Ryan Ford Fights Jake Shields With Broken Arm

Ryan Ford

Ryan Ford (photo: Rob Trudeau)

Following Ryan Ford’s loss to Jake Shields in the first round of their World Series of Fighting 14 main event, a video was released by Ford on the Chill Dog Blog. In the video, Ford states that he broke his arm in training and was going to fight Jake Shields anyways. Here is the video.


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  1. Donald Duck says:

    Robin – the short and quick here is that Ryan knew of an injury that limited his ability to fight and failed to disclose this to the commission. Call it tough, call it brave, call it doing the right thing but it is all secondary to a failure to comply with commission regulations.

    Add this that the pre-fight medical missed a fairly major break makes we wonder what sort of internal review ECSC will be conducting. I wonder how quick Pat will be to speak out at the ABC conference this year?

    I’m actually a little sick of the rhetoric and strawmen in this discussion and the lack of focus on what was really at issue.


    Robin, you know how to get a hold of me if you want to discuss this further. This is exactly the type of issue that an Advisory Group would be able to comment on.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    I agree, those of us that are legislation-motivated and stakeholders in the health of the sport should be looking at the health and safety issues.

    Let’s do that.

    (Now people know that I know who The Duck is. That’s right, I’m in the know.) :)

    I was kind of referencing how odd all the weird hate and “is he or isn’t he manning up” crap is.

    Ryan can get people engaged like very very few athletes.

    Just one more thing that makes him special.

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  3. Donald Duck says:

    I’d really like to here ECSC’s position on this.

    Keith, MAD, anyone? You think you guys could crack open your coil ring note pads and pencils and get Pat on the record?

    What about getting ahold of CCSC and asking them to weigh in on their northern cousins.


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  4. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Hi Donnie! You think they’ll do anything to Ford much less give a press release/statement? It’s just like when Keith Kizer f’d up multiple times and nothing came about it! Why, because they’d then have to admit fault! And they (ECSC) don’t want to run one of they’re biggest source of revenue out of town!

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  5. Thesubzero says:

    I have a feeling if it was any fighter but Ryan Ford, there wouldn’t be the outrage on here.

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  6. Donald Duck says:

    @Leon – Failings like this is why the UFC has not gone to Edmonton even though it is probably the better market for Zuffa than Calgary. Issues like this (or rather the failure to address issues like this) is probably a factor in why there hasn’t been a UFC in Edmonton.

    @Zero – I suspect that you’re right, the majority wouldn’t care about this if it was someone else. I will say that myself and a few other people (Robin and MAD for example) have been fairly consistant on demanding accountability from the commmissions when it comes to issues like this.


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  7. Terry robertson says:

    Haha ya right! All three of you have been consistently bias and inconsistent when and where you draw the line in the sand when it comes to commission accountability and other issues that affect the integrity of mma as a professional sport.

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  8. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    @ Terry Robertson

    Sorry but which 3 are you referring to? Cheers!

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  9. Donald Duck says:

    He’s probably complaining about Robin, MAD and myself. We probably said something about a KOTC card he was on and he took offense.

    Donnie <3 Terry

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  10. Donald Duck says:


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  11. MAX says:

    Pat Reid, ECSC, Accountability

    “One of these things…is not like the other…one of these things are not the same…”

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  12. Donald Duck says:

    TMN – are you guys doing a follow up with ECSC to find out if Pat has a response to this event?


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  13. MAX says:

    His response was he didn’t believe that Ford had a broken arm. Online quote somewhere. Of course if he can take an out, he will, no matter how stupid it sounds. The fact the UFC avoids Edmonton like the plague is squarely on his ongoing incompetence.

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  14. Darren Owen says:

    Yesterday the ECSC suspended Ford for 6 months. Ford has the right to appeal within 14 days.

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  15. Partial blame should lie on the incompetance of the pre fight doctor who should have caught fords injury at weigh inns prior to the event.

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  16. Ryan D says:

    Agreed. We all no Pat is a retard. Anyone who wears a suit with fluorescent orange Nike’s is clearly delusional. How the hell did the doc not notice should be the question.

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  17. mmafan says:

    Should have been a year, six months he will be out that long just to heal up!

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  18. Ryan D says:

    6 months is long enough I wanna see Ford vs Carl. How many thumbs down will I get hmmmmmmm? I say 14

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  19. hookedonphonix says:

    Nice, the guy calling pat a retard sure knows the difference between “no” and “know”

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  20. MMAFAN says:

    Fighting to feed your family in Montego Bay lol. Think the guys who spent money to watch him fight without the ability to throw a right hand got the short end of the stick here.

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  21. John says:

    Carl is the only top 170 In WSOF that Ford can beat, the top 3 he has a punchers chance at best (Fitch, Palhareas. Shields) and he already lost mentally by making and excuse video before a fight and physically to shields injury or not….. one question that was a mighty quick heal for a complete arm snap he was not in a cast in his nice vacation.. which if fighting is how he provides for his family and the only way… not sure a family trip is “providing” when fighters have such a hard time financially from just fighting alone

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  22. Ryan D says:

    Ryan gets a free trip for his family from Travel Guru his sponsor every fight. Why not take a free vacation.

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  23. @Ryan D, I have no problem with ford getting a free vacation, but not at the expense of mine and others hard earned dollars to witness what could have amounted to a good scrap but did not live up to the billing due to fords deceit!!

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  24. That night in gaming terminology ford went from being the Real Deal to being the One Armed Bandit and hell he sure took us for a ride as he stole off into night!!

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  25. Blackout says:

    ^Haha that was good.

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  26. alandale says:

    So, now edm has to suddenly make it look like they grew a set when they allowed a guy to fight with a broken arm in the first place??? Isn’t it their JOB to protect the fighters? What a fucking gong show.

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  27. SMH says:

    Like Ryan D said his Family Vacation is PAID for by one of his Sponsors Guru Travel.he also has an air cast that can be removed. Come on guys enough bashing of Fighters and let’s have positive talk about the Fighters and the game. “This is the song that never ends and it goes on and on my friends”.

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  28. Donald Duck says:

    @SMH – Bashing would be to say something wrong or mean about someone. This is more of a call to character and a question around the competencies of the ECSC.

    Our options are pretty limited here:

    1. Ryan fought with a broken arm which means he lied to the commission and they missed the injury in the pre-fight review.

    2. Ryan opted to not mention the arm in hopes of saving the fight at ECSC missed the injury in the pre-fight review.

    3. Ryan didn’t have a broken arm.


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  29. SMH says:

    Donnie I was referring to the comment on the trip and the cast plus the previous personal comments directed at Ryan.Above it is noted that he received a 30 day suspension so what is left? Are you waiting for the ECSC or the Doctor to be punished? I don’t believe that will happen it will be a learning experience and you can bet the medical checks at weigh ins will be very thorough from now on.

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  30. Donald Duck says:

    SMH – I’ve fought and cornered in Edmonton before so I’m struggling with your comment “you can bet the medical checks at weigh ins will be very thorough from now on”

    They were already very thorough and none of this addresses my above points.


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  31. Other than having the fighter at pre fight medicals do one armed push ups, back flips hand stands and cartwheels I believe the medical checks are thorough enough to catch as serious an injury as a broken arm, that is if the offending appendage truly is broken, and not an experiment in deceit by design. Come to think of it I believe the only participant I know that could pass the pre fight medical by doing one armed push ups, cart whweels, back flips and hand stands is Mr. Jovial himself, announcing Mr. Tim Hague!!

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  32. Ryan D says:

    Donnie I am curious to what you think the punishment for Ford should be? It seems you are very expierenced in the fight game so I would honestly like to know what you think should be done about this. Cheers!

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