Tweet vs. Cyborg Headlines Invicta FC 11


Regina’s own Charmaine Tweet will via for the Invicta FC Featherweight title when she meets champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino on February 27th. Ariel Helwani

Charmaine Tweet defeats Amanda Bell

Charmaine Tweet             photo: Chad St Pierre

of was the first to break the news.

Tweet, a protégé of Jeff Wiley, is 1-1 under the Invicta FC banner dropping her promotional debut to fellow Canadian Julia Budd then rebounded by defeating Veronica Rothenhausler via TKO at Invicta FC 8 this past September. “Not So Sweet” is currently riding a 2 fight win streak both finished inside the first round and has won 5 of her past 6.  Never one to leave the decision up to the judges Tweet has finished all 6 of her wins between the bells, 5 by way of submission and 1 via TKO.

Justino the former Strikeforce Featherweight champion is currently riding an 11 fight unbeaten streak and has finished 10 of those wins via TKO/KO. The feared striker was sidelined for the entirety of 2012 after testing positive for a banned substance following her bout with Hiroko Yamanaka in December 2011. “Cyborg” returned in 2013 and joined Invicta FC where she defeated Fiona Muxlow to earn a shot a the Inaugural Featherweight title. She captured the belt by defeating  Marloes Coenen in July of 2013. After spending the past 18 months fighting in Muay Thai bouts and attempting an unsuccessful cut to Bantamweight in search of a UFC contract, Cyborg finally returns to her natural fighting weight and looks to become known as the world’s best WMMA Featherweight.

Invicta FC 11 is set for February 27th at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. Interestingly enough UFC 184 which features Ronda Rousey vs. Cat Zingano take place the following night at Staples Center also located in Los Angeles.

Invicta FC 11: Cyborg vs. Tweet – February 27

13 Responses to “ Tweet vs. Cyborg Headlines Invicta FC 11 ”

  1. John says:

    Whoa I wish I could be positive for our Canadian gal but I am already feeling sorry for miss tweet this will end ugly

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  2. Wow says:

    This is not going to end well… What is her team thinking?

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  3. Jay says:

    On paper 6-4 vs 12-1 doesn’t seem like a mismatch. I mean 10 vs 13 fights should equate to roughly the same amount of ring time and their win to loss ratios are competitive.

    However it is the quality of opponents that really bares out how bad a mismatch this is. Tweet’s wins come against a list of “Who?” with very poor records where as Cyborg’s list of wins include names like Coenen, Carano and Baszler.

    Tweet’s team really needs to give their heads a shake – I don’t know who this Wiley guy is but he’s signing his fighter up to take a brutal beating.

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  4. EPerez says:

    More guts than brains. Good luck.

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  6. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    It’s really too bad Budd and Coenan (sp) signed with Bellator MMA. 145 Division is so thin, not sure why Budd didn’t want to stick around and fight Cyborg.

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  7. Thesubzero says:

    In MMA someone always has something to lose.. one’s health for one. Sometimes after a beating people aren’t the same. Not saying that’s what will happen in this case.

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  8. EPerez says:

    If you’re not ready there is absolutely nothing to learn when you’re being thrown to the wolves. Title shot or no title shot.

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  9. Wowie says:

    The likelihood of a beating that will be very hard to come back from is very high in this one. Shes already been ko’d with a concussion, she’s in for a world of hurt being hit as hard as Cyborg hits.
    Coenen vs Cyborg worked because both had the skills and strength to compete and Coenen still took a bad beating twice.
    If she had decent hands then there would be at least a punchers chance but she doesn’t.
    Rhonda put her away in the first minute and a harder loss will come this time in the first minute.
    This will end ugly. Goodluck

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  10. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Keys to win fight, avoid striking exchanges, clinch and turn it into a grappling match.

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  11. Wow says:

    Cyborg will out grapple her handily as well.

    Tweet has never beaten anyone half as good as Cyborg, she doesn’t even have training partners anywhere near that level.

    I hope she does well, but I see her getting knocked out quickly and violently

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  12. Josh says:

    If she doesn’t get destroyed that will be a victory

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  13. Wowie says:

    This is tweet hitting pads…wow if this is what technically she has with her stand up ability .. wow she is in for a world of hurt. What is her team thinking, could understand if she had power to KO and had shown it before but jesus

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