Moraes, Hill to Meet at WSOF 18 in Edmonton in February


World Series of FightingTop MMA News has learned that the World Series of Fighting will return to Edmonton in February with WSOF 18.   The event will be a live televised NBC Sports event that is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, February 12.

On the card, World Series of Fighting Bantamweight champion Marlon Moraes will defend his title against Josh Hill.  The two were previously scheduled to fight in September 2014 at WSOF 13 but Hill was forced to pull out due to injury.

Marlon Moraes (13-4) is currently riding an eight fight win streak having gone unbeaten since 2011.  During that time, Moraes has won six fights in the WSOF cage defeating the likes of Miguel Torres, Tyson Name, and Josh Rettinghouse.  Moraes won his WSOF Bantamweight title against Rettinghouse in March 2014 but has yet to defend the title.  The Ricardo Almeida student submitted Cody Bollinger in his last fight which was set at a catchweight.

Josh Hill (10-0) is one of Canada’s top Bantamweights.  In his last bout, Hill knocked out Mike Adams at WSOF Canada 2.  Hill also competed on The Ultimate Fighter 18 where he defeated current UFC fighter Patrick Holohan but lost a decision to Michael Wooten. The bout with Moraes will be the biggest bout of “The Gentleman’s” career.

When Josh Hill previously was going to fight Moraes last September, Hill told Top MMA News about this great opportunity.

“I am extremely excited for this opportunity that WSOF is giving me. Marlon is a guy that I have been watching for a while now and is one of the best Bantamweights in the world. I wanted this fight and I got it. I love taking on big challenges. I am not one of those guys that beats up bums just to call himself a fighter. I strive to become the best in the world and (this) is my chance to become a world champion and take home that strap.”

The February WSOF card represents a great opportunity for Canadian fighters to get exposure in the US, especially now that the MFC is not holding their planned January card in Edmonton.  Thirteen Canadians were on the last World Series of Fighting card in Edmonton which was broadcast live in the US on NBC Sports Network and with a small tape delay in Canada on TSN.

18 Responses to “ Moraes, Hill to Meet at WSOF 18 in Edmonton in February ”

  1. Brandon chase says:

    in going now going to be a good show

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  2. topmmafan says:

    “I love taking on big challenges. I am not one of those guys that beats up bums just to call himself a fighter.”

    Maybe this is something Imperato and a few others can start to incorporate into their mindset. You don’t have to call out every fighter from every MMA promotion to get a fight..especially a fight in which a guy has barely a 500 winning percentage.

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  3. Rubix says:

    How is accepting any fight in the ufc, not big challenge?

    Trying to discredit, hinder or deny anyone else’s personal accomplishments comes across as sad and envious of another persons ability, which the author always lacks and had never achieved

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  4. topmmaspam says:

    what does that mean?

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  5. topmmafan says:

    @Rubix Who has he beaten? lol. The guy calls out chumps on twitter like a jealous ex girlfriend texts her boyfriend who has moved on. You seen how many tweets this guys sent and who he calls out? That aint no Gentleman!

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  6. topmmaspam says:

    everyone loves mike

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  7. Joe Lewis says:

    I think this Whitlock / imperato bullshit has had its 15 minutes , move on boys…. Really excited to see josh hill against marlon moreas… Will be an exciting tilt.. Good test for josh

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  8. topmmafan says:

    Imperato vs. Whitlock? Who said Anything about that ? War Josh Hill!

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  9. Rubix says:

    @Joe Lewis is correct

    @topmmafan – I’ll use smaller words for those who don’t understand, unless fact and logic confuse you

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  10. topmmafan says:

    The most complex and dynamic words in the English dictionary are small.

    War….. Josh….. Hill!

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  11. Rubix says:

    ^^^Copy and paste. An orginal thought would have been much compelling to prove your point

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  12. Can’t wait to see Josh Hill in this big title fight.

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  13. Adam Lorenz says:

    ^Me too, interesting fight. Good luck Josh!

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  14. Woodrow says:

    Awesome for josh!!! Can’t wait to see that belt around his waist

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  15. Joe Lewis says:

    Will be a real test … But i believe josh has the skill set and the heart to take the strap from marlon…. No easy task though… Good luck josh…

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  17. LostForWords says:

    They have to have someone like rama on this card to get people in the seats if ford is not gonna be on the card… Yes for hardcore fans they will still come to the show heck im going to… but there are only so many hardcore fans in edmonton…

    With MFC being cancelled, what does that do with contracts and what not?! Maybe a guy like campbell on this card or Valimaki?

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  18. mma fan says:

    Hopefully they won’t be testing for PED’s!

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