Top MMA News Catches Up with KOTC’s Ken Kupsch

Ken Kupsch (photo: Jim Beattie)

Ken Kupsch (photo: Jim Beattie)

Back in September, Top MMA News caught up with King of the Cage Canada’s Ken Kupsch.

Ken talks about how he got involved in MMA, his shooting, and some of his favorite MMA fighters to grace the KOTC cage.

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  1. harry balls says:

    What’s Ken’s background business-wise? I am assuming shooting guns professionally isn’t a full time job and running a range isn’t a full time gig? Or maybe it is….

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  2. Ken kupsch says:

    I’m happy to answer this for you.

    I quit school in grade 11 and have never taken any classes since ( except shooting related) I read a lot of books on business and still do. I also learn from my friends whenever I can. I guess you could say that I’m self taught.

    I have made money in real estate, shooting range and a few other businesses.

    Many of the shooting competitions I attend don’t even have prize tables. I’ve won 5 or 6k sometimes but that just pays for some of my expenses. I shoot just because I love it.

    When I opened my first shooting range 20 years ago, I worked from 7am to 11 pm every day for two years. Now I work 2 or 3 hours a day when I’m in town. This allows me to do other things like King of the Cage and to train as much as I like.

    My path wasn’t always the easiest, and I made a lot of mistakes on the way. At least now I finally know that I’ll be wrong some of the time.

    For all you guys who are trying different things, don’t give up. You will hit a home run some day.

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  3. Dean Panas says:

    Until this past year I had barely talked to Ken, even though I had worked a couple of fight deals with KOTC. Thanks to Sunny I have worked a couple of shows for Ken and we have had many conversations.
    Like a few people my only knowledge of Ken was through his KOTC shows. Because I hadn’t been very impressed with a few of the KOTC cards over the years I let that cloud my opinion of Ken when I hadn’t even had the opportunity to get to know him.
    If you get the chance to have a rye with Ken Kupsch, make sure you do it. He has some incredibly cool stories to tell and he is one of the straightest shooters I know.

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  4. timhague says:

    Best advice I’ve ever read and exactly what I needed to read at this point in my life. Thanks a lot Ken.

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  5. Ken kupsch says:

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it

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  6. Joe Doerksen says:

    Thanks for posting Ken. Nice to read something positive on here.

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  7. @Tim Hague, though Ken Kupsch has spewed forth some sound, profound business advice I would suggest that you would get further ahead in the business world and expediate the accomplishment of your goals if you lived by the motto of one Tony Montana aka ScarFace,allow me to quote one of his more memorable lines “In this country you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power.Then when you get the power, then you get the women”

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  8. Ken is awesome.

    He’s honest, easy to deal with, always does what he says he’ll do, and a great person to know.

    Very smart, and whenever I talk to him, I feel a bit smarter each time.

    I agree with Dean, he’s one of the straightest shooters. (Except that one time) ;)

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  9. Robin Black says:


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  10. ken kupsch says:

    Wow, thanks again for all the love everyone! Coming from Top MMA News readership makes it extra special. Let me explain.

    Many of you mentioned that many of the posts here are negative and we all see it. I don’t think very many of you understand why. Here is what I think and it’s simple when you think about it.

    Who are the people that follow the site? I see promoters who are not making money, some losing money on every event. Fighters who are not making enough money to live and not living the dream they thought they would. Managers who can’t get fights for their fighters, even though they believe they are the best out there. Gym owners who have trouble collecting monthly dues and barely have enough money to pay their trainers.

    But it doesn’t stop there. We have promoters who hate each other, managers who hate each other, gyms who hate each other and even fighters who hate each other.

    When you think about it, it’s surprising we all get along as well as we do.

    Anyway, the only ones who are responsible for what’s on here, is us.

    Having said all that, the drama can be pretty funny at times.

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  11. Thats a fantastic summary Ken!

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  12. Cody Saftic says:

    Good on you Ken, thanks for helping with the growth of the sport

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  13. harry balls says:

    I’m gonna reread your post New Year’s Day to get my 2015 off on the right foot, Ken. I’m not even kidding. That’s how it’s done.

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  14. Old School Jake says:

    I’ve known Ken for years and he’s one hell of a guy! Thanks for sticking with it and giving a LOT of fighters their start and allow them to make careers in the cage.

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  15. Donald Duck says:

    Nicely put Ken!

    My mom told me a long time ago that if I wouldn’t say it to someone’s face than I shouldn’t say it at all. I’ve carried this to the internets and it has served me well. Be caustic and cutting but at the same time be respectful. I really feel that the anominity of this forum gives people the courage to say things they’d never say in public.

    I started posting anonimously because the job I had (past tense) made it difficult for me to voice opinions publically but the state of MMA Regulations made it impossible to not say something. Maybe in 2015 we’ll see the retirement of The Duck and the birth of something new?

    Happy New Years to everyone and all the best in 2015!

    Donald Duck

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  16. Cody Rempel says:

    Ken was the guy who gave me my start in the MMA world even if it was just the opportunity to clean up blood and help with setting up and taking down the cage it got me hooked and I knew I had to be involved in the sport in one way or another!

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