweight Title Fight

135lbs- Oliver Evanshen (135.4) vs. Kevin Kellerman (134.7)
160lbs- Christian Tremayne (159.5) vs. Navid Mirzaei (159.9)
155lbs- Kolten Higginbottom (155.1) vs. Mike Crisp (155.5)
145lbs- Bryan Gall (145.3) vs. Marco Viedas (144.7)
190lbs- Mike Morley (190.3) vs. Scott Pipping (190.0)
160lbs- Mitch Burke (161.0) vs. Vincent Thom (160.0)
145lbs- Damon Begg (145.8) vs. *Spencer Croteau (150.3)

*Missed Weight

7 Responses to “ Battlefield Fight League 35 – Weigh In Results ”

  1. EPerez says:


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  2. EPerez says:

    March 16, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    Removed Jamie Siraj vs. Brad Katona, Siraj contracted a staph infection

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  3. EPerez says:

    Staff inphekshun

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  4. Stevie says:

    Siraj ducked Katona. NO WAY in that time frame he can have a clean medical from a staph infection and fight a week later. Some real BS here from somewhere.

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  5. Mahon says:

    Wow fastest recovery from staph I’ve ever heard of wonder who his miracle Dr is. Oh wait found him it’s Dr.Iducksalot

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  6. Jamie Siraj says:

    To the classless wamma team, I still do have a staph inphection as I can send you pictures if your camp would like I cancelled my fight with brad because of the antibiotics making me feel absolutely fatigued and doctor said I would stop feeling the effects til mid this week. I apoligize to brad but not you classless shittalkers. I personally won my fight at about 70% last night, funny judges decision I already spoke to Darren next show its me and brad!

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  7. Islander says:

    Fuck. Siraj takes a loss. Give him a break. Head up Jamie!

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