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ECC Extreme Cage CombatFighters and hardcore fans jammed into the Oasis Pub in Halifax this afternoon as Extreme Cage Combat held weigh ins for their 22nd event which is set to take place tomorrow night at the Halifax Forum’s Multi Purpose Room. While on paper this card has a chance for some fireworks, you can say that things got a little crazy as a couple of fighters did not make weight today.

When everything first started this afternoon, the commission said that fighters were allowed an extra pound with shorts. They also had the option to weigh in naked. Richard Arsenault was the first fighter to step on the scale and came in at 171.2lbs. His opponent and Welterweight Champ Matt MacGrath was not there at the time as him and his team were trying to make it in. After a couple of more fighters weighed in, MacGrath showed up and stepped on the scale and came in at an even 170 with his no clothes on. Things got confusing on the stage as both parties began to talk. Arsenault then weighed in again and came in at an official weight at 170.8 and afterwards both parties continued to talk. When I talked to members of the Nova Scotia Boxing Commission after the weigh ins, they said the reason the talk was going on because for title fights they will not allow the extra pound. Arsenault thought he was allowed to be up to 171lbs. After all the fiasco it was decided that the fight would still be for the title but that Arsenault would lose 20% of his purse. This is nothing new as weight cuts always seems to be an issue at events in Nova Scotia and causes confusion with everyone.

Arsenault was not the only person to deal with this as Michael Spoenlein was late getting into the weigh in and came in on the scale at 135.8. The good news is that this will still be a title fight for the Bantamweight Title against Rick Pfeifer but Spoenlein will have to give up 20% of his purse. Nothing will be affected with the Featherweight title bout between Gavin Tucker and David “Bo” Harris as nothing was said after both men stepped off the scale. Things did get a little heated between the two when they got too close to each other during the stare down. Two other fighters didn’t make the cut as Jonny Campbell and Tyler Cornell came in over.

If you are looking to see the fights tomorrow night there are a couple of tickets still for sale at the Halifax Forum Box Office or through If you are unable to get in or don’t live in the Halifax area, the card will be stream through Bell Media.

Here are the official results:

Pro Fights:
145lbs- Gavin Tucker (145.2) vs. David Harris (143.3)
***Featherweight Title Fight

170lbs- Matt MacGrath (170) vs. *Richard Arsenault (170.8)
***Welterweight Title Fight

135lbs- *Michael Spoenlein (135.8) vs. Rick Pfeifer (134)
***Bantamweight Title Fight

135lbs- Morgan Rhynes (135) vs. Ryan Connor (135.6)
170lbs- *Jonny Campbell (171.6) vs. Christien Savoie (170.6)
155lbs- Rick Doyle (154) vs. Peter Campbell (152.2)

Amateur Fights:
160lbs- Nathan Burke (158.2) vs. Kyle Blinkhorn (160.2)
155lbs-Tyler Carnell (157.8) vs. Nate Vakaras (154.8)

*Missed weight, forfeits 20% of purse

20 Responses to “ ECC 22 – Weigh In Results ”

  1. Jerry Jones says:

    I can see where there would be some confusion as to what the weight would be for a Title fight. We’ve seen plenty of Commissions allow the extra pound for a Title fight…………..dummy

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  2. Jay says:

    Bush league crap. Championship fights are AT the weight class they are contested at. Jerry this commission seems to based on the consistency and predictability model used in Alberta.

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    IMO only Rick Pfeifer and Matt MacGrath should be eligible to win the title… if someone misses weight they should not be given the opportunity to win the belt! Pfeifer and MacGrath should not be punished for their opponents missing weight though!

    If Spoenlien or Arsenault win their respective fights they should not be awarded the title, but that’s just my opinion!

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  4. Stevie says:

    @Jay..Can you elaborate? “Jerry this commission seems to based on the consistency and predictability model used in Alberta.” The province has many municipal commissions and not a Provincial one so your statement is very general. Your statement is bush league.

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  5. Brandon chase says:

    They made weight they where told that a extra pound was allowed its the commissions fault for screwing things up!

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    They did not make weight… they were fined 20% for missing weight, however the title fight is still allowed to occur as if they had come in under the limit.

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  7. Brandon chase says:

    The commision screwed up on the McGrath fight

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  8. Jay says:

    Stevie – maybe I have the wrong commission but I seem to remember shifting rules as to what was weighing in out on the east coast. Plus it wasn’t too long ago that a fight was sanctioned between an elderly gentleman and a wrestler that was clearly a work. Wasn’t there a fighter at ECC who missed weight because the commission didn’t let him weigh in without shorts on?

    Also pretty sure AB has municipal commissions however that hasn’t saved them from making silly judgements.

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  9. Brandon chase says:

    You can say what you want but if the commission told me an extra pound was allowed I’ll weigh in a extra pound it’s the commissions fault

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  10. Horton. says:

    I agree with you Cody

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  11. Stevie says:

    @Jay No doubt about it. Silly indeed. Although there is ZERO weight allowance in title fights. I can see if the person who made weight can win the title, but the one who didn’t can’t. I would like to see commissions take more than 20% pay when a fighter misses in a title fight. Making weight is paramount!

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    I could be wrong on this because I wasn’t there but I think they were allowing the 1 pound to account for the shorts, fighters were still able to weigh in naked to make weight. They were not saying that they had the 1lb allowance for the title fights.

    “the commission said that fighters were allowed an extra pound with shorts. They also had the option to weigh in naked.”

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  13. Orest Zmyndak says:

    Commissions should learn that they have no jurisdiction over the parameters of a title fight. They do not own the belt nor do they own the rights to that belt or title. Their only concern is determine whether the fight is safe to proceed if a fighter weighs over. The promoter or sanctioning group that actually owns the rights to that title should be the one dictating how the title bout shall proceed. One simple common sense rule that is used by boxing supervisors is that the fighter that misses weight can’t win the title (how can a guy that weighs 171.2 be your 170 champ)but the one that makes the weight can certainly win it if the fight is determined to be safe and proceeds as a title fight.

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  14. Stevie says:

    Exactly what I said Orest. Anyone can be a champion, but once a weight class ‘parameter’ is set then that is it. People sometimes forget the weight class is 155.1-170.0 for example. Not 170.1, which puts you in a higher weight class. Extreme example, but truth.

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  15. Ryan Machan says:

    I fought a lot all over Canada, every fight card I’ve been too. It’s always 135.0 on the dot. You never get a extra lb for title fights. Rick was at 135.8 around noon and I told him to cut to 134.0 to make sure we would be under the 135.0 come weigh in time.
    The fights all should have become 3 round non title fights in my opinion.

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  16. Louis Fisetts says:

    Interesting 135 title fight. I’d take winner… But I bet Brad Katona would take winner too

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  17. Just Sayin says:

    The Nova scotia commission is one of the worst,if not the worst in the country. They seem to make the rules up as they go, or on a fight to fight basis. Ive been there before when they didn’t allow alb to any fighter, then the next event magically they do. Get your shit together Nova scotia or get people in place that can.

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  18. Mash says:

    How did Gavin Tucker win a title at 145.2? Hope it was the 155belt, then he should cut to 145.0 for fw title!!!

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  19. I'll Say It says:

    Louis why don’t you fight Imperato, Lyndon or even Hill?

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  20. Louis Fisetts says:

    I don’t think any of those fights have ever really been offered to me! I know XFFC says I get Imperato next but I just do my job, Curtis does his job lol. I also think Hill and Whitlock are hurt. And I also feel like Whitlock and Imperato have some beef to settle hahaha just a little

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