MFC 41: All In – Play-by-Play


MFC ThumbMFC 41: All in goes down live tonight at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. In the main event, Canadian striking phenom Shane “Shaolin” Campbell will do battle with Marcus “Bad Intentions” Edwards in a Catchweight Superfight. Also on the card is Victor Valimaki who looks to continue his resurgence against undefeated prospect Jeremy Osheim and BJJ Black belt Andrew McInnes who gets his toughest test in veteran Ryan Healy.

  • Knockout of the Night: Jeremy Osheim
  • Submission of the Night: Andrew McInnes
  • Fight of the Night: Shane Campbell vs. Marcus Edwards

Shane Campbell vs. Marcus Edwards
Round 1: Both men come out firng with bad intentions. Edwards lands against the ropes and looks for the takedown but Campbell fights hard for the sweep and gets on top in side control. Edwards is now looking to work back to his feet and does. Edwards working for a double leg against the ropes and Campbell defending well. Campbell looks to land some shots and Edwards again drives hard for the double. Campbell looks for a guillotine but Edwards isn’t fazed and continues to work for the takedown. Edwards refusing to give up on the takedown and Campbell lands a knee and gets his back off the ropes. Campbell with a jumping knee and Edwards unloads a vicous flurry. ampbell takes the punishment and grabs a head lock to try to drag him to the mat. Edwards gets free and time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Edwards

Round 2: Campbell with a leg kick and  the signature toe stab and drags Edwards to the mat. Campbell begins to fire away hard thunderous shots on Edwards who grabs a single and tries to get on top. Campbell stays in top position and lands a barrage of hammerfists as Edwards can do nothing but cover up and referee John Braak has no choice but to step in and call a halt to this contest. After the fight Edwards is holding his knee and the doctor comes in to check it out. Campbell earned a shot at the Welterweight Title fight in the process.
Shane Campbell defeats Marcus Edwards by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 0:29

Victor Valimaki vs. Jeremy Osheim
Round 1: Both men open with big right and Valimaki drops Osheim. Valimaki gets the body lock and tries for a takedown but Osheim pops back up. They jockey for position against the cage before separating andmeeting in the centre of the cage. Osheim lands a knee and pushes Valimaki into the corner and continues to unleash a barrage of punches and knees that drop Valimaki to the mat and force referee Vern Gorman to step in and rescue Valimaki from any further punishment.
Jeremy Osheim defeats Victor Valimaki by TKO (Knees and Punches) in Round 1, 1:04

Andrew McInnes vs. Ryan Healy
Round 1: McInnes looks to land early and gets dropped briefly by Healy. McInnes pops right back up and looks for the takedown but it’s Healy who ends up on top. McInnes with a very high guard and looks for a omaplata or a gogoplata. McInnes gives up on those and lands several heels to the head. Although it appears that Healy does not have any points on the ground action is paused by referee Kyle Cardinal. They restart and trade heavy shots and McInnes lands a leg kick. They continue to bang it out and McInnes tries to jump guard but Healy slams him to the ground only to eat a big upkick. McInnes calls him down to the ground but Healy declines and backs away. McInnes looking for the takedown against the ropes and lands knees before jumping on the back and sinking the rear naked choke. McInnes drags him to the ground and forces the tap. McInnes is fired up, running around the ring and asking “where’s my belt” after the fight.
Andrew McInnes defeats Ryan Healy by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1, 2:49

Jared McComb vs. Miles Anstead
Round 1: They feel each other out and Anstead lands a leg kick followed by a big double leg to full guard. Anstead covers the mouth to disrupt the breathing and lands a shot. McComb briefly looks for a triangle before landing an elbow from the bottom. Anstead to half guard and postures to land a trio of elbows. Anstead chips away with a pair of elbows and McComb tries to work back to his feet only to get cough in a deep guillotine. Mccomb shows heart and survives but Anstead is still on top and connects with a few. McComb tells Anstead he smells nice and that he’s handsome and Anstead offers a very sincere thank you. They jockey for position and Braak stands them up due to a lack of activity. Anstead looks for the single leg takedown in the corner and they battle against the cage with McComb landing knees to the thigh before time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Anstead

Round 2: Anstead lands a right as they gauge the distance. Anstead looks for the takedown but McComb ends up outside the ropes and they restart in a vertical position. Anstead with another right but doesn’t follow up. Anstead lands an inside leg kick and McComb presses forward with a combo. Anstead with a takedown but McComb is able to get back to his feet only to eat a couple knees to the gut. Anstead finally completes a single and knees the body from half guard. Anstead works hard and gets the full mount. Anstead postures up and lands before looking for an armbar. McComb pulls his arm free but Anstead gets back to half guard and chips away. Anstead lands a few hard rights and looks to seems content to land consistent shots from that position until the round ends. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Anstead

Round 3: They paw at each other before Anstead lands a pair of leg kick and they trade shots. Anstead walks through a head kick and presses McComb into the corner and grinds or the takedown to full guard. Anstead lands a pair of rights and a hard left. McComb looks to keep him close to negate the power. Anstead lands a pair of elbows from half guard and passes to full mount. Anstead is thinking about an arm triangle but Mccomb defends and avoids the attempt. Anstead now back in half guard and landing more shots. Anstead continues to land chipping punches and McComb is unable to work back to his feet. Anstead lands knees to the body and rides out the last ten seconds in top position. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Anstead
Miles Anstead defeats Jared McComb by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Corey Gower vs. Kyle Oliveira
Round 1: They feel each other out and Oliveira lands a leg kick. Gower responds with a kick to the body. Oliveira with another leg kick and Gower connects. Oliveira lands a shot to the mid-section followed by a leg kick and Gower responds with a leg kick of his own. Oliveira with another body shot and a hard right lands on the chin of Gower. The much smaller Oliveira ducks under a shot and comes forward with a combo on his bloodied opponent. Gower gets his licks in with a solid right and falls short with a head kick. Gower looks to land but Oliveira with a hard right splattering the media table with blood. Oliveira gets the takedown at the ten second warning but Gower pops back to his feet. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Oliveira

Round 2: Oliveira lands a leg kick to open the round and Gower with a front kick. Gower connects with a left right combo and Oliveira with another leg kick. Gower has the reach but Oliveira has great head movement and is able to avoid a lot shots. Oliveira with another leg kick and Gower connects with a kick to the body and one to the leg. They exchange leg kicks and Oliveora presses Gower into the corner with a quick flurry and avoids a high kick. Gower is able to connect as his nose is leaking like a faucet. Gower is trying to find the distance but Oliverira showing solid defense and lands a leg kick. They trade shots and Oliveira looks for the big haymaker which falls short as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Oliveira

Round 3: Oliveira works the body and Gower lands a kick to the body in the opening seconds. Gower connects with a front kick and Oliveira goes body head and continues to mix up the striking with a leg kick. Oliveira lands a hard left behind the ear but Gower walks through it and they trade leg kicks. Gower connects with a jab and a kick to the body before Oliveira looks to land shots against the cage. Gower connects and now Oliveira is bloodied. Gower kicks the legs and they trade shots. Gower is beginning to turn the tide and lands shots and more kicks to the body. Oliveira continues to land little shots to the body and follows up with a leg kick. Oliveira blocks a high kick and lands one more solid combo. Gower with one final jab right on the nose as the bell sounds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Gower
Kyle Oliveira defeats Corey Gower by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Mike Hay vs. Brad Katona
Round 1: Hay seems to have brought an entire section of fans and enters to a rousing ovation. Hay lands and Katona responds with a leg kick. They exchange more leg kick and both men look to land shots. Katona is connecting and Hay attempts to keep him at bay with leg kicks. Katona with a combo and Hay lands a spinning back kick to the body. Katona catches a head kick and uses it to get the takedown. Katona on top and looks to take the back. Hay is able to escape back to his feet and lands a shot. Katona drops Hay with a liver shot that crumples him and Katona follows up but Hay is finished and a hush falls over the huge cheering section of Hay briefly before they give him a loud ovation to show their appreciation.
Brad Katona defeats Mike Hay by TKO (Body Shot) in Round 1, 2:47

Nick Hrabec vs. Christopher Boisvert
Round 1: Hrabec opens with a solid body kick and Boisvert responds with a leg kick and a solid right that briefly stuns Hrabec. The two trade shots and Boisvert connects with a combo. Boisvert lands a vicious right that drops Hrabec against the ropes and he follows up with a barrage of punches that force referee John Braak to step in and call a halt to the contest. It should be noted that Hrabec took this fight on only 14 hours notice.
Christopher Boisvert defeats Nick Hrabec by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:11

Graham Park vs. Justin Schmit
Round 1: Park lands a soild right off the opening bell and gets the takedown off the tie up in the corner. Park immediately passes to full mount and Schmit hangs on tight. Schmit gets the sweep and ends up in full guard. Schmit looks to land shots but Park has his arms ties up. Park gets back to his feet only to get the quick takedown and begin to rain down hard punches to the head and body. Schmit looks to stand but Park keeps him on the mat and takes the back. Park works for the choke and Schmit fights the hands. Park sinks the rear naked choke and puts Schmit to sleep fast. Referee Vern Gorman stops the bout as soon as Schmit goes out Schmit gets up and still doesn’t look like he knows what happened.
Graham Park submits Justin Schmit by Rear Naked Choke in Round1, 3:20

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  1. TwoGuysBurgers says:

    Stay retired valimaki

    Well-loved! Thumb up 12 Thumb down 5

  2. EPerez says:

    Oliveira and Katona are blue chips.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

  3. Sweet Dreams says:

    Brad and Kyle! Great job boys

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  4. mmafan says:

    McInnes vs Dickson would be a deadly scrap

    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 4

  5. TwoGuysBurgers says:

    Anyone know if Victor woke up yet?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 7

  6. the goods says:

    I was really pulling for Hrabec in that fight

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 2

  7. McInnes says:


    Well-loved! Thumb up 10 Thumb down 5

  8. RickRoll says:

    Why did they announce McInnes as 4 wins and no losses during MFC when Chad Laprise pummeled him in like 2 minutes?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 7

  9. RickRoll says:

    Real talk? Whats up with McInnes acting like that Laprise fight never happened? Dude got beat up!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 9

  10. Snyper Mcgrath says:

    “Why did they announce McInnes as 4 wins and no losses during MFC when Chad Laprise pummeled him in like 2 minutes?

    Props to Andrew performing ring announcing duties AND fighting!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 3

  11. @RickRoll,Snyper, can you post footage of Laprise demolition of mcinnes if its available? thx

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  12. Snyper Mcgrath says:

    No sorry I have never seen the fight.
    All those fighters out there that lose a fight yet continue to challange themselves and persevere will always have a real fight fans rspect.


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  13. Let it goooo says:

    @BigPoppaGroove69 (69 as in you’re 45? or the sex position. edgy)

    McInnes fought Laprise, his only loss, in 2011.
    McInnes has since consistently submitted every other opponent sent his way.
    wtf are you on about? The ring announcer read his cue card wrong? Calm your tits. It happens in a live show. The stats are posted for all to see from his pro debut loss to his 5th consecutive sub win.

    Worthy contender for that belt. Well done, Andrew.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 9 Thumb down 3

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