MFC 41: All In – Weigh In Results


MFC-THUMBMFC 41: All in goes down live tomorrow night at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. In the main event, Canadian striking phenom Shane “Shaolin” Campbell, who came in heavy, will do battle with Marcus “Bad Intentions” Edwards in a Catchweight Superfight. Also on the card is Victor Valimaki who looks to continue his resurgence against undefeated prospect Jeremy Osheim and BJJ Black belt Andrew McInnes who gets his toughest test in veteran Ryan Healy.

Also missing weight were Chris Boisvert and newcomer Brad Katona. All fighters missing weight will lose 20% of their purses.

UPDATE: Chris Chapman’s camp have decided to pull out of the fight with Chris Boisvert following Boisvert’s huge weight miss.

The main card airs live on AXS TV with the prelims streaming live and free on Facebook. If you don’t have access to AXS TV you can catch a live play by play right here on Top MMA News.

Main Card:
161lbs- Shane Campbell (163.4)*** vs. Marcus Edwards (160.4)
205lbs- Victor Valimaki (205) vs. Jeremy Osheim (205)
155lbs- Andrew McInnes (155) vs. Ryan Healy (155.8)
185lbs- Miles Anstead (184.8) vs. Jared McComb (185.4)
135lbs- Corey Gower (135.4) vs. Kyle Oliveira (135.6)

Preliminary Card:
135lbs- Mike Hay (134.4) vs. Brad Katona (137.4)***
155lbs- Chris Chapman (155.8) vs. Christopher Boisvert (161)*** CANCELLED
185lbs- Graham Park (183.8) vs. Justin Schmit (184.8)

***Campbell, Katona and Boisvert all forfeit 20% of their purse to their opponent for missing weight

24 Responses to “ MFC 41: All In – Weigh In Results ”

  1. Andrew says:

    I thought katona was a 125er

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  2. bjj fan says:

    What is it with guys not making weight for MfC fights?seems like Pavlich needs to straighten that shit out!!!! Guy that fight for him must not take his show seriously .

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  3. I think I will pass on this hill billy production and attend wsof instead.

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  4. royalty combat says:

    i know injuries has played out alot in this event but comparing this to wsof next week is not even close….wsof event is alot better by a mile

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  5. RickRoll says:

    Valimaki made weight? I didnt see that coming! Maybe he is taking things more seriously these days!

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  6. Louis Fisette says:

    I think the issue is with the only 1 shot at the scale. I think that’s dumb. IF you miscalculate,IF your scale is a little off and you miss by a pound, I think you should get the hour to cut it. I don’t agree with missing weight and I don’t even know these guys might have had access to the scale all day. But still one shot at the scale rule is ridiculous

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  7. Slim says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of the time it’s the Edmonton fighters who miss. I honestly think it’s because they have a scale that’s off and the one shot weigh in doesn’t do them any favours.

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  8. harry balls says:

    Fucking so bush league. And what is with the 160 catch-weight? so much fail on one card.

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  9. harry balls says:

    161 sorry..

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  10. Chad A says:

    Good for Chapman for pulling out, there are always other opportunities to fight. I’m sure he was getting pressured to fight, but fighters who miss weight shouldn’t get to compete. And 6lbs is a joke.

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  11. No way says:

    Chappy shouldn’t have taken that fight to begin with in my opinion

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  12. Pulling out when your opponent misses is a very difficult decision to make. I applaud Chapman and his advisors for making this tough decision. This was a big miss.

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  13. Kellen Falt says:

    Considering on top of that he JUST fought a guy much bigger than him, he doesnt need to be doing that twice in a row. Chapman is a very average sized 55er which sucks cause it would be VERY hard for him to make 45, so fighting these big 55ers is tough, especially ones that make a hard cut or miss on their way to that weight. Saying no to a fight is hard, but was the tight choice to make. And I have to agree, although Chapman has had an extensive ammy career, I would have rather not seen him fight a guy with 6 pro fights already.

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  14. Ryan D says:

    Not to be negative but for apparently being #1,show in Canada and all you have is 7 fights. Glad I saved myself $60 and got me she row 2 for WSOF 14. The end of MFC is near!

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  15. Paveldouche says:

    Run by a clown.

    Mark Pavelich says the MFC will never put on PPV cards

    Still claiming to be going to the US. 2008 all over again.

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  16. Rick says:

    Christopher boisvert got a new opponont they did another weigh in today and he weighed 180… Nick hrabec 170

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  17. Arashi Don't says:

    @Kellan Fault

    I get that Chapman is your buddy. I also think he did the right thing by pulling out when his opponent missed weight by such a huge mark.

    Chapman isnt some 5’7 lightweight, he’s like 6’1. Thats not a small lightweight by any means. Chapman lost his last fight because his opponent was better than him that night. Chapman has to decide for himself if being an average sized LW is good enough or he needs to make the hard cut to 145.

    I have a very strong feeling that if his opponent Shady Yellowbird (who is 0-2) missed weight by that much at Havoc in December, Chapman would still fight him.

    Just saying

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  18. Kellen Falt says:

    Absolutely Chris is a friend of mine and I still stand by the fact that I believe he made the right choice in not fighting a guy that blew weight by 5lbs over the max 156. 155 was the contracted weight, Chris held up his end and his opponent didnt. MFC should have put the effort into finding Chris a short notice opponent, not the guy that couldnt make weight. Good on Nick for taking the fight, another friend of mine that trains his balls off and will be a task for anyone to fight. And as for the Yellowbird fight, Chappy knows how I feel about that one already and Im positive Yellowbird will miss weight considering he blew 155 by 21 lbs for Unified a while ago and just blew 170 for Unified again just recently.

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  19. Adam Bodwell says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  20. Stupid. says:

    If you’re tired of explaining yourself then stop trying and shut up. No one cares. Just drop it and move on. No one is dragging guys names like Katona and Campbell through the mud because even though they may have made a mistake, they’re out there punching and kicking guys in the liver instead of talking trash here.

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  21. AMLECF says:

    And they showed up to weigh ins

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  22. Adam Bodwell says:

    AMLECF your an idiot, Big difference driving 100 km down the road to weigh ins, Than taking a plane over 2000 km, Get your hand’s wrapped and step in there for yourself keyboard warriors, Cause you guy’s have no idea, Nice screen name Stupid tell your weak, anybody that doesn’t use there name are scared coward’s

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  23. Donald Duck says:

    Here’s Bodwell’s post in Shakespearean. What’s funny is the guy can barely fight and yet he’s beating the crap out of the English language on a daily basis.

    amlecf thy an pompous fool, big difference driving 100 km down the road to weigheth ins, than taking a plane o’er 2000 km, geteth thy hand’s wrapp’d and stepeth in thither f’r yourself keyboard warriors, causeth thou guy’s hast nay idea, nice screen nameth stupid telleth thy weak, anybody that doesn’t useth thither nameth art gasted coward’s

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  24. AMLECF says:

    * you’re . If you are going to call someone an idiot, it usually helps to not look like an idiot by using the correct you’re.

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