Hybrid Pro Series 2 Recap


Hybrid Pro SeriesHybrid Pro Series 2 was my first grass roots show East of Winnipeg. The venue was beautiful, smaller than the constant arena shows I’m used to from British Columbia, but the seats were full which was awesome to see.

Hybrid has run many amateur shows, which explains why this show went so smooth for only their second pro card. The show started on time and there was no delay between bouts. There were two 15 minute intermissions for the fans to reload their drinks and food, as well as an unexpected delay after the brutal KO of Terry Lemaire where his jaw was broken in two places. Otherwise the production was outstanding!

Top MMA News Awards

  • Knockout of the Night – Maxime Martens head kick on Jamie Poulin
  • Submission of the Night  – Mandel Nallo arm triangle on Ryan Rohovich
  • Fight of the Night – Charles Hauver vs Matt Long, awesome slugfest

The fights were great from top to bottom. All fights were evenly matched and there was great back and forth action all over the card.

Here are my thoughts on few of the fights and some notable performances:

Alexandre McComber vs Samuel Molina
Alex McComber was all over Samuel Molina right from the bell. McComber showed very dominant ground control and transitions before pulling off a slick arm bar.

Mandel Nallo vs Ryan Rohovich
I’m a believer that Mandel Nallo is the hottest 155 prospect in Canada right now. I heard leading up to the show that the promoters had a hell of a time finding someone to take this fight, and for good reason. The guy was the calmest I have seen anyone before going into a fight (besides Louis Fisette’s pre fight cage chilling). He maintained that calmness throughout the bout and was methodical with his transitions while all over Rohovich on the mat. At 3-0, it’ll again be difficult to find a next opponent. I think Mandel should look to go after a much more experienced fighter to find fair match up and potentially get the win to open the door to the big show. Good on Rohovich for taking this tough fight only three weeks after his last.

Maxime Martens vs Jamie Poulin
Maxime Martens vs Jamie Poulin showed the fans a cringing double knees to the groin where both guys needed a few minutes to recover. You don’t see that everyday. The fight was pretty back and forth and almost made it out of the first round before Maxime landed a beauty head kick hitting Poulin right on the button. The crowd loved it.

Aiemann Zahabi vs Wesley Bowman
Aiemann Zahabi is another solid prospect, he was very dominant with his cage control and showed the crowd a sweet Uchi Mata to get Bowman to the mat. His transitions were smooth before he locked up a quick tight straight ankle sub. Runner up for sub of the night.

Matt Long vs Charles Hauver
Charles Hauver vs Matt Long was a banger! Charles dominated the first round with very crisp boxing and demonstrated a rock hard chin after taking three big right hands from Long. Charles was on his way to winning the second round as well, but Long got his hard earned take down and finished quickly with a rear naked choke. This was an awesome fight that had the crowd on its feet.

Alex Morgan vs Terry Lemaire
Alex Morgan dominated rounds one and two and was close to earning a decision victory over Terry Lemaire. With less than 20 seconds on the clock, Morgan landed a huge right hand that caught Terry with his mouth open and spun him right around before he dropped to the mat. The ref should have called the fight there as it was clear Lemaire was KO’d. Morgan followed him to the mat to finish him though.  Lemaire had enough wits left to tie Morgan up for a second before realizing his jaw was broken and tapped out.

Adrian Vilaca vs Eric Nadon
Adrian Vilaca had a very dominant performance in all three rounds over Eric Nadon. Vilaca’s takedowns and top game overwhelmed Nadon and he was able to take the back in each round. Nadon demonstrated excellent submission defense throughout the bout avoiding several RNC attempts.

Maxime Dubois vs Dan Lariviere
Maxime Dubois showed a superior ground game over Dan Lariviere. The fight was very fast paced and had lots of back and forth action. Dubois’ takedowns and control on the mat won him all three rounds and solid victory in this rematch with Lariviere.  This was Dubois second victory over Lariviere in the past year. A great win for Dubois, but I am not sure what is next for him since he does not seem to be able to defeat higher ranked Canadian fighters.

It was a great night of fights. I’m really glad I made it and am looking forward to Hybrid’s next show, which was announced as April 25, 2015.

Very well run and organized production. If you’re in the area, don’t miss this show.

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  1. Elo says:

    Maxime dubois is better than what you think he will be in the top ten soon it is just a mtter of time and be with a better management

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  2. Great job guys fast updates and on the ball!

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  3. Mmafan says:

    Mandel Nallo and Aiemann Zahabi are both the top porspects in their weight divisions inside Canada (not including UFC) Can’t wait to see them against tougher competition.

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  4. brodes says:

    Neither has faced top competition yet

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