WSOF 18: Moraes vs. Hill – Play-by-Play


WSOF 18World Series of Fighting returns to Edmonton, Alberta tonight with WSOF 18: Moraes vs. Hill. In the main event, Josh “Gentleman” Hill challenges Marlon Moraes for the Bantamweight Title. Also on the main card, Shane “Shaolin” Campbell takes on Derek “The Gargoyle” Boyle, Andrew McInnes meets UFC veteran Cody McKenzie and Hakeem Dawodu battles Tristan Johnson.

You can find the preliminary cards streaming live on, unfortunately there is no live broadcast for the main card in Canada so you can catch all the live play-by-play action right here on Top MMA News.

  • Knockout of the Night: Mark Drummond
  • Submission of the Night: Marcus Hicks
  • Fight of the Night: Hakeem Dawodu vs. Tristan Johnson

Garret Nybakken vs. Dan Lariviere
Round 1: Nybakken right out to the centre of the cage and Lariviere lands a body kick. Larivier pounds the legs of Nybakken and gets a smile. They trade wild punches and Nybakken slips to the mat. Nybakken gets the sweep and takes side control where he elbows the thigh. Nybakken with some short elbows and Lariviere looks to crucifix the arms with his legs but Nybakken gets free. Lariviere tries for a triangle but Nybakken escapes out the back. Nybakken lands a low blow and Lariviere takes a couple minutes to recover. On the restart Larivier lands some leg kicks and Nybakken connects. Nice kick to the body by Nybakken but he can’t capitalize as Lariviere catches it. Lariviere drags him down and takes the back with a body triangle. Lariviere works the body and sinks the rear naked choke forcing the tap.
Dan Lariviere submits Garret Nybakken by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:40

Spencer Jebb vs. Mark Drummond
Round 1: Drummond opens with a teep to the mid-section and both men are trying to gauge the distance. They trade shots and Jebb sticks a jab. Jebb with a big combo against the cage and Drummond lands a couple counters and gets away. Drummond presses him into the cage and lands a knee to the body. They separate and paw at each other with punches before Drummond locks him up against the cage. Drummond lands a leg kick and gets the clinch where he lands a knee and some uppercuts. Jebb with a solid right and they exchange solid punches. Drummond kicks to the body and Jebb backs him up with a stiff right. Jebb unleashes a big combo against the cage and Drummond is able to survive as time runs out. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Jebb

Round 2: Drummond with a leg kick and presses forward but Jebb ties him up. Drummond reverses and presses him into the cage. Jebb connects with a couple solid knees to the body and gets Drummond against the cage. Jebb looks for the single but Drummond stays up and Jebb lands a big barrage of punches before looking for the takedown. Drummond works for a guillotine but Jebb pulls his head free. Drummond looks for the throw but Jebb avoids it and stays up. Jebb still has him against the cage and they trade knees to the body. Brief separation and Jebb connects with a body shot and controls him against the cage. Jebb steps back and lands more big shots. Drummond high kick is blocked but connects with a teep to the body. They trade a few more decent shots and a turning back kick falls short from Drummond at the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Jebb

Round 3: Drummond needs a finish as they enter the third. They exchange a few shots and Jebb lands a knee that puts Drummond on the mat. Jebb kicks the legs before Drummond is able to stand back to his feet. Drummond lands a low blow and Jebb takes a moment to recover. On the restart they exchange punches and Jebb catches a kick but can’t drag him to the mat. Jebb ties him up and they trade knees to the body against the cage. Drummond comes out of nowhere and drops Jebb face first to the mat with a vicious walk away knee to the chin that relieves Jebb of his senses and gives Drummond a come from behind victory. In a nice show of sportsmanship Drummond goes over to comfort and check on Jebb.
Mark Drummond defeats Spencer Jebb by KO (Knee) in Round 3, 2:43

Marlon Moraes vs. Josh Hill
***Bantamweight Title Fight
Round 1: They feel each other out and they both clash with a quick flurry. Moraes lands an echoing body kick before Hill presses forward with a combo. Moraes responds with a solid combo of his own. Moraes with a head kick but doesn’t quite get all of it. Hill lands and looks for the body lock but Moraes avoids. Hill connects with a big flurry that has Moraes on his heels and presses forward. A head kick falls short from Moraes but a combo and leg kick connects. Hill with a head kick and Moraes is bloodied from the nose. Big right connects from Hill and Moraes is leaking steadily from the nose. Moraes lands one more solid shot before time expires. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hill

Round 2: They clash with kicks and exchange a flurry before Moraes falls short with another high kick. Both men again meet in the middle and trade punches with neither gaining a significant advantage. They swing wildy and nothing connects but Moraes lands a kick to the body. They both go to the body with kicks but Moraes lands his on the cup of Hill. Referee Vern Gorman pauses the action and Hill takes a couple minutes to recover. On the restart both men continue to trade shots. Moraes lands a couple kicks to the body and Hill responds. Moraes with another to the body and a spinning back kick that doesn’t quite land. Both men are being cautious and landing the occasional shot and Moraes with one more kick to the body as time expires. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Moraes

Round 3: Moraes with another body kick but Hill steps in and lands a shot. Another clash of leg kick and am exchage of punches and neither man can gain a distinct advantage. Moraes continues to pepper the legs and body with kicks and Hill keeps him at bay with the occasional combo. Moraes connects but can’t string together more than one or two at a time. Solid spinning back kick to the mid-section by Moraes but Hill eats it and shows no ill effects. Moraes with a chopping leg kick and Hill responds with a combo. Hill looks for the head kick but eats a right. They exchange punches on the inside and trade a few more shots as the round comes to an end. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Moraes

Round 4: Moraes is definitely wearing the damage worse as the Championship rounds begin and lands a solid body kick. Hill connects with a solid overhand right but doesn’t follow it up and they continue to land a smattering of shots. Moraes with a nice head kick but Hill is again unaffected and comes back with an overhand right. Both men still landing shots but neither can swing the momentum heavily in their favor. Moraes with a leg kick and a flying knee that can’t find the mark. Moraes connects with a couple solid body shots against the cage and they are content to continue trading shots for the remainder of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Moraes

Round 5: Hill with a combo and Moraes with a kick to the body to start the third. Hill with a spinning kick lands on the chin but Moraes takes it and stays on his feet. They clash with leg kicks again and continue to trade shots. Moraes comfortable to keep kicking the legs and body and lands a hard right. Hill catched a body kick and throws Moraes to the ground but he pops right back up. Hill presses forward and lands and likely needs a finih. Moraes gets the takedown and Hill tries to work back up against the cage. Hill gets back to his feet but Moraes drags him right back down. Hill up again and lands shots and elbows as Moraes works for the double. Hill begins firing away with big shots and they get back up and meet in the middle. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Hill
Marlon Moraes defeats Josh Hill by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)
***Moraes retains WSOF Bantamweight Title

Shane Campbell vs. Derek Boyle
Round 1: Campbell unleashes a barrage of kicks to start and they jockey for position against the cage. Campbell tries to take the back but Boyle gets the takedown briefly before Campbell works back up. Boyle steps away and lands a leg kick. Campbell gets a leg kick of his own and drags Boyle to the mat. Campbell works for a guillotine but Boyle defends and escapes back up. Campbell lands a decent combo and looks for the toe stab but Boyle is just out of range. Campbell lands again and follows up with a head kick that’s blocked. Campbell lands to the body and Boyle gets the body lock and walks him into his corner. Boyle lands an elbow on the release and Campbell gets a body lock of his own and drags him down to a knee. Campbell lands knees to the thigh. Boyle stnads but Campbell has his back and lands a kick to the body as time expires. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Campbell

Round 2: They clash with leg kicks and Campbell with a front kick to the body. Boyle presses forward with a combo and drives him into the cage. Campbell lands a knee to the body and another. Boyle looks for the takedwon but Campbell stays on his feet. They trade shots and Campbell throws in a leg kick. Campbell drives for a single but Boyle is able to stay up. Campbell with a high kick doesn’t quite connect. Both men throwing and landing and Boyle again ties him up against the cage. Boyle looking for a double and Campbell defends with punches and a solid knee. Campbell gets his back off the cage and lands knees and elbows before ducking a high kick and dropping into half guard. They work for position and time winds down. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Campbell

Round 3: Campbell opens the third with a toe stab that has Boyle doubled over and Campbell throws out a Street Fighter reference with the hadouken. Campbell follows up with a combo and drops him with a huge knee and a right and begins to hammer away with a barrage of punches that force referee John Braak to step in and rescue Boyle from any unnecessary damage.
Shane Campbell defeats Derek Boyle by TKO (Punches) in Round 3, 0:31

Andrew McInnes vs. Cody McKenzie
Round 1: A huge ovation for McInnes and they get started with McInnes rushing to the centre of the cage. McInnes lands and presses him into the cage. McInnes breaks away from the cage and lands solid punches before dribing him into the cage and looking for a takedown. McKenie threatens with a guillotine and McInnes defends and briefly looks for a kneebar but McKenzie pulls his leg free. McInnes gets on top and lands shots before dropping an elbow. McInnes lands some solid shots before standing up out of the guard. McInnes drops back into guard and McKenzie works to get on top only to have McInnes get back on top and begin to work from half guard. McInnes gets full mount and looks for an armbar before switching to an omaplata. McKenzie escapes and postures to land shots. Referee Kyle Cardinal pauses the action after McKenzie lands what appears to be an intentional headbutt to the jaw in the final seconds of the round. Andrew McInnes cannot continue McInnes is declared the winner due to disqualification.
Andrew McInnes defeats Cody McKenzie by Disqualification (Illegal Headbutt) in Round 1, 4:57

Hakeem Dawodu vs. Tristan Johnson
Round 1: Johnson opens with a leg kick and Dawodu catches a leg kick and sweeps Johnson to the ground. Dawodu slams a leg kick and follows up with a hard right. Johnson lands a leg kick and Dawodu responds in kind. Dawodu connects with a big right that stuns Johnson. Dawodu has a cut under his right eye. Johnson with a kick to the body and Dawodu connects again. Dawodu continues to land leg kicks and follows up with a one-two. Dawodu secures the clinch and lands. Johnson lands a combo and a leg kick and Dawodu hits him with a flush right and Johnson’s eyes glaze briefly. Dawodu with another huge right and Johnson with a desperation takedown but Dawodu pops back up. Dawodu with a stiff shot and a teep to the mid-section followed by a solid leg kick. Dawodu gets the clinch and lands a thudding elbow just prior to the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Dawodu

Round 2: Dawodu with a combo and more elbows from the clinch. Dawodu pumps some jabs and continues to pepper Johnson with shots. Dawodu with more hard elbow and another clinch. Dawodu lands some knees and Johnson responds. They continue to exchange knees to the body before separating. Dawodu with an uppercut and punctuates with a solid leg kick. Dawofu lands a right and a body kick but Johnson catches it and throws a shot that falls short. Dawodu is landing at will and stuffs a takedown. They exchange more shots with Dawodu landing with more accuracy and power. They enter the clinch and Dawodu knees while Johnson works the body. Dawodu with a pair of solid elbows and more knees. Dawodu sticks a stiff left as time runs out. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Dawodu

Round 3: Dawodu with a nice combo to the body and leg kicks and Johnson responds with a glancing head kick. Dawodu drops him with a big flurry of elbows and continues to land on the ground. Johnson stands back to his feet but e desperation takedown. Dawodu stands back up and lands another elbow but Johnson presses him into the cage. Dawodu with a pair of solid lefts and finishes him off with right that drops Johnson and referee Vern Gorman has seen enough.
Hakeem Dawodu defeats Tristan Johnson by TKO (Punches) in Round 3, 1:59

Matt Baker vs. Ali Mokdad
Round 1: Mokdad presses forward and Baker appears to drop Mokdad face down on the mat with a combo and referee Kyle Cardinal steps in and calls a halt to the bout but Baker continues to strike and lands a kick to the face while Cardinal attempts to separate them. Upon replay it appears that a clash of heads landed on the chin of Mokdad and put him out and the final decision is a no contest due to an accidental head butt.
Matt Baker vs. Ali Mokdad ends in a No Contest due to an accidental headbutt in Round 1, 0:13

Graham Park vs. Marcus Hicks
Round 1: Park shoots for the takedown against the cage and Hicks defends. They jockey for position and Park lands a couple knees to the body and one to the head. Park lands another and Hicks retreats. Park follows and lands a head kick but falls to the mat. Park is able to get the takedown but Hicks tries to fight back to his feet. Park lands punches and elbows. Hicks takes the back and sinks a rear naked choke and Park can only hold on for so log before he is forced to tap. Hicks then goes over to Parks corner, stares them down, screams and brushes his shoulder off before walking away. Post fight Hicks calls out anyone from Complete Fitness and Martial Arts for WSOF 21 and says they are all “Complete Assholes”.
Marcus Hicks submits Graham Park by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:28

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  1. Jay says:

    Darren – Long time reader first time caller. I’m just wondering how you got that pillar of consistency, that beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak regulatory landscape Mr. Pat Reid to go back on a long history of not letting people have a second shot at the scale and getting him to allow Marcus to try to make weight a second time. I’m just asking cause every other time I’ve been to Edmonton for a fight (as a corner, friend and fighter myself) they’ve had a pretty stupid policy of only allowing fighters one shot at the scale.

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  2. mmafan says:

    @darren owen, as part owner or owner of the company you feel you should have no accountability for your employees not being paid?

    Also whats up with wsof canada? Has it folded.

    Thanks for the insight on the hicks thing I could see why you would bring him back if you owed his opponent a favor.

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  3. Torontobjj says:

    With all the PED talk @darren will WSOF step in to start testing main events like Ryan Ford on the next edmonton card.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 7 Thumb down 5

  4. Mmafan says:

    @darrenowen id like to see you matchup Mandel Nallo and Andrew Mcinnes. I’m sure he’s already healed from his “headbutt”.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 13 Thumb down 1

  5. PEDUSER says:

    McInnes Alphabet A B I cant CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC

    Well-loved! Thumb up 23 Thumb down 5

  6. John says:

    Not to center anyone out but if PED testing was implemented in the majority of the shows below the UFC 98% of the top fighters are or have been using some form of banned substance not only roids but so many other substances that you would never consider being banned are on that elicit list.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

  7. John says:

    and if you look at the history of failed tests, it seems that the ones that preach and scold the use of roids the most are the ones that get nailed and the ones that just shut up and say hey I have to deal with it regardless and fight always seem to come up negative… strange how that works

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  8. mcinnes says:

    Hahahaha! I firmly stand by my decision not to continue, but that was a good one PEDUSER!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 13 Thumb down 16

  9. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Seriously that’s what you have to say “Anaconda”! Fact is you wouldn’t say that to A. McInnes’s face , so please leave that shit talk off the forums.

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  10. A Sheep in Wolves Clothing says:

    @ Don’t Call me Leon

    Mcinness talks more shit on forums than any other pro fighter on here.

    And FYI, I would bet my house that Mciness wouldnt say the shit he says about Tim Hague on Social Media to Tim’s face. The guy quit after a weak headbutt from a fat out of shape Cody Mckenzie. Your takedowns wont work against Tim and he would cave your face in with one shot.

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  11. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    He can talk all he wants because hey at least he gets in the cage/ring and will be held accountable.

    Trolls just post ridiculous comments that ruin this site, thankfully TMMAN remove/removed comments like the one I called out.

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  12. McInnes says:

    I thought I was fighting Luke “Im a purple belt but bought my black belt” Harris?

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  13. Robin Black says:

    McInnis- actual MMA fighter who stands behind what he says and signs his name to his ‘shit-talk’.


    Nameless Troll- actual nameless troll who couldn’t fight his way out of his own bag who trolls behind his nameless namelessness and namlessly trolls crappy ‘shit-talk’.

    Sure, great match-up.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    I miss this place.

    We’ve been putting in 60 or 70 hour weeks building our UFC pre and post shows and stuff so I haven’t been ’round these parts as much as I like.

    I miss legit Canadian MMA and all its warts and wrinkles.

    Love all you crazies.

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  15. ? says:

    Name me 3 fighters that hicks beat that was legit ?

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 2

  16. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Robin Black

    C’mon man don’t let 60-70 hr work weeks stop you from coming by and saying hi!

    Stellar work thus far, congrats!

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  17. the dude says:

    in my opinion the fights were all awesome. drummonds ko was inspiring. hakeem checked kicks like never seen in mma before and it was beautiful. moraes is an animal. very dangerous, explosive and I barely know about his ground game. josh hill is game and looked great. better than tuf fights and he is gonna get a lot better from this experience. missed both baker fight and Andrew vs cody. just too bad how they went. maybe rematches to put an end to it? personally its great to see wosf booking events in Edmonton frequently. great for fighters and if the fights are anything like the ones on this show, fans should be entertained as well. my only question is did shane use Kamehameha or hadou ken. this is important to me.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 18 Thumb down 0

  18. Taylor says:

    @the dude He used the hadouken. and @? Name me three legit fighters that Matt Jelly, Graham Park, and Cody Krahn has beat? Krahn beat Hicks, yes, ^ years ago whe n Hicks had a busted shoulder. Would be a different outcome in a rematch #TEAMLMA

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  19. JohnnyG says:

    Yes it would be a different outcome Taylor. It would be via KO in much shorter time.

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  20. Cody Krahn says:

    Hicks had a busted shoulder? Weird, because he was the one who suggested we fight when I was 3 days out from a fight and my opponent dropped out. It was also a full year after Krystof apparently injured him, so that’s a lame excuse for beating a guy who just gave up and let me key lock him.

    Marcus is a guy who will spit at women, rip you off and injure himself at the last minute to get out of fights. If you’re willing to stick up for someone who lacks that much dignity, you are in fact a peice of shit.

    Marcus is 1-3 against CFMA fighters BTW

    Well-loved! Thumb up 17 Thumb down 6

  21. Taylor says:

    Oh and I guess that makes me a “piece of shit” oh well. Doesn’t bother me whatsoever. If Marcus is so weak, fight him June 5.

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