World Series of Fighting Modifies WSOF 14 Card


WSOF 14The World Series of Fighting is making some modifications to its WSOF 14 card.

The event, scheduled for Edmonton on October 11th, will see no changes to its main and semi-main events but the promotion has been forced to make changes to four bouts.

In the main event, Jake Shields is still facing Ryan Ford, who will look to defend his turf and gain recognition as a top 10 Welterweight in the world. Shields will look to win his fourth fight in his last five bouts while making his WSOF debut live on NBC Sports.

The semi-main event remains a WSOF Heavyweight title fight between Smealinho Rama vs Derrick Mehmen. Rama defeated the unbeaten Steve Mocco in his last WSOF appearance while Mehman has won his last six consecutive bouts.

Unfortunately, the previously scheduled bout between Misha Cirkunov and Teddy Holder has been pulled from the Edmonton card. Holder has visa issues, so the fight may be moved to a future event in the USA.

The fight between Sandy Bowman and Tim Hague has also been scratched due to issues with the commission. The Edmonton Combative Sports Commission refused to sanction the bout due to the large weight difference between the two fighters. Instead, the unbeaten Bowman will now move down to Light-Heavyweight to face Ryan Janes on the card. Janes, one of Canada’s top Middleweights, has had his hand raised in his last five consecutive fights.

Meanwhile, Hague will now face fellow Heavyweight Craig Hudson in a rematch of their 2012 fight that Hague won by KO in the first round.

Another fight that had to be changed was an undercard Welterweight bout. Former The Ultimate Fighter Michael Hill was to face Danny Davis Jr. Davis is now replaced by Marcus Hicks, who is experiencing a career resurgence with four consecutive submission victories.

Here is the entire card:

Main Card:
170lbs- Ryan Ford (22-4) vs. Jake Shields (29-7)

265lbs- Smealinho Rama (8-1) vs. Derek Mehman (18-5)
***World Heavyweight Title Fight

145lbs- Chris Horodecki (20-5-1) vs. Luis Huete (6-1)

205lbs- Luke Harris (10-2) vs. Jared Hamman (13-6)

Preliminary Card:
160lbs- Stephen Beaumont (7-2) vs. Jose Rodriguez (7-2)
275lbs- Tim Hague (18-9) vs. Craig Hudson (4-4)
205lbs- Sandy Bowman (3-0) vs Ryan Janes (6-1)
170lbs- Michael Hill (7-2) vs. Marcus Hicks (19-23)
145lbs- Hakeem Dawodu (2-0) vs. Mike Malott (4-0)
195lbs- Cody Krahn (15-9) vs. Matt Baker (10-7)
155lbs- Roger Alves (2-1) vs. David Swanson (2-0)

36 Responses to “ World Series of Fighting Modifies WSOF 14 Card ”

  1. Smealinho says:

    Oh yeah! Lets go WARDOG!

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  2. Wasn’t Hicks scheduled to be on MFC?

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  3. Which weight division were Hague and Bowman going to be fighting in?

    Why does the commission have a problem with weight if 2 guys are in the same division?

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  4. Darren Owen says:

    Omic injured so that fight is off.
    Hague may not have made 265lbs and with Bowman only being a few pounds over 205lbs, Pat Reid said if Hague didn’t make 265lbs he would not sanction the fight so instead of risking it we made the change.

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  5. Fair enough, I was curious because last year they didn’t want to let a superheavyweight bout happen due to the weight differential. (Despite both guys being in the official weight division)

    Good move to not risk losing the fight.

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  6. Marv says:

    This is an exciting card. I’m glad the comission laid down the law on the weight differance between Hague and bowman mainly because I think Hague vs wardog is a better matchup, especially for the fans. Say what you want about Hague but he always shows up to bang. I’m really pullin for ford and Rama too, easily the biggest fights of their lives. Here’s to hopin everyone stays healthy!!

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  7. timhague says:

    I’m just happy I have a fight.

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  8. RickRoll says:

    Hague had to cut from 310 lbs to make 280 vs Lewis who was 227 lbs. Why in the world can’t Tim Hague make the heavyweight limit? Stop eating bro!

    I hope Hudson decks him!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 14 Thumb down 5

  9. Bdc says:

    I dont know alot about super heavy class but wouldnt it be 266 and up so wardog and tim should have to weight at least 266 for the ecsc to give the ok for the fight to happen?

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  10. Just Sayin says:

    I hear Wardog is hovering around 270 mark could easily make the HW limit.
    He has never missed weight that I’ve seen.

    Just Sayin

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  11. Bdc says:

    Ya i couldnt recall i know hes a bigboy but i thought he was around 258-260 so still pretty easy to eat a few extra pizza slices to make weight lol it just sounds so wrong

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  12. Just Sayin says:

    I know he’s always walked around between 280-290,but always comes in under.

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  13. RickRoll says:

    Tim had to dehydrate to make 280 for the Lewis fight. How is he going to make 266 for Wardog fight?

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  14. Hudson vs Hague will be at 275. I updated the story.

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  15. Cody Rempel says:

    Is it a Catchweight and Hague will have to hit 276 or less, or is it a Super Heavyweight fight?

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  16. royalty combat says:

    i would like to see hague vs hudson in the main card or a swing bout! this will not go to the judges

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  17. mmafan says:

    Tough break for Hill, goes from fighting gracie which with a win would be a nice notch in his belt to fighting Hicks, where if he loses his ufc dreams are over! tough spot

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  18. mmafan says:

    That being said Hill 2nd rd tko!!

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  19. LostForWords says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  20. AMLECF says:

    You mean if he wins 4 more he’ll be .500

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  21. 275catchweight? says:

    Holy smokes a 275lb catch weight?
    Hope Hudson doesn’t let Tim off the Hook and change again if he can’t make the weight.
    20% of Hague’s purse would be a good chunk of change:)

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  22. east coast mma says:

    Would love to see Hudson avenge his loss!

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  23. Snyder says:

    Hudson won’t even make it to the 2 min mark this time around

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  24. kickass says:

    Hicks has won 4 in a row but let’s be realistic he beat c level fighters . Hicks needs to stick to fighting c level fighters. I feel bad for hill.

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  25. Mike kent says:

    Marcus ruined his record years ago with bad decisions and lack of focus and is rebuilding it and getting back to 500 is huge if you look 2 years ago you would have never thought that possible. He is not the same fighter now. Definitly legit and on a big resurgence. If hill looks at the past instead of the Marcus today he will be surprised. Should be a good scrap as hill is tough as hell

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  26. Bdc says:

    Guessin the catchweight was put up by wardogs manager/ buddy so tim has to cut. Guess its smart if your hudson but not sure how i feel about it.

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  27. Donald Duck says:

    Regardless of what his record is he’ll always be the guy who broke his hand warming up for Valamaki.

    He showed he can scrap when he fought Craig Brown but I haven’t seen that fighter in a long time.


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  28. Blackout says:

    Hicks takes this. Bring on the hate

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  29. LostForWords says:

    Last post….. just watch

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  30. Marv says:

    Risky fight for hill, not taking anything away from hicks but if hill wins than big deal he beat a sub .500 fighter, if he loses than that really looks bad. I think hill will come out on top but let’s be honest it’s MMA and upsets do happen, so hopefully he doesn’t take hicks lightly. That being said it should be a decent scrap

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2

  31. Jordan Small says:

    I wish I could make it out to this one. Love the Hague/WarDog rematch!

    Well-loved! Thumb up 11 Thumb down 1

  32. timhague says:

    I’m sure Craigs gonna bring it. Should be a win for the fans.

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  33. east coast mma says:

    Gonna be a battle!

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  34. mmafan says:

    is this the first time hicks has ever fought at 170?

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  35. Auntie R says:

    What the F….. Hicks to scared to fight Hill fatass didnt mske weight!!!!!!!!

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  36. Auntie R says:

    @Blackout take off the weight and then Hill will bring on the Hate !!!!!

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