Rivals MMA Fight Video: Aiemann Zahabi vs Scott Farhat


Rivals MMA THUMBCheck out the Aiemann Zahabi vs Scott Farhat fight from Rivals MMA 1 on March 13, 2015 in Montreal, Quebec.



10 Responses to “ Rivals MMA Fight Video: Aiemann Zahabi vs Scott Farhat ”

  1. solid sprawl by the ref!

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  2. Thesubzero says:

    Damn very technical fighter, it’ll be exciting to see him face some top Canadian talent.

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  3. ballz Mcgregor says:

    Are we ever gonna see Zahabi not fight a Tomato can? Technical my ass lets see him fight Kyle Oliviera even Arnett please stop the Madness and adding to the hype.. he may verywell have talent but that has definitely not been showed yet!

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  4. MMA_Fan says:

    there is no hype he hasnt fought anyone with a winnning record. just because hes firas brother is the only hype lol

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  5. smash says:

    Wow Aieman Zahabi is the real deal! he has looked so dominant in all his fights versus guys who cant fight!!!!!!!!!!!! bum.

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  6. Matthew Davis says:

    Anyone who has ever trained with Aiemann Zahabi knows he is the real deal. It was only his 4th Pro fight and he fought a guy with 15 fights. Everyone here is acting like he should be fighting 10-0 animals to start his career off. Be patient… The smart way to build a career is to do just that…build it. He will be fighting all the animals you want him to fight in due time

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  7. EPerez says:

    Nice punch.

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  8. Blackout says:

    Hm…. almost got taken down there. And his front kicks were a bit slow coming back. Small things, but when/if he faces a strong wrestler or even a crisp striker he may be capitalized on. Looked very relaxed though. His stance was pretty low, too. Is Farhat a wrestler? I dont know anything about him but he doesn’t appear to be. Zahabi probably just wanted to put on a standing clinic lol Good fighter, but he needs to step up in competition me thinks. Think of the possibilities!

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  9. Louden Swain says:

    Yves Lavigne has great takedown defence.

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  10. JBL says:

    Farhat didn’t even throw a punch and landed maybe a couple ‘baby leg kicks’.
    What do you call a fight when the oppenent enters knowing he will lose and is waiting for it to happen?

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