PFC 3 Live Play-by-Play: Ronson, Turner Victorious



Carlin Bardsley (twitter:@carlinbardsley) is on-site at the Budweiser Gardens in scenic London, Ontario for Provincial Fighting Championships’ third event “Showdown in the Downtown”. The event is headlined by UFC veteran and London’s own Jesse “The Bodysnatcher” Ronson taking on Bellator veteran Dom O’Grady. Bell time is scheduled for 8pm, keep it locked to for live updates.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Submission of the Night: Josh Rich
  • KO of the Night: Jesse Ronson
  • Fight of the Night: Randy Turner vs Malcolm Gordon

Xavier Nash vs. Paul Jalbert
Round 1 – Nash connects with a leg kick but Jalbert pushes him back with a combo. Jalbert using his range effectively and catches Nash coming in with a right. Nash has scored with a couple of body punches. Nash eager to run in but Jalbert countering effectively. Jab is effective for Jalbert. Head kick by Jalbert doesn’t get all of him. Inside trup from Nash sends them to the mat. Nash takes the back and is working for the RNC. Jalbert is in trouble here but attempting to defend. Jalbert works out of the choke but now Nash has him mounted. Jalbert gives up the back again. Nash works for the RNC but Jalbert turns him over to end the round.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Nash.

Round 2 – Nash comes out with confidence, backs Jalbert up and takes the fight back to the mat. Jalbert slips out and spins around to Nash’s back. Jalbert looking to open up with some GNP. Jalbert now working in Nash’s half-guard. Nash works it back to closed guard as Jalbert pushes him up against the fence. Nash looking for a guillotine, but Jalbert pops out. Nash is hamstrung by his position against the cage as Jalbert softens him up to the body. Nash defending well from the bottom but Jalbert continues to work. Referee Brian Beauchamp stands them up in the final ten seconds and we’re at the horn.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Jalbert

Round 3 – Nash lands a left to start the round. Nash gets the takedown against the cage. Jalbert with the sweep. Jalbert working to the body. Jalbert keeping Nash pinned and landing some GNP. Jalbert briefly mounts him but Nash scrambles and they’re back to the feet. Nash throwing big shots but not landing as much as he would like. Nash keeps Jalbert honest on the feet and again works for the takedown. Nash chooses to let him back up. Nash has the left hand landing now and Jalbert looks tired. Knee to the body from Nash and Jalbert pulls him down to the mat. Jalbert takes the back of Nash. Jalbert looking for the RNC as time expires. Close round to end the fight.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Nash
Official decision: Xavier Nash defeats Paul Jalbert by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Rafael Palomeque vs. Chris Lee Byrne
Round 1 – Byrne charges but Palomeque sidesteps. Byrne gets a trip and has Palomeque mounted in short order. Palomeque gives up the back and Byrne works for the choke. Palomeque rolls again and Byrne again has the mount. Byrne softens him up with some body work. Palomeque hanging on from the bottom and doing his best to stifle Byrne. Byrne lands a couple of shots to the head. Palomeque rolls him over and lands some nice hammerfists. Palomeque with some vicious shots from the top. Byrne tries to kick him off but it’s not happening. Close round with two different stories in each half.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Byrne

Round 2 – Palomeque lands some stiff shots early. Byrne slips on the takedown and Palomeque lands in side. Byrne reverses quickly and is in Palomeque’s guard. Byrne with some body shots. Byrne content to chip away at the body. Byrne pushes him against the fence. Referee stands the fighters up. Palomeque lands a big left and follows up with a nice combination. Palomeque gets a single-leg and lands in Byrne’s guard. Byrne looking for an armbar but nothing doing. Byrne uses the cage to re-position himself outwards. Palomeque with some big elbows from the top. Byrne again looks for the armbar at the end but it’s not there.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Palomeque

Round 3 – Palomeque scores a double-leg to open the round. Palomeque has Byrne in a bad spot against the cage. Palomeque takes some hard shots and takes the back. Byrne looks for a kneebar but Palomeque rolls out. They’re in 50/50 and Palomeque using his length advantage to land a couple of shots. Byrne looking for an ankle lock now. Byrne gets the heel hook and forces the tap from Palomeque.
Official decision: Chris Lee Byrne submits Rafael Palomeque by submission (heel hook)  R3- time not given,

James Mancini vs Josh Rich
Mancini gets a takedown early but it doesn’t last and we’re back on the feet. Mancini is the more active, more aggressive fighter. Mancini looking confident in his strikes, Rich looking like he wants to time a shot here. Rich lands a massive left that floors Mancini. Rich looks for a guillotine, but Mancini moves into side control. Mancini takes the back and unleashes some GNP. Mancini is relentless with his GNP and lands some rough knees to the body. Mancini continues to work Rich over as the round ends.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Mancini

Round 2 – Mancini scores with the single-leg. Takes the back again and lands some shots. Rich’s defense appears centered on controlling the hands. Rich with a massive suplex and sinks an RNC that sends Mancini to dreamland.
Official decision: Josh Rich defeats James Mancini by submission (RNC) 1:17 R2.

Neelan Hordatt vs Dave Hale
Hale with a big leg kick early that spins Hordatt around. Hale looking for a head kick but it’s blocked. Hordatt fires back with a leg kick of his own. Hale telegraphs an uppercut. Hordatt with a body kick that’s caught and Hale pushes him to the fence. Back to the centre and Hale again tries a head kick that is blocked. Hordatt catches a kick, dumps Hale to the mat and lands some shots to the head. Hale fights his way back to his feet. Both guys swinging, Hale lands a left. Hordatt lands a shot that puts Hale down. Hordatt mounts him and now has the back. Hordatt looking for the choke but Hale doing his best to fight out of it. It’s tight and Hale goes to sleep.
Official decision: Neelan Hordatt submits Dave Hale by submission (RNC) R1 – no time given

Blake Nash vs Bryan Jordan
Round 1 – Nash swings for the fences and gets some Diaz-esque taunting in. Jordan catches him with a knee coming in and muscles him against the fence. Jordan has a pronounced reach advantage but it isn’t a factor yet. Jordan scores with a right over the top. Nash bull0rushes him into the fence and gets the takedown but Jordan has him in a guillotine. Nash pops out. Nash throwing some body shots as Jordan tries to control the arm. Nash looks like he wanted to stand-up but dives back into Jordan’s half-guard. Nash continues to work with GNP. Nash with a couple of forearm shivers to end the round.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Nash

Round 2- Nash comes out swinging and stuns Jordan a bit. Nash rushes Jordan into the fence but the momentum puts Jordan on top. Jordan with some clear shots to the back of the head that go unnoticed by the referee. Nash gets on top and lands some shots. Nash trash-talking from top position. They briefly go to the feet before Nash pulls Jordan back to the mat. Nash working from top positon and Jordan appears to suffer a leg injury which causes his cornerman Mark Hominick to throw the towel.
Official decision: Blake Nash defeats Bryan Jordan by TKO (injury) R2 – time not given

Joey Holt vs Adam Assenza
Round 1 – Assenza tries a wheel kick to start. Assenza with a leg kick. Holt throws a kick that’s caught and Assenza pushes him to the fence. Holt throwing knees to the body. Assenza working for a single leg. Assenza with his own knees to the body. Elbow from Assenza. Holt fires back with more knees to the body. Assenza keeps working for that single and finally gets it. Assenza into side control., but Holt gets it back to half. Holt back to his feet but Assenza drags him back down. Back to the feet and Assenza has the back. Holt spins out and works for a standing guillotine. It’s tight and Assenza taps.
Official decision: Joey Holt defeats Adam Assenza by submission (standing guillotine) R1 – no time given.

Damion Hill vs Kyle Prepolec
Round 1 – Hill with a leg kick that lands. Prepolec answers with a body kick. Prepolec keeps firing front kicks to keep Hill out of range. Prepolec with another body kick and Hill fires back with a combination. Prepolec with a leg kick. Hill firing back but not landing clean. Hill with a straight right. Prepolec lands a leg kick. Hill with one of his own and tried to find a home for the right. Prepolec with a kick, caught by Hill and Hill trips him to the mat but Prepolec bounces back up. The jab has been effective for Hill. Hill catches another Prepolec kick and takes him down to end the round.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Hill

Round 2 – Prepolec looks for a takedown early but is shrugged off. Prepolec fires a head kick that is blocked. Prepolec fires kicks to the leg and body. Hill lands a combination coming inside. Jab lands for Hill. Head kick for Prepolec lands. Prepolec with the takedown. Hill immediately hangs on. Prepolec into half and throws some shots. Prepolec into mount now. Prepolec takes the back and gets the hooks in. Prepolec landing punches now and looks for the RNC. It looks deep and Hill is forced to tap.
Official decision: Kyle Prepolec defeats Damion Hill by submission (RNC) R2 – no time given

Randy Turner vs Malcolm Gordon
Round 1 – Fast start as both men throw punches before Turner presses him back into the cage. Gordon trying to spin him arund but Turner maintaining his hold. Turner with a shirt uppercut inside. Turner finally gets the takedown. Doesn’t last and they’re back to the feet. Gordon landing some power shots. Gordon pressing Turner against the fence but Turner spins him around. Turner with some left hands. Turner trips Gordon to the mat. Turner unleashing some GNP. Gordon powers back to the feet but eats a knee. Gordon bleeding above the eye. Turner opening up on him now. Turner using Gordon for target practice now. Turner pressing him against the fence and lands some more lefts to end the round. Big round for Randy Turner.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Turner.

Round 2 – Turner opens with a combo. Turner again bullies Gordon into the fence. Left hand from Turner lands. Gordon grabs his back for a second, Turner spins but Gordon has him against the fence. Turner again reverses and holds Gordon against the cage. Gordon separates briefly but Turner is all over him. Gordon reverses position. They separate and Gordon lands a jab. Turner with a huge right that drops Gordon and the hammerfists are elementary as Turner picks up the TKO victory.
Official decision: Randy Turner defeats Malcolm Gordon by TKO (punches) R2 – 3:17

Justin Jaynes vs Jesse Gross
Jaynes with a left hook. Gross fires back with a hook of his own. Jaynes with a leg kick. Gross with a nice combination and Jaynes fires back. Jaynes throws an overhand right that misses. Gross tries one of his own. Gross with another combination. Jaynes gets caught with a left coming inside. Jaynes fires a body kick. Gross again with a swift combination. Jaynes gets a takedown. Gross with his back against the fence trying to wall-walk. Gross now looking for a kimura. Gross loses it and Jaynes is in his half-guard. Jaynes throwing a lot of lefts. Gross had the advantage but seemed to give the round away at the end.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Jaynes

Round 2 – Both guys standing in the pocket and swinging. Jaynes looking for a single-leg and pushes Gross against the fence. Jaynes picks up Gross and dumps him to the mat. Jaynes controlling positionally but not doing much damage. Jaynes keeping Gross down by controlling the left hip. Gross being the more active fighter from the bottom. Gross finally fights his way back to his feet. Jaynes still has him pinned to the fence but is eating a lot of body shots. Gross looking for the kimura but loses it. Jaynes will not let go of the leg but he’s paying for it. Gross tenderizing Jaynes’ ribs. Jaynes really eating shots on the ground now as the horn ends.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Gross

Round 3 – Jaynes looks for the takedown right away and gets it. Jaynes maintaining position and Gross keeps throwing shots from the bottom. Gross fights back to the feetbut Jaynes will not let go of the leg. Jaynes is able to pull him back down. Gross trying to fight out but Jaynes doing an effective job of keeping him pinned to the mat. Jaynes now with back control. Jaynes moves into mount. Jaynes again has the back. Gross escapes and now has top position Gross firing away from the top. Gross with body shots. Gross looking for a guillotine but Jaynes escapes as the fight goes to the scorecards. Close round.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Jaynes
Official decision: Jesse Gross defeats Justin Jaynes by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Dom O’Grady vs Jesse Ronson
Round 1 – Ronson looks crisp early. Ronson finding the mark and his timing looks excellent. Short left followed by a leg kick from Ronson. Spinning body kick from Ronson. Ronson in control but O’Grady’s hanging in there and firing back. Ronson fakes a superman punch and throws a leg kick. O’Grady to the mat and Ronson lands some shots from above. Ronson now into side control. Ronson with O’Grady’s back. O’Grady back to the feet and holding Ronson against the cage. Ronson opening up and O’Grady is getting throttled. The horn goes. There was a definite case to be made for a stoppage at the end of the round.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Ronson

Round 2 – Ronson lands a glancing head kick. Ronson floors O’Grady with a left hand and pounces on him. The referee stops the fight and Ronson returns to London a conquering warrior.
Official decision: Jesse Ronson defeats Dom O’Grady by TKO (punches) R2 0:45 

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  1. A. says:

    Who is predicted to win gross v jaynes

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  2. Jeff Harrison says:

    Love Randy. If he’s on his game anyone in the world is in trouble:) Boom!

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  3. brodes says:

    Turner to UFC.

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  4. I knew Turner was good, but he surprised me in that one.

    Congrats Randy!

    Who is #1 Flyweight now? Turner, Gordon, or Kelades

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  5. J says:

    Obviously it’s not Gordon

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  6. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Turner just fucked shit up in the rankings! Congrats!

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  7. FightFan says:


    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2

  8. Canadian Flyweights says:

    1. Kelades
    2. Turner
    3. Gordon
    4. Wooley
    5. Davis
    6. Wilson
    7. Teymouri
    8. Ryan
    9. Sherbatov
    10. ummm ???

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  9. brodes says:

    No disrespect to kelades, but Gordon was the man. Undisputed #1 and Turner smoked him. How can you not rank him #1? Either way, hope to see a few more flyweights in the UFC soon!

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  10. Canadian Flyweights says:

    I think the top 5 guys really come down to match ups. Wooley might be a terrible match up for Turner. Turner smokes Gordon. Gordon outworks Kelades and Kelades bests Wooley and etc.

    The true fight fan knows that at the highest levels it all comes down to the way guys match up.

    I’d love to see PFC take full advantage of this and put on fights like Turner vs Wooley to get more Canadian Flyweights to the big show.

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