PFC Showdown in the Downtown Weigh-In Results


Provincial Fighting ChampionshipsProvincial Fighting Championship will be holding their third event in their history this weekend.  Located at the Budweiser Gardens, the event is titled Showdown in the Downtown.

If you are in or around London, Ontario, why not pick up a pair of tickets HERE.  If not, Top MMA News will have the live play-by-play tomorrow.

Today, PFC held their weigh-ins to make their fights official.  Headliner Dom O’Grady missed weight by quite a bit. All other fighter made their contracted weights.

Here are the results:

Fight Card:

163lbs- Jesse Ronson (161.6) vs. Dom O’Grady (171)****
125lbs- Malcolm Gordon (125) vs. Randy Turner (126.4, 124.4)**
160lbs- Jesse Gross (158.8) vs. Justin Jaynes (161, 159.6)**
155lbs- Kyle Prepolec (7-3) vs. Damien Hill (156.4, 155.2)**
160lbs- Adam Assenza (159.8) vs. Joey Holt (159.4)
265lbs- Blake Nash (259.4) vs. Bryan Jordan (266)
155lbs- Neelan Hordatt-Reece (145.6) vs. Dave Hale (146)
135lbs- James Mancini (135.4) vs. Josh Rich (134.8)
185lbs- Rafael Palomeque (182.2) vs. Chris Lee Byrne (186)
155lbs- Xavier Nash (154.8) vs. Paul Jalbert (155.6)

** made weight on second attempt
****missed weight

7 Responses to “ PFC Showdown in the Downtown Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Dannyboi says:

    Damn. O’Grady was off by a bit.

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  2. Judon't says:

    That’s super professional for O’Grady.

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  3. Woodrow says:

    His brother shot and killed less than 2 weeks ago. Hard to be in the gym training. Thank dom for taking the fight and ronson a superstar to agree as well.

    PFC baby can’t wait

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  4. Robin Black says:

    BTW Jesse rejected the 20% take on Dom’s miss.

    There is ALMOST never an excuse for missing weight.

    And, by almost, I mean 99% of the time there is no excuse.

    But losing your brother 13 days out from a fight is one of those extremely, extremely rare exceptions.

    Class act Jesse for understanding and giving Dom a pass.

    Good luck to both gentlemen.

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  5. Canadian Flyweights says:

    who is pumped for Malcolm X vs the Soldier Turner !!!

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  6. mike kent says:

    class act by Ronson !

    Is there a stream for this ?

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  7. Rob says:

    What happened to the chick fight?

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