UFC Rescinds Offer to Michael Imperato

Michael Imperato (photo: Mike Fischl)

Michael Imperato (photo: Mike Fischl)

Less than 24 hours after Michael Imperato signed with the UFC to fight Aljamain Sterling, the UFC has rescinded their offer.  The issue was a racist comment that the Ontario fighter said on camera during the filming of the FightXchange.

Following the announcement that Imperato made the UFC, Lyndon Whitlock started tweeting the UFC, Dana White, and Sean Shelby saying,

“F***** n***** @ufc just signed a racist Blevel fighter @ImperatoMMA. @seanshelby @danawhite @Sportsnet @arielhelwani http://youtu.be/Evu_GqXmRZI”

Despite the fact that Imperato publicly apologized for his behavior on FightXchange (read it HERE), the UFC took notice of Whitlock’s tweets and the tweets of others and cut the newly signed fighter.

Michael Imperato confirmed the news and posted the following on his Facebook account,

Thank you to everyone for their support and interest in my career. Unfortunately I have made some decisions in life years ago that are now affecting me. Thanks to a reality show that I was in where I made some stupid comments and of course people being jealous, I have just got my contract to the UFC cancelled.

To everyone that knows me personally I have nothing to explain, I have always been open hearted and would do anything to help anyone. I have never had weapons, drugs, never raped anyone, never killed anyone I bent over backwards for more people then I can count.

At the end of the day, when people are jealous or are hating on you for your success they will do anything to bring you down. I spent 9 years working on my dream and when it finally came to reality it blew up.
I don’t know where I will go from here but I am truly blessed to have the friends and family in my life that I do. Over the years, through this sport I met so many amazing, nice , and kind people.
You never know where life will take you and you never know when a speed bump or in my case a brick wall will pop up.

Thank you to every training partner I have ever had. Thank you to every tournament I have ever been to. Thank you to every gym that I have trained at. Thank you to my 10 year friend, coach, and mentor Sam Zakula. He spent years working with and opened up a lot of doors for me. Thank you to Xcessive Force FC for giving me a chance to represent their company as their bantam weight champion. Thank you to Pat Wilson who came into my life and got me a shot at the big show. And thank you to the girl who has been by my side though thick and thin. I love all you guys and I’ll never forget the great moments I had through my amature and pro career.

I never give up or lose hope but sometimes I guess it’s best to step away and let everything heal.

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  1. Josue says:


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  2. Thesubzero says:

    Well the UFC has signed a few people they said would never ever fight for them again. Once your worth transcends your transgression you’ll get signed. They are a business, which seems to thrive on hypocracy and double standard.

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  3. Glasschin says:


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  4. Glasschin says:

    Imperato does not derserve to get rescind from the UFC. We all have done some bad things in our past. Some more then most but After publicly apologizing and trying to turn over a new leaf He does not deserve to have his dreams shattered..

    Lyndon and imperato should both act as professionals and take part in a bout against each other. After all this attention and exposure they have just created in the end they’ll both get what they both want (Good Financial Pay, Publicity & peace for imperato)

    As a fan of the sport I know I would invest in both athletes to help make this happen. People in Ontario need to help this sport grow and watch how many athletes make it to the UFC. To much politics not enough smart management.

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  5. Idolmaker says:

    I don’t want to see a fight between them. Why give the rat what it wants? You truly effed up Whitlock. Not a threat, because I don’t know either of you. But you’ve done immeasurable damage to your reputation. Maybe more than imperato has.

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  6. harry balls says:

    Imperato fucked up. I am the most anti-PC guy in the world , but man he KNEW he was being filmed and still said that shit. If he had been taped unbeknownst to him I’d feel different. Second, he was taking part in an MMA show at the time, not out clubbing or some shit. They would have eventually found out. I personally would rather see him fight in the big show, but come the fuck on.

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  7. Mike kent says:

    Idol maker relax lol . Lyndon never ratted mike out to the FBI for smuggling heroin or leaked a tape that only he had. This was public knowledge. On a tv show. Much more like when me daughter tattles on my other daughter for pulling her hair. Not that being a tattle tale is cool or recommended but I think your equating this to some one ratting to police. There’s zero chance he made it to the fight without this coming out. No in today’s technological age and social media.

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  8. Idolmaker says:

    No I agree with you mike, totally. Does it show strength in whitlocks character, or weakness? We all agree that, although talented, imperato is a goof, but b*tch move to bring it to light, then brag about it.

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  9. Terry robertson says:

    Pretty sure this is mma not prison. All this snitch and rat talk and all the “goof” slinging on other threads this forum reads more like a episode of oz no wonder why regional MMA doesn’t get taken seriously as a pro sport with pro athletes. Who knows maybe Whitlock is tight with the afro – canadian community and took major offense to Imperato comments and lack of professionalism. Michael Richards still can’t get work and his “mistake” was what? 10 years ago?

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  10. Idolmaker says:

    Lol I guess less Whitlock being a rat, moreso just showing a weakness in character.

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  11. This is a shame, I was truely excited to see Impertato fight in the UFC. Everyone deserves a second chance, we all make mistakes. Keep your head up Mike.

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  12. vells33 says:

    Michael imperato is on of the kindest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Everyone is speaking so much crap about him and he Dosent deserve it. Yes the man made a mistake. Get over it. One wrong deed is not enough to condem a man for life! He stood up and apologized for his mistake and that’s saying a lot about his character.

    Everyone is talking about his past well here’s someting from mikes past that no one here knows.

    I grew up with mike. He was like a brother I never had. I had a big problem with being bullied because I didn’t fit the so called image of the cool kids. I got picked on and bullied a lot but mike never cared what bad words were ever said about me . He still hung out with me because mike knew who I really was and didn’t judge me because I was short and straight up fat ! Mike protected me not with weapons or violence until I learned to protect myself. He taught me how to stand up to the guys that were picking on me with WORDS and by ignoring them and hanging out with the right people. Mike helped me with a big problem in my life and anyone that has ever been bullied can say the same! Being bullied in high school rough and without Mike God knows what might have happened to me!

    By hanging out with Mike when I was younger I lost 65 lbs and became more confident in who I am and not how others see me.

    All the crap people are saying about Mike looks a lot like high school drama!! Let it go people and get over it!!!! The man made a mistake and apologized LET IT GO!!!

    Mike you were there for me when people were talking bad about me and I’m here now writing for you. Mike you taught me to chase my dreams no matter what so keep chasing yours !! And let the hatters hate because that’s all there good at !

    No one deserves to have there dream ripped from them like that!
    Keep working hard and you will get what your fighting for.

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  13. Robin Black says:

    I was thinking about this all night. And about Mike.

    Y’know, you feel bad here. You feel bad about the idea that you can make a mistake or 2 when you’re young and impulsive and then it becomes impossible to get out from under.

    A guy like Mike can go on and do some great things, contribute some real positive stuff, and never seem to be able to undo some negatives that were brief moments a long time ago.

    That is a really scary thing.

    The thought makes you uncomfortable.

    I feel bad for Mike.

    The modern world, technology, the way info works these days.

    Really unforgiving.

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  14. VaginaMan says:

    Wow, just watched that clip, what a douche bag.

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  15. That guy says:

    Love mikes thug friends saying he is going to “smash him on da streets” or how “a ref couldn’t save him” that’s the kind of thug attitude that has screwed mike up in the past, he has a terrible name on the Canadian Mma scene for good reason, he is a piece of shit!

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  16. Tyler Davis says:

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  17. Tyler Davis says:

    Kinda sucks to have that stripped from you, but man that guy is a piece of work. He talks mad shit to everyone , trys to troll others on twitter and now all poopy lipped because he got the same treatment?

    I’ve never heard a good thing said about that guy in the circuit, guys a classless buffoon. UFC would have found out anyway, if anything Lyndon got himself one step closer to the UFC with the “favour ” he did….. It’s everyman for himself in this game. Who would have wanted mike in the UFC to represent Canadian Bantamweights? Send “the gentleman” Hill in there instead.

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  18. Ken Kupsch says:

    You may be right Tyler, I don’t know any of these guys. I don’t even think it’s a bad thing he called the UFC to warn them. But, he didn’t, he called the UFC to screw with another mans livelyhood and laughed about it. That’s where he crossed a line.

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  19. Robin Black says:

    Y’know, another thought.

    When anyone mentions Mike, there’s more strong reaction than almost any other young athlete.

    Yes plenty of the reaction is negative, but it is unique and remarkable that certain people are able to illicit such strong reaction from people.

    Ryan Ford is the same thing.

    If you mention Mike or Ryan the clicks go up, the comments increase, people talk and engage and react.

    That is a rare and powerful thing.

    I have at times strongly disliked Mike and at other times truly and genuinely felt for him. But I have never ever been indifferent to him. Even over the last 2 days talking about him and these events, I flopped between “you reap what you sow” and “I know deep down this is a good talented kid and I can’t help but feel for him”.

    He has the ability to make people care, some good, some bad. That’s rare. Unique.

    I hope he finds a way to use that rare gift in a way that he enjoys and gets a lot out of.

    Life experiences, even bad ones that feel brutal, can have a way of changing you as a person. Making you stronger. Making you a better man.

    Maybe that’ll be the case for Mike.

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  20. Tyler Davis says:

    Sooooo don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house? It’s doesn’t pay to make enemies with almost every Canadian fighter that you have encountered. He tried to get into a twitter beef with Corey Bollinger as well as a long list of people. When you do dumb stuff like that of course it will come back and bite you in the ass.

    Try to leave a positive impression with everyone you meet and life will suddenly become more pleasant.

    P.s. Social media is a cruel bitch.

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  21. Chad freeman says:

    I agree with Tyler. So much shit talking on fighters. We need to clean this shit up. Canadian fighters need to come together and have respect for one another. Not sure what happened but it is out of control.when I started this sport i never thought it would get to guys trying to destroy others career.im thinking it’s time I say goodbye to this sport.makes me think twice about fighting again.what happened to respect that comes with martial arts.its turning into thug gangster shit to me

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  22. the goods says:

    Chad that’s the difference between a martial artist and a “fighter” in my opinion. I think more respect and discipline needs to be breed into MMA training like in traditional martial arts.

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  23. Pat Wilson says:

    I am not going to get into much on this right now but want to address this a little.

    First I started to manage Mike about 5 months ago, I really got to know him very well, he is a very passionate person and very out spoken as many of you know. But what you may not know about him is he truly has a big heart and would help out anybody if they were in need.

    He also knows what he said was wrong as he released an apology, knowing that people will not forget but hoping for some forgiveness. Mike made a mistake and is paying for it and will continue to pay for this. For this mistake should he not be able to pursue his dream?

    As for Lyndon it’s very well known that these 2 do not like each other, did Lyndon take this dislike to a whole new level? Well everyone is entitled to their own decision.

    As for Mike and twitter battles unfortunately sometimes that is a step people have to take to get some of the fights they want, I personally do not think anything is wrong with it, As a matter of fact look at guys like Sonnen and Conner, Some people have this uniqueness that do not try and be that guy they just are. Cody Bollinger makes his living doing it, As a matter of fact Cody stated that he wanted to pick up an easy win so he wanted to fight Chris Hordecki, so Mike jumped in to take a shot at Cody. and doing so he gained a few American fans and some more exposure for himself in the states.

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  24. Ed Mirvish says:

    The guy is a racist POS. No changing him there. The guy straight up called Nate a “fucking _igger” on tv with such disgust and nonchalance.

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  25. Sask MMA says:

    i spent much of younger years, pre-18 solely involved in Martial Arts, Karate to be exact. And the amount of ego, disdain and flat out disrespect the black belts dished out on all non-blackbelts was terrible.

    After sparring balckbelts would toss off sweaty sparring gear and demand lower belts to pick it up. thats one immediate example that sticks out to me, lots of just shitty bully type behavior like that…

    So this idea of Martial Artist having a superior moral code is not something I have ever witnessed. All the blackbelts I encountered on the Karate scene in my youth claimed a superior moral standing, bowed all the time and such, but it was all just a show.

    When I got into kickboxing and competitive fighting, that’s when I saw people respect eachother, respect training partners and show good morality. allot less bowing but no one made you handle their sweaty sparing gear.

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  26. Sask MMA says:

    the lower belts didn’t learn respect from this either…they just learned as they progress they get to be shitty to the belts lower than them.

    in my traditional martial arts years anyway, thats how it was.

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  27. Thesubzero says:

    In my experience one learns respect from getting their ego stripped from them day in and day out. Personally getting humbled training with very talented and respectful individuals made me a better person. I never had to bow to learn respect.

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  28. Girl says:

    B..ch slap by Lyndon

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  29. the goods says:

    perhaps I was lucky in my traditional martial arts experiences but I was always shown and in turn taught to have respect for everyone, especially opponents, and discipline, I as well trained in Karate as well as Tae-Kwon do and Judo, I didn’t witness the bully mentality in the gym until I started doing Muay-Thai, and it was only a few bad apples but that was a really eye opening experience

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  30. the goods says:

    and I’m not saying an MMA fighter or Kickboxer isn’t a martial artist at all, I just find that mentality (in my own experiences) more predominant in the MMA scene then the traditional martial arts scene.

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  31. EPerez says:

    He made his bed and now he has to lie in it. It would be wrong if he actually got to fight in the UFC and then they realized he’s a racist and cut him loose afterwards.

    I wouldn’t do it myself but glad Lyndon did, someone had to.

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  32. Jay says:

    Michael imperato has been teaching my kid!! I think hes great person and a good ambassador for the sport. He made a mistake and owned upto it like a man!! My kid was so happy and really looks upto mike. Then he was devastated when he heard the news he wasn’t fighting. I guess all the people passing judgement on him have never made mistakes. I think it’s harsh to ruin his career, and to disappoint a lot of people who support him. Lyndon Whitlock I’ve never met u and don’t know u but u should mine ur own business. Maybe u should b training instead of trying to ruin other careers. Sad day for sports, there’s guys have done a lot worst playing professional sports.

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  33. eastcoastwarrior says:

    I hate this “he made a mistake and apologized for it” argument. He apologies because he has to, not because he has remorse.
    Imperato is bad for the sport and hopefully other organizations follow the UFC and not employ him. One, maybe two mistakes I’ll buy. We can call that growing up.
    Imperato has showed us his true character many times. Pulling knives, shoving opponents head in his crotch, being a racist, going to a night club the evening before a fight, completely disrespecting and degrading his opponents.
    He is a wiz on the mats, but at what cost?
    Is this really the guy you want people associating your country with?
    Yeah his career is over, but he ended it on himself by acting like an idiot.

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  34. Girl says:

    Lyndon had his right to tweet his opinion to UFC, but it is not what he did. He not only tweeted it, but also posted his tweet of his FB ( check his FB page)and asked his friends to re-tweet it to UFC. Out of 1400+ FB friends he got 14 re-tweets which resulted in Mike’s contract cancelled. Basically, it is a well thought and planned campaigned through social media by Lyndon to get Mike’s contract cancelled.

    It is one thing to speak one’s mind and another intentionally ruin someone’s future. Petty, despair, hate and jealousy is the name for this game. Very sad to see that it was re-tweeted by some reputable fighters who i used to respect, but then- most did NOT re-tweeted it.

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  35. frizzel says:

    Mikey is a good guy that made a mistake. He apologized because he knew he made a mistake. UFC should let him fight because of something he said years ago and has since apologized for. Let Mikey fight

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  36. Trevor says:

    Pulling knives where do you get this stuff ppl should stop making thing up. did you actually see Mikey pull a knife where you getting these accusations from. Lyndon Whitlock are you jealous you didn’t get the opportunity yourself or what other reason do you have to get involved with something that has nothing to do with you. Free Mikey imperato from his one bad comment

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  37. Trevor says:

    All you ppl are no better your sitting here bashing my boy that just lost his career talk about kicking a guy when he’s down. I hope none of you make a mistake in your life and karma come back to bite you in the ass.

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  38. caleb says:

    I find this hole thing to be very dumb iv visited u tube and have watched all of mikes fights and he is very skillfull and worthy of the ufc I’m apoled that they did this to him I have also listened to his apologie and believe it is sincere we all say things we don’t mean in the heat of the moment I know I’m guilty but when it happens it takes a real man to own it and he did let the man fight its his dream I have heard of many worse crimes done buy athlites with a lot less punishment and to Lyndon I guess know one has told u that no one likes a tattle tale and a tale it is, a knife like come on Walt disney .

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  39. topmmafan says:

    If Mike’s career is over that’s his decision. Just a week ago he wasn’t employed by the UFC and was probably looking to fight in a show here in Canada in the near future. Yes he got the offer from the UFC and then had it rescinded 24 hours later but as I said, if his career is over then that’s his choice. This all happened for a reason. What I don’t get is who’s job is it to check into fighter’s personal past’s from the UFC? Do they even do this? If so, how could they sign Mike and not know of this being the biggest MMA promotion in the world? Why did it take Lyndon Whitlock to tweet the UFC about this? It’s not Lyndon’s fault, it’s the UFC’s fault for not being more aware of the situation and it shows some unprofessionalism. Mike could easily try and fight some more and string together some more wins while rebuilding his character. That’s all up to him. What I want to see and I am sure many of you want to see is a fight between Lyndon Whitlock and Michael Imperato. There could be a massive marketing scenario here to any promotion as well as many stories that surround the fight. If Mike wins, does he do something stupid to show he hasn’t grown up and be sorry for his mistakes in his past? Does he shake Lyndon’s hand out of respect for spending 15 or 25 minutes in a cage in a war? If Lyndon wins, does he do the same? I want to see this fight so bad and I will travel anywhere to see it. Please make this happen.

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  40. MMAMgmt says:

    Girl – if you think “Basically, it is a well thought and planned campaigned through social media by Lyndon to get Mike’s contract cancelled” you obviously don’t know Lyndon.
    For better or worse Lyndon speaks the truth, all the time, every time, whether people want to hear it or they don’t. I think he was disgusted that a person like Imperato was being rewarded for his behavior instead of other hard working Canadian fighters getting that opportunity. That is his opinion and he has a right to express it.
    It’s hard to not find someone on these forums that has either experienced Mike’s disrespectful behavior first hand or knows someone that has. Karma’s a bitch.

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  41. @Topmmafan…. I agree with your questioning the UFC’s professionalism. A simple Google search by the UFC could have avoided all of this and they could have simply never signed Imperato. They can easily get one employee to simply google/criminal check fighters before signing them. They can look for bad press, offensive tattoos, criminal charges, etc…

    Before this weekend, I am sure if you googled Imperato you would have seen his Sherdog record, a few fights, and a bunch of TMN posts about the FightXchange situation.

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  42. Girl says:

    MMAMgmt… “That is his opinion and he has a right to express it”. Isn’t it exactly what I said: ‘Lyndon had his right to tweet his opinion to UFC”. I agree with you on speaking out when you feel that you have to. My problem is with him asking his buddies to help him out with this. This is why it looks like a hate campaign and not just freedom of speech.

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  43. bjjgg says:

    If someone recited all the things i said or have done in my early twenties, i would probably die of embarrassment. I agree that its a crappy thing to say, but should it fallow you around all your life? Really? And this person waiting all this time to get his revenge is just sad.
    I believe Mike is a right guy for UFC. He has the right skills and the personality to make it happen.
    Best of luck to you Mike. Fight for it!

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  44. belac says:

    Career and dream is killed? He was on here months ago saying he does not need MMA because he has a career and will only fight if the money makes sense

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  45. Robin Black says:

    Every setback can be viewed as a wall or as a challenge.

    Topmmafan said “Mike could easily try and fight some more and string together some more wins while rebuilding his character. That’s all up to him” and I think he’s right.

    The UFC said a guy in this situation will never ever fight for them. But we’ve heard them say ‘never’ before and then change their mind after time has passed.

    I chatted with Pat on the phone and I told him I thought this was a tough situation but every time the UFC says “never ever” is now open for debate.

    But there’s no Band-Aid for this one.

    Its a case of having to dedicate yourself to not only being a successful fighter but a successful human being. Go out and do some genuine good things. Build your character. Be a success story. Become the opposite of what people think that they know about you.

    But this is a slow game, a game of success driven by positivity, hope and optimism. Not anger or a sense of unfairness or seeking to prove something.

    And its not easy. I just spoke to some media people about showing Mike’s story and most are hesitant to get involved. They don’t want their viewers/readers to think that they’re “on the side of” someone who made such inflammatory comments for fear of alienating some readers/viewers.

    So its a slow one.

    Pat, I have an insane week but I’ll chat with you more about this later in the week.

    Another thing: Anyone who directs any anger at Lindon Whitlock just doesn’t get it.

    This was 100% going to come out. Most likely within 48 hours of the announcement. 100%.

    I know a dozen journalists who do heavy research on every fighter the day they are announced. This was coming out and this was a certainty, an inevitability that this would happen.

    Lindon tweeted it so that he could make a chess move in his quest to fight an athlete he doesn’t like, believes he can beat, and sees value in potentially beating.

    Any anger directed at him is massively misdirected. This was happening n omatter what.

    I also want to really commend Michael for staying off of social media, not tweeting, not posting on here.

    It must be hard but it is a positive sign that he has worked on improving his impulse control that was his downfall.

    Because I think we all know with certainty that Mike is not a racist or a homophobe, despite saying the words he said.

    We know it wasn’t racism that drove him to screw up and ultimately lose this opportunity, it was anger and poor impulse control.

    He’s showing excellent impulse control now and that is really promising. Good start.


    Pat let’s chat more. I have an insane 3 days ahead of me but maybe chat any of week.

    If you look at what Jian Ghomeshi is dealing with, this ain’t so bad lol.

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  46. Non Sense says:

    What’s done is done.

    The real question now is what promotion is going to put on this fight?

    Lydon will you fight Mike?

    Mike will you fight Lydon?

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  47. TKD says:

    It’s been very apparent (despite mikes homies) that mike is scared of fighting Lyndon. Lyndon would crush him! Mike ducked him then smack talked him, Lyndon took appropriate action and if there was ever a reason to fight a guy me thinks mike (if he was not scared) would jump at the chance to fight this guy.

    Where u at homie? Don’t be scurred!

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  48. stupidpeople says:

    I’m almost positive that mike said he would fight lyndon under certain pay structure. Did anyone accept his offer?

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  49. XPAC says:

    Money is the best excuse mike has. The organization he is a champion in wont make that fight happen and who else would want to pay a guy known as a racist a lot of money? No one.

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  50. bjjgg says:

    This is a sport. do you want to see a fight or get to know the fighters personally?? There are plenty of guys in the ufc that talk sh*t about each other, and apparently it works wonders to promote a fight.

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