Gold Rush Halifax


Gavin Tucker THUMBHistory Television is looking in the wrong spot for gold in Nova Scotia as Oak Island is not the only place where it has been spotted. Extreme Cage Combat has announced today that another  title fight have been added to their card on February 28th. The card already features a Welterweight Title bout that features a rematch with champion Matt MacGrath against former Elite 1 champ Richard Arsenault whom MacGrath defeated to take the title.

First off Gavin Tucker will officially make his return to cage after a two year layoff as he will face David “Bo” Harris for the vacant Featherweight Title. Tucker was supposed to fight for the title last year against Jesse Gross but a shoulder injury put the Newfoundland native on the shelf. Tucker last fought at ECC 15 in 2012 where he was able to defeat Lyndon Whitlock by submission to keep his undefeated record at 7-0.  He will face Harris, a Michigan native who comes into the fight at 7-5-1 with his last three fights in Bellator. Harris is no stranger to Canada as he has fought a few times north or the border which includes a win over Adrian Woolley at Global Warriors in 2011.  Harris has also been on the sidelines for an extended stay as he has not fought since December 2012.

Michael Spoenlein (photo: Martin Blais)

Michael Spoenlein (photo: Martin Blais)

There will also be a title qualifier fight in the bantamweight division as Michael Spoenlein will faces Rick Pfeifer. Spoenlein made a name for himself in 2014 with wins over Morgan Rhynes and James Mancini but lost to Lyndon Whitlock at ECC 21 in October.  He will face Pfeifer who has one of the better nicknames in MMA;  “The Ginger With Intent To Injure”. Pfeifer has been making a name in Alberta with a record of 5-2 but is coming off a loss against Louis Fisette in October at Xcessive Force Fighting Championship. While there were talks of a Bantamweight tournament happening it looks like that has been put on the shelf.

Four additional fights were added to the show as well including a Bantamweight clash between Morgan Rhynes and Ryan Connor.  The full fight card can be found in the upcoming events section but it’s safe to say there will plenty of fights on this card that will appear on the Top Maple Leaf Matchups next month.

***Originally it was printed that there will would be three title fights but that since changed.



15 Responses to “ Gold Rush Halifax ”

  1. Boyd Sharpe says:

    Nice work Derek. Love the headline. Come on the podcast an help us break it down later in the month?

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  2. Brandon chase says:

    Any Newfoundlanders on this card boss?!

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  3. Brandon chase says:

    Besides Gavin tucker lol

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  4. You know I will come on the show anytime Boyd but the credit for the title has to go to Big Win Don Wilson. I just wrote the piece and sent it off. You give credit where credit is due

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  5. Rick Pfeifer says:

    I was told this is a non title fight. It disnt make a difference to me either way I just don’t want the same confusion that happened between Kent and krahn

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  6. Woodrow says:

    Bo Harris takes the belt:)

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  7. andrew hussey says:

    joey diflavio’s opponent is from nfld I believe but I’m not sure of what his name is

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  8. Brandon chase says:

    Alright thanks Andrew buddy!good to see 2 Newfoundlanders on this card!hopefully I know the second one!

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  9. Two good fights.

    Hope Tucker gets that belt.

    Spoonman vs Ginger Injure is great matchmaking. Who will be the guy with 2 consecutive losses?

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  10. Sindercid says:

    Excellent fights on this card, I’m more excited to see this show than any show in a long time. Is Spoenlein v Pfeifer a title match?

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    I actually just got word from Pfeifer that it will now be a title fight… Going to confirm with Peter Martell as well!

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  12. Woodrow says:

    Isn’t Syd Barnier the champ?

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  13. Aggro says:

    Yes, there are three title fights. Spoenlein vs Pfeifer, Tucker vs Harris and MacGrath vs Arsenault

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    2 years since Barnier fought… maybe they stripped him?

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  15. Spey says:

    Regional belts are given out like candy at Halloween… Robin Black was/is a BW champ too

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