UFC Rescinds Offer to Michael Imperato

Michael Imperato (photo: Mike Fischl)

Michael Imperato (photo: Mike Fischl)

Less than 24 hours after Michael Imperato signed with the UFC to fight Aljamain Sterling, the UFC has rescinded their offer.  The issue was a racist comment that the Ontario fighter said on camera during the filming of the FightXchange.

Following the announcement that Imperato made the UFC, Lyndon Whitlock started tweeting the UFC, Dana White, and Sean Shelby saying,

“F***** n***** @ufc just signed a racist Blevel fighter @ImperatoMMA. @seanshelby @danawhite @Sportsnet @arielhelwani http://youtu.be/Evu_GqXmRZI”

Despite the fact that Imperato publicly apologized for his behavior on FightXchange (read it HERE), the UFC took notice of Whitlock’s tweets and the tweets of others and cut the newly signed fighter.

Michael Imperato confirmed the news and posted the following on his Facebook account,

Thank you to everyone for their support and interest in my career. Unfortunately I have made some decisions in life years ago that are now affecting me. Thanks to a reality show that I was in where I made some stupid comments and of course people being jealous, I have just got my contract to the UFC cancelled.

To everyone that knows me personally I have nothing to explain, I have always been open hearted and would do anything to help anyone. I have never had weapons, drugs, never raped anyone, never killed anyone I bent over backwards for more people then I can count.

At the end of the day, when people are jealous or are hating on you for your success they will do anything to bring you down. I spent 9 years working on my dream and when it finally came to reality it blew up.
I don’t know where I will go from here but I am truly blessed to have the friends and family in my life that I do. Over the years, through this sport I met so many amazing, nice , and kind people.
You never know where life will take you and you never know when a speed bump or in my case a brick wall will pop up.

Thank you to every training partner I have ever had. Thank you to every tournament I have ever been to. Thank you to every gym that I have trained at. Thank you to my 10 year friend, coach, and mentor Sam Zakula. He spent years working with and opened up a lot of doors for me. Thank you to Xcessive Force FC for giving me a chance to represent their company as their bantam weight champion. Thank you to Pat Wilson who came into my life and got me a shot at the big show. And thank you to the girl who has been by my side though thick and thin. I love all you guys and I’ll never forget the great moments I had through my amature and pro career.

I never give up or lose hope but sometimes I guess it’s best to step away and let everything heal.

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  1. @stupidpeople…. What I remember is that Imperato did not want to fight Whitlock for $500 in Ontario and I think he wanted Whitlock, who was coming off some losses and moving down to 135, to get some wins and get his rank higher as well.

    Some fighters are OK with lesser paydays to get fights in. Imperato wanted a decent amount of money to fight. Neither is wrong.

    As well … I don’t think Whitlock is wrong for also being pissed off that Imperato was calling guys out like the Davises, but was unwilling to fight him.

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  2. stupidpeople says:

    People talk shit that is fine. You don’t mess with people’s family or money. Even if he made it to the fight and they pulled it he would still get paid. This was low and I don’t think a fight will solve this.

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  3. insider says:

    Imperato won the xcessive title one month later.

    Pretty sure he got more then 500$. Good decision if you ask me.

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  4. insider (was cheater) says:

    Facts- fact 1. Lyndon is 29 years old(his time is running out for the big show call up) fact 2. Lyndon is 3-3 in his last six fights.(2 wins he missed weight and three losses he has been stopped all three times) lyndon is a mentally weak bully.
    Fact 3. Lyndon missed weight three times in his career. Twice at 135 and once at 145.
    (Missing weight is mentally weak and cheating)
    Fact 4. Lyndon is a tattle tale.( no one likes a tattle tale)

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  5. outsider says:

    ^^ True and true

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  6. Blackout says:

    Well, that escalated quickly.

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  7. Lisa says:

    After recently celebrating the news of Michael’s debut to the UFC I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of reading the posted article detailing his dismissal. I have felt compelled to speak up and show my support for Michael. It is my understanding that Michael has made mistakes in the past and my personal belief and hope that he will continue to make more in his future – it is my understanding that Michael is human. For the reality is that if people were meant to be perfect, this world wouldn’t need churches or courthouses, police officers or priests, or lawyers and doctors – a part of being human means making mistakes. In fact, it is these very mistakes that allow us as a society to grow. These very life lessons shape and change our thoughts, opinions, and behaviors. Mistakes have discovered cures for disease, allowed us to explore the unseen, and given humans adaptations to unthinkable environments. I’d send my deepest condolences to the person who’s perfect. They clearly haven’t lived.
    It is my personal opinion that Michael’s dismissal is ignorantly political. Take a minute and ask yourself what kind of a society we live in when people are simply measured by the mistakes they have made with a total disregard for what they have done with them? Without the consideration or appreciation of the amount of personal growth that has been achieved through each struggle of adversity. Dismissing Michael for a prior racist remark that has been acknowledged and repented, in no way eradicates racism. Turning a blind eye to racism doesn’t perpetuate anything more than racism itself. If we ignore history, we’re bound to repeat it. What changes racism is acknowledgement and education. Two things Michael clearly embodies. Michael’s mistake has the ability to teach and positively influence others to be more cognizant of their everyday language and its consequences. Allowing Michael to fight is not simply giving Michael a “second chance.” It is giving society an opportunity to appreciate the personal growth this world needs if we are to overcome racism itself.
    I send my regrets to the UFC. They have thrown away an opportunity to grow and the chance to see how one mistake can change the world.
    I wish Michael all the best.

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  8. That guy says:

    Lyndon is Whiney little bully. What he did was wrong and I will never support him as a fighter again. I hope he never makes it to the UFC and likely won’t as he isn’t at the sane level imperato is. I think imperato is a douchebag like most people but to tattle on him like that in a manner that was directly a jealous attack shows the weak character of Lyndon “the rat” Whitlock.
    I hope they do fight and Whitlock gets railroaded (and makes weight). Before this cowardly act by him I was a fan and I’ll never be a fan of imperato but that is some low dirtbag shit to rat him out like that.

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  9. Tyson says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  10. Graham Weenk says:

    Make a poor choice you live with the consequences. That’s life.

    Everyone in north America today knows you can’t throw the n word around especially under the public eye and expect no consequences.

    Anger, immaturity is not an excuse. In today’s society, the n word is unacceptable. We all know that, accept that, and live accordingly

    Fight exchange was a chance at exposure most fighters dream of getting. Deserving a second chance stuff…I don’t know, he was already given a golden opportunity and blew it, there are allot of other talented guys out there still working to get their first chance, what gives anyone the right to get another chance on top of the one he blew?

    Like eminem says, if you get 1 shot, 1 opportunity…. would you capture it or let it slip?

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  11. Thesubzero says:

    Mr. Weenk it seems to me you took Mr. Shady’s words out of their intended context, I believe he was speaking about being clutch not politically correct.

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  12. Graham Weenk says:

    Really if look at Ryan ford, he made a mistake that has cost him UFC chance but he’s built his own 2nd chance with his amazing drawing power in Edmonton. Gotta respect that.

    Hopefully Mike can built his own second chance too.

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  13. Robin Black says:

    I am far from a respected journalist.

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  14. @Graham Weenk you mention ryan ford built his own 2nd chance with his amazing drawing power in Edmonton, yet he had to fight with a broken arm or he would not be able to support his family, do you not agree without fords criminal record it would have allowed him the luxury to postpone this fight through his tenure fighting in the UFC where sponsorship dollars would well have surpassed what he is making in these smaller shows?

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  15. MMA says:

    The bar as been set high by the UFC and the good thing to come out of this is the Future UFC Stars will have to be civil and rather good people and this shows the young coming up talent not to take risks in life if you want to be considered a proffesonal fighter at the top of the game in the UFC. Long term this is very good as this will make the sport more proffesonal and maintain forward movement as a martial artist being respected globally.

    Mixed Martial Arts as a sport has just evolved in a positive direction!

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  16. Graham Weenk says:

    @BigPoppaGroove69, no doubt the UFC has the best potential, but what I’m saying is instead of saying “hey everyone give me a second chance” Ford is making his living as a fighter within the means available to him… which for that matter there are people asking on mike’s behalf to give him a second chance I haven’t personally read if mike himself is saying that.

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  17. insideoutsidedowner says:

    Good thing he didnt call anyone a cunt, he might be president of the UFC.

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  18. Pat Wilson says:

    @Robin it was great speaking with you and look forward to continuing our conversation. And have been reading up on that case more, it is very interesting.

    @Graham it’s funny you are referring to Eminem who also went through the same thing, a song leaked with him dropping the same word. Looks like he got a second chance.

    As far as Lyndon goes I have not met him and have heard from many people that he is a good guy, I’ll leave it at that, Michael is taking the high road and does not hold a grudge over this.

    And as of right now a fight with Lyndon is not going to happen, Mike respects my decision on this and we will see what the future holds for his mma career. Right now we are focusing on more important aspects of his life.

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  19. eastcoastwarrior says:

    The day UFC gives Imperato a second chance is the day I stop watching.
    Over the course of his MMA career I have watched imperato drag mud on this great sport.
    Any other promotion that hires him will not get my support either.
    Kudos to UFC for making the right choice.

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  20. VaginaMan says:

    Career suicide at its best, no coming back from that.

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  21. Idolmaker says:

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  22. MMAMgmt says:


    As you can see already I think most people would disagree with you.

    It’s any easy debate to settle though… Imperato just has to be a man and fight Lyndon and win to prove he is better.

    But he’s not. He’s knows Whitlock will beat him and that’s why he won’t fight him plain and simple.

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  23. CanadianFightFan says:

    Pat Wilson if you do not mind me aking

    “And as of right now a fight with Lyndon is not going to happen, Mike respects my decision on this and we will see what the future holds for his mma career. Right now we are focusing on more important aspects of his life.”

    why will you not get a fight with Lyndon but shopping for other fights ? Not trying be a smart ass just curious why not this fight seems like it could main event any canadian show right now and make money with the eyes these two are drawing towards there names right now?

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  24. Pat Wilson says:

    @CanadianFightFan I didn’t take it as you being a smart ass at all, I appreciate the question.

    I have some reasoning behind my decision i know most people do not like it but I hope you can respect it.

    First I want it to be clear Michael did accept the fight vs Lyndon but would not accept a purse being offered. Yes some fighters will fight for lowers purses and other want to be paid a fair price.

    Second Lyndon was told to make 135 1 time and we would take the fight, to me that is not asking much, make the weight class that he unsuccessfully did not twice.

    Third for Lyndon’s actions I (not Michael) do not believe he earns this fight by doing what he did.

    Lyndon and his management can come on these forms and say Lyndon will “kick his ass” all they want, Were not falling into their little game.

    As a manager I can appreciate Scott trying to get a fight that can get his client a step closer to UFC, but they had their opportunity and they declined.

    Make 135 Lyndon maybe set a fight with Dimitre pick up another win then maybe we will consider. .6 or 2.6 your still over, I have dealt with the Nova Scotia Comission before as well, so please don’t blame them for being over, if anything with their allowance you should be under

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  25. JACK is BACK says:

    Everyone should focus on training and fighting..the rest will handle itself

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  26. I'll Pay Top Dollar To See This Fight says:


    so if let’s say Provincial Fighting Championship’s President throws Imperado a bigger purse at the right price…even double what Whitlock would be getting.

    & if Lyndon makes 136lbs in his next fight win, lose or draw… let’s say out east for E.C.C again.

    & as it becomes the most hyped fight ever on the regional Canadian MMA circuit.

    & it being likely in Ontario maybe even Mississauga or Woodbridge where Imperado can sell hundreds of tickets and have all his fans and supporters come out to cheer for his redemption fight against the 1 guy Imperado can in well trained and inspired delusion blame for destroying his UFC dreams.

    & it being the kind of win that can raise his stock and give him the audience and exposure he needs to ask for penance and forgiveness in a way that actually matters where Sean Shelby might even take notice.

    & it literally being his only real option for a marquee fight unless he wants to stay a regional B level fighter or retire from MMA all bitter at the world.

    plus as a real fighter it is the single one opportunity available to prove to himself he belongs in the upper echelon of fighters and the kind of fight that not only makes your bank account richer but your character as a man while earning you self-respect and respect from your fellow peers.

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  27. I'll Pay Top Dollar To See This Fight says:

    your totally right patty

    it should never happen
    it’s a fucking terrible idea

    what the fuck was I thinking I must be a fucking idiot that trains ufc and wears tapout…my money doesn’t matter who gives a fuck about this fight

    I’m such a stupid fuck

    fuck Whitlock
    long live Imperado

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  28. I'll Pay Top Dollar To See This Fight says:

    hey Long Face Lynda

    can you promise to make weight for your next fight wherever it may be?
    start earlier, shit yourself, donate blood, I don’t care just make weight so we have one less excuse to make this fight happen

    also since I assume you fight because your a fighter do you mind taking minimum wage for this fight ?
    and do you mind if Mike makes like 2 G’s ?

    COOL !
    just make weight so he doesn’t also get 20% off that lucrative purse of yours… I mean he’s already gotten the best deal a regional “trying to make it to the big show” fighter could get

    not to mention this being his only real option left in fighting and even us tapout wearing ufc training morons know that this shit is about fucking timing n****

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  29. lyndon whitlock says:

    Lol insult me, ask me serious questions, n support me all in 1 message. I like this guy lol.

    My replt is. Im in.

    Please no one tell mfm i posted on here again ;) lol

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  30. EPerez says:

    I think Imperato should be the next guest on Topmmanews radio. Eh Keith?

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  31. I'll Pay Top Dollar To See This Fight says:

    I want to hear his excuses for entertainment value alone

    please have Mike on topmmanews radio

    I’ll pay top dollar

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  32. I'll Pay Top Dollar To See This Fight says:

    and Lynda you’ll always have my support

    I enjoy watching you fight simply because your one of Canada’s best bantamweights, and your a trained killer who always keeps a long face.

    I enjoy watching Imperado fight too because he’s a controversial goon that’s a bjj wizard on the ground and a legit bantamweight. I mean the UFC did call him before finding out about his prejudice.

    I enjoy watching 2 talented and skilled athletes put it all out there in a fight to the death (before a man in black intervenes of course)

    I enjoy it more when they genuinely hate each other

    even better if during the fight there is a racist that gets punched

    makes it worth top dollar to see when there is a real reason to fight…as a tapout wearing beer guzzling mma know it all…this fight f****** makes sense! DUHH!

    ever since I was in high school I’ve loved a grudge match with tons of beef… and this one even has hot sauce too. :)

    it’s a high stakes fight with a lot on the line, it’s hot local mma news now and there is just too much interest in this fight not to see it.

    $$$ MONEY $$$

    I’ll pay top dollar to see this Fight !

    PFC better be reading these forums!

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  33. Ltronbutta says:

    There’s some I don’t like about this Lyndon Whitlock’s character. I can see his soul in the edges of his eyes. its corrosive, like acid and he has a demon. I don’t like his face, he needs to changed it.

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  34. Tyler Davis says:

    That sounds advantageous for a fighter^

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  35. Eastcoastwarrior says:

    Maybe UFC has changed their policy on hiring bigots. They allow McGregor to mock peoples race and religion and label people a terrorist. Perhaps you should send your resume in Imperato.

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