Hard Knocks 39 Play-by-Play – Juskevic Wins WW Title


Hard Knocks FightingDallas Bargholz is cageside in Calgary, Alberta for Hard Knocks Fighting Championship 39.

Headlined by a powerful Welterweight main event between Joel Powell and Sergej Juskevic, this is a must watch card. If you are not in the audience, you can watch the event live on Internet PPV HERE. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page to stay up to date with all the Hard Knocks 39 action.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night: Chris Robinson vs Nathan Bernard
  • Submission of the Night: Sergej Juskevic
  • Knock out of the Night: Tyler Jackson

Play by Play


Sergej Juskevic vs Joel Powell
Hard Knocks Welterweight Title Fight
Round 1
The fighters feel each other out at the center of the cage. Joel lands first with a leg kick Sergej counters and the fighters circle. Joel throws some hooking punches but Sergej counters up the middle landing clean. Sergej clinches and pushes Joel to the cage. As soon as Joel’s back touches the fence Sergej turns and quickly rolls under and attacking his standing opponent’s knee. Joel is tripped to the mat and Sergej puts all of his might into a knee bar, Joel fights but is forced to tap.
Sergej Juskevic submits Joel Powell by Knee Bar in Round 1, 0:58
Juskevic wins the Hard Knocks Welterweight title

Marcus Hicks vs Ryan Machan
Round 1
Ryan starts with three high kicks and evades the counters but doing so backs into the cage. Marcus presses him against the fence but Ryan reverses and puts Marcus on his back. Marcus quickly establishes guard Ryan pushes him to the cage. Ryan lands a hard left to Marcus’s face but Marcus takes the opportunity to bring his leg across Ryan’s face and attacks with and arm bar. Ryan defends but Marcus isolates the arm starts to extend Ryan’s elbow. Ryan picks up Marcus and shakes him off and starts landing blows as Marcus stands back to his feet. Ryan keeps pressuring Marcus into the cage with strikes Markus covers eats some blows then shoots for a take down. Ryan falls to the mat but locks in a triangle from bottom. Marcus tries to defend but Ryan holds the submission, briefly transfers to an arm bar, then returns to the triangle choke submitting his opponent from bottom.
Ryan Machan submits Marcus Hicks by Triangle choke in Round 1, 4:02

Shawn Fitzsimmons vs Tyler Jackson
Round 1
Tyler takes the center of the cage. Shawn uses a lot of movement to sneak in some leg kicks, moving in and out avoiding Tyler’s counters. Shawn lands another leg kick but circles left into Tyler’s strong hand and gets caught with a clean right that drops him to the mat. Tyler follows him down, sees and opening and starts reigning down elbows spurring the ref to step in and end the fight.
Tyler Jackson defeats Shawn Fitzsimmons by TKO in Round 1, 1:14

Adam Imhoff vs Jesse Arnett
Round 1
Adam opens up with some kicks. Jesse circles and stays in the pocket. Adam uses his movement to land some shots and evade retaliation. Jesse backs him into the cage, Adam clinches and lands some knees but Jesse pushes him to the mat. Jesse quickly jumps on top and immediately goes for the darce choke. Adam tries to escape but cannot and is forced to tap.
Jesse Arnett submits Adam Imhoff by D’arce choke in Round 1, 0:56

Amateur MMA

Miguel Tock vs Grey Patino
Round 1.
Miguel throws an overhand right then immediately ducks under for a slamming double. Grey works hard to get back to his feet but Miguel locks in a guillotine. Grey escapes and throws some shots from the top. The fighters separate get back to their feet and Miguel immediately shoots pushes his opponent into the cage and eventually gets the take down. Miguel then moves from guard to mount. Miguel takes side control and briefly attacks with a kimaura. Grey defends and takes half guard. Miguel regains mount.
Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 Miguel Tock

Round 2
Grey throws a low kick but miguel eats it and ties him up a gainst the cage evetualy getting a double leg take down. Grey works to the cage but Miguel uses the movement to take mount. Grey works to his feet and gets a slamming takedown of his own. Miguel estabilishes guard. Grey lands some body shots from the top. Miguel throws his legs accros his face and goes for an armbar from bottom. Miguel uses the attack to take top position but as he goes for a triangle Grey reverses and maintians top postioin until the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 Miguel Tock

Round 3
Miguel is breathing heavy at the start of the round but lands first with a hard kick to the body, but Grey catches it and puts Miguel on his back. Miguel again attacks an arm from bottom but Grey escapes and takes side control. Miguel retakes guard. Miguel attacks from the bottom and tries to sweep but grey stuffs him maintaining top control. Grey stays defensive and lands a couple body shots Miguel goes for an kimaura but is unable to lock it in.
Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 Grey Patino
Miguel Tock defeats Grey Patino by unanimous decision.

Chris Robinson vs Nathan Bernard
Round 1
The bell goes Nathan lands a real hard leg kick, Chris responds by moving in and punching. Nathan ties him up and goes for a standing guillotine then uses the hold to get a take down,  Chris gets back to the his feet and throws hard Nathan covers and eats some shots.  Both fighters are throwing heavy leather, trading and covering swapping shots for shots, both mixing it up landing to the head and body. Nathan shoots but Chris shrugs him off and pushes him the mat.  Nathan takes guard and attacks with an arm bar but Chris lifts him off the ground and Nathan slips off the submission.
Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 Robinson

Round 2
Both fighters are going to be a little slow after there efforts in the first. Chris uses his reach to land some distance shots but Nathan ducks under and throws hard into Chris’s defense.  Nathan goes for a take down but Chris reverses and lands in mount.  Nathan sweeps but Chris works quickly to his feet, throws some forward pressure, Nathans falls back and Chris falls into his guard.  Chris steps off the fighters stand and Chris lands some clean shots.  Nathan covers and reply’s with some hooking hay makers Chris keeps the pressure on him and lands some clean hard right hands to Nathans face.  keeping the forward pressure he pushes Nathan to the mat.  Chris takes his back and goes for a rear naked but the bell goes before he can finish the submission.
Top MMA News scores the round 10:9 Robinson

Between rounds Nathan looks very slow to get up and the ref calls the doctor in to look at his eye. The seconds are called out but before the beginning of the round the ref calls time, sends Chris to a neutral corner and the medical staff rexamine the wounded fighter.  The fight is called.
Chris Robinson defeats Nathan Bernard by TKO (doctor stoppage) in Round 2, 5:00

Iain Rushworth vs Jarrett Vorbrock
Round 1.
Bell rings the fighters come out quick trading punches and knees in the clinch. Jarrett pushes Iain against the cage and gets a clean take down, Jarrett quickly takes mount peppers the body and struggles for a deep deep arm Bar.  Iain holds strong as his arm extends and refuses to tap. Jarrett again takes top position then works to Iain’s back.  Iain shakes him of and stand to his feet but Jarrett quickly takes the fight back to the mat.  Jarrett establishes mount Liam defends the submissions as Jarrett peppers the body.  Again he isolates and arm but Iain escapes. Jarrett again attacks with an arm bar but Iain defends and holds on until the bell goes.
TopMMANEws scores the round Jarrett 10:9

Round 2
The fighters feel each other out in the center of the cage and fight an out fight for the first time of the bout.  Before long Jarrett gets a low double and drages Iain down to the mat. Jarett throws some body shots from mount and continues to attack with arm attacks to body shots.  Jarett moves moves to high mount Liam turns and but Jarrrett uses the oprotunity to take his back and waists no time sinking in a rear naked choke and Iain is forced to tap with seconds left in the round.
Jarett Vorbrock submits Iain Rushworth by RNC in Round 2, 2:23

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  1. Chappy says:

    What happened to the francotti fight?

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    …and the Essensa fight?

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  3. Mmafan says:

    Essensa is fighting at HK 40.

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  4. Mmafan says:

    Does machan get a title shot for the HK belt now?

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    Right… I shoulda known that!

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  6. Vanmmafan32 says:

    What happened to the francotti fight ?!

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  7. Gunner says:

    Congrats to Machan even though on paper he was a huge favourite Marcus does have some dangerous attributes and it was a lot of risk with little reward for Ryan which always adds to the mental game when going into the fight. Also congrats to TNT great to see him back in there and throwing knuckles still to this day was one of my most fun fights.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

  8. Mahon says:

    Not sure who but either Francotti or his opponent had issues with there MRI so commission cancelled the fight

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  9. Sim says:

    So the francotti fight never happened?

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  10. bobthebuilder says:

    Sergej Juskevic vs. RYAN Mahan for the tittle is a natural fit. Just depends if Ryan is set on fighting to get in the UFC or willing to fight the toughest fighters around. I know Sergej is tough and willing to fight anyone and everyone. Ryan is a great fighter and I think most would like to see him test himself.

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  11. Ben says:

    Sergej Juskevic Vs Ryan Ford would be an exciting fight once he’s healed up, or Jake Shields because he’d be able to defend the leg locks and we could see some of Sergej’s striking

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 6

  12. Mmafan says:

    I still think machan and Sergei should fight…. would be a great fight. And also makes sense at this point.

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