KOTC 67: Madness Play-by-Play

(photo: James Beattie)

(photo: James Beattie)

MMA is back in Winnipeg as King of the Cage makes its Manitoba debut. Headlining the card is Winnipeg favorite Joe Doerksen taking on Tony Lopez.

In the semi-main event, Jarod Milko will take on Vyron Phillips in an exciting matchup of Winnipeg Welterweights.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night: Steve Roy vs. Jared Henderson
  • Submission of the Night: Lee Gaudet
  • KO of the Night: Thomas Richardson

On to the play-by-play:

205lbs- Joe Doerksen vs. Tony Lopez
Ref: Adam Cheadle
R1. The clash shins to start things off. Doerksen with a leg kick next. Jab for Doerksen then kick to the thigh of Lopez. Leg kick by Lopez. Hard left by Doerksen. Leg kick by Doerksen and Lopez turns for a high kick which sails wide. Sneaky uppercut by Doerksen as he steps into a Lopez leg kick. Another leg kick by Lopez. Hard right by Doerksen lands on Lopez’ neck. Doerksen blocks a high kick. Right by Doerksen drops Lopez. Doerksen smells blood and drops a lot of punches at the 3 minute mark. Pace slows down with Doerksen in Lopez’ guard. Body head with the left by Doerksen. Posturing up, Doerksen drops two more. Last two minutes on the ground with limited action until the 10 second mark when Doerksen pours it on. Clear Doerksen round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Doerksen

R2. Left jab by Doerksen. Kick to the thigh by Doerksen. Stiff left jab by Doerksen. Lopez winds up for a kick but Doerksen times a huge right and they drop to the mat. Doerksen in side control. Lopez scoots out and gets up. Doerksen tries to throw him but Lopez is too big and ends up on top of Doerksen. Doerksen throwing from the bottom, scrambles, and gets Lopez on his back. Lopez throwing rights to the body while on his back. Doerksen controlling the fight with 2 minutes left. Doerksen in Lopez’ half guard. Doerksen explodes to get mount. He throws some rights and tries to flatten Lopez out. Joe looks for an arm but Lopez is scooting out the back. Lopez elbows Doerksen’s calves with other arm trapped and the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Doerksen

3. Right hook straight left for Doerksen lands and they tie up with Lopez clinching up. They break. Leg kick by Lopez. Left hook, short upper by Doerksen score. Right by Doerksen and body kick by Lopez score. Doerksen sets up a takedown with some strikes but Lopez gets to his feet. Doerksen drags him down with a lock on the body. Lopez grabs a leg and almost gets Doerksen off of him. Lopez finally obtains the top. Lopez in Doerksen’s full guard. Doerksen looking for a triangle but it slips off at the toes. Hard elbow by Doerksen from the bottom. Lopez is just not throwing. Lopez still on top. The two exchange light body shots. Lopez postures up and stands and Doerksen hooks his legs and trips him. Lopez crashes down as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Doerksen
Joe Doerksen defeats Tony Lopez by Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

170lbs- Jarod Milko vs. Vyron Phillips
Ref: Adam Cheadle
R1. Jab by Phillips. Leg kick by Milko and a body shot by Milko. Leg kick Milko. Kick by Phillips and Milko shoots. Milko gets Phillips down. Knee to the body by Milko. Phillips gets to his feet. Knee to the thigh by Milko. Phillips goes for the trip but Milko ends up on top. Milko on his back sitting pretty high. Elbow by Milko. Phillips sneaking out the back door and this fight is standing. They trade simultaneous leg kicks. Milko whiffs on a left and Phillips throws a leg kick. Phillips throws a right and Milko ducks under for the single, takes him down and has his back. Phillips turns and gets top position. Phillips with elbows while inside Milko’s guard. Vicious elbows and strikes at the end of the round by Phillips.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Milko

R2. Milko misses a leg kick. Body kick by Milko lands. Knee by Phillips. They tie up on the fence. Milko goes for a throw and loses his grip. Low kick by Phillips. Milko catches Phillips in the groin and time is called. Back in. Leg kick by Milko. Hard right by Phillips. Body kick by Milko. Milko drops to his knees for a single again. They clinch on the cage. Phillips lands some small stuff and Milko gets him to his knees. Milko on Phillips’ back with a single hook. Both hooks in now and Milko is softening him up. Phillips turns around and is in Milko’s guard. Cheadle stands him up. Body kick by Milko. Phillips throws Milko to the mat and drops some punches to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Milko

R3. Leg kick by Milko. Right by Phillips. Milko pushing him against the fence. Hard knee by Phillips. Phillips bails out of a weird jumping kick. Phillips pouring it on. Hurts Milko with a right. The two trading hard. Milko shoots. Nice sprawl. Two huge knees by Phillips. Phillips stands and gets Milko to stand. Milko shoots a single. He is tired. Standing. Jumping right by Phillips and Milko just goes to his bread and butter the single leg. Milko gets him to the mat and has a hook in. Milko dropping lefts. Milko going for the RNC. Milko using some heel kicks while on his back. Phillips reverses and gets on top. Phillips with hard elbows. Phillips stands up and jumps down with a hard right. Round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Phillips
The close first round should decide this one.
Jarod Milko defeats Vyron Phillips by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
It was a close fight. The crowd voices its disapproval.

Milko says he will fight at Middleweight in his next bout.

187lbs- Andrija Pavlic vs Drayton Angus
Ref: Phil Koldyk
R1. Pavlic pressing Angus against the cage. Pavlic goes for the trip but ends up on his back. Angus starts in half but is in full guard. Pavlic slaps on a triangle then grabs an arm and ends up on top in full mount. Pavlic throws some small lefts while Angus struggles underneath. Pavlic showing patience from mount. He postures up and lands three punches. Angus turns his back and Pavlic rains down some blows. RNC time but Angus throws some back punches at Pavlic’s head. Pavlic still in control on Angus’ back. 2 on 1 for Angus and then he scrambles to get top position. Pavlic uses the kimura to sweep back to top and back in mount. He drops punches in bunches.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Pavlic

R2. Angus lands a left and a leg kick and Pavlic has enough and takes him down. Side control for Pavlic. Some painful looking forearms and a few punches and Angus gives his back and Pavlic drops the bombs. Angus is not getting out of this and Pavlic keeps throwing. Good stoppage by Koldyk.
Andrija Pavlic defeats Drayton Angus by TKO (GNP) in Round 2, 1:34

After the fight, Pavlic says he broke his toe in the first minute of the first round. Definitely looks broken. Tough fighter!

155lbs- Lee Gaudet vs Connor Derry
Ref: Adam Cheadle
R1. Gaudet pressing Derry against the cage. Gaudet dropping some knees to Derry’s thighs. Derry grazes Gaudet’s forehead with a knee. Gaudet gets Derry to the mat in half. Gaudet with an elbow but Derry threatens with an arm bar. Knee by Gaudet. Gaudet throwing some lefts as he stacks Derry up. Chess match here as Derry still has that arm and Gaudet wants to get that arm out and keep his top position. Gaudet lands a knee but they remain in this stacked position with Derry keeping Gaudet’s arm. 10 seconds left and the round will end this position they found themselves in for over three minutes.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gaudet

R2. The trade jabs and then Gaudet throws a leg kick. Jab by Derry. High kick by Gaudet. Gaudet presses Derry against the cage. Knee by Derry who’s back is still against the cage. Derry reverses the position and now Gaudet has his back against the cage. Gaudet spins out picks up Derry and slams him down. Guess what? Back in the same position with Derry threatening the arm bar. This time Gaudet tries to power out and Derry locks it on. Gaudet punches him in the stomach and Derry lets go saying “That’s a tap”. I don’t think so. His cornerman, Brad Wall, would disagree with me if I asked and I don’t blame him for that as it is close. The two are tied up together on the floor with Gaudet having his legs wrapped against Derry. Gaudet now sitting on Derry’s chest in reverse cowboy throwing some back punches at Derry’s head. Fun fight. Mount by Gaudet and he is looking for an arm but the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Gaudet

Lots of disagreement about whether that was a tap or not. Many more agree with me that it was not a tap than believe it was a tap. Sport needs instant replay.

R3. The two throw jabs and Gaudet throws a bunch. Gaudet with a crotch lift and takes him down. Gaudet in side throws a knee. Gaudet in full mount. Gaudet dropping pointy elbows and some stiff punches. Derry turns his back and Gaudet is going for the Rear Naked. He gives it up to pound on him. Gaudet stretches out his opponent and goes for the RNC again and gets the tap.
Lee Gaudet submits Connor Derry by Rear Naked Choke in Round 3, 2:45

Lee Gaudet says he did not tap. He was worried though.

170lbs- Corey Atkinson vs. Thomas Richardson
Ref: Phil Koldyk
R1. Body kick jab combo by Atkinson then a side kick. He rushes Richardson and presses him against the cage. Richardson gets Atkinson down and drops elbows from half. The a pair of elbows to Atkinson’s side. Richardson gets side, jumps quickly to mount, gets a top triangle and rolls to his back. SMOOTH. He keeps the triangle and goes to top and unleashes the fury. Atkinson’s is tapping the mat loudly but Koldyk is not noticing so Richardson keeps unloading. Atkinson tries to tap once again and Koldyk steps in.
Thomas Richardson submits Corey Atkinson by Tapout due Strikes in Round 1, 2:23

265lbs- Steve Roy vs. Jared Henderson
Ref: Adam Cheadle
R1. Feints by Roy. Body kick by Roy. Henderson charges in and Roy controls his head. Roy lands three knees and a right. Henderson scores with a hard punch that hurt Roy. Henderson pushes Roy to the fence again and Roy lands a knee. Roy starts landing side elbows as Henderson tries to get the double. More elbows by Roy. Henderson abandons the takedown. Back to the downward elbows as Henderson goes for the takedown again. The two are locked up and Henderson drags him down. Henderson in Roy’s guard. Henderson with some good rights from top.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Roy

R2. Roy throws a kick but Henderson uses it to attempt to get him to the mat. No doing. They are pushing up against the cage with Roy’s back to the fence. Knee by Roy but Henderson throws a right and left which land. Right by Roy and then a knee x 2. Right by Henderson lands. Leg kick by Roy. Left by Henderson. Then a right hook lands hard on the chin. Henderson pressures on. Mistake to push him against the fence as Roy was hurt. Henderson with two punches that land but a hard left by Roy stops Henderson in his tracks. Roy now lands a few as Henderson’s hands lower. Jab by Henderson. Knee by Henderson. Four, five, six, seven punches by Henderson as he is tracking Roy around the cage. Huge uppercut by Henderson answered with a left by Roy. Uppercut by Henderson. Entertaining round over.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Henderson

R3. Two tired HWs. Henderson pushes Roy against the cage. Right by Henderson lands. Big right by Henderson and left and right and left and right and uppercut and left and right and right and right and uppercut and etc…Cheadle steps in and saves Roy from more damage even though the big man never fell.
Jared Henderson defeats Steve Roy by TKO (Strikes) in Round 3, 1:03

175lbs- Ivan James vs. Damian Johnston
Ref: Rich Delay
R1. Tap gloves. Jab leg kick by James. clinch up. Knee by James and a left. Knee to the stomach hurts. He hurts him with punches and Johnston shoots as he is in trouble. Nice sprawl by James. They’re up and James goes for the standing guillotine. Not there. Clinch. Knee to the midsection by James. Johnston turns him around and goes for a takedown. Nothing there. James controlling the pace. Hard left by Johnston. Leg kick by James. Now Johnston winging rights. James with some punches and then a spinning back kick is caught by Johnston who takes him down. North south position with Johnston on top. Johnston in side control and coming on stronger near the end of the first. Johnston passes to side then tries to mount. Missed an attempt to land something there. James back to his feet. Takedown by Johnston. He lands a right but gets reversed but Johnston goes for a triangle as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ivan James

R2. Clinch up and a knee by James. Johnston goes for the takedown while James goes for a guillotine while his back is against the cage. Break by Delay. Johnston comes out strong and lands a few while James gets a little wild. Strong takedown by Johnston who immediately moves to side and drops elbows. James grabs a leg, gets to the feet, takes him down and gets reversed by Johnston and they are back to where they started. Johnston with mount and throws rights. Now dropping the GNP from top. James looking to get out but Johnston keeps throwing the punches from mount. Delay steps in and calls it. Good matchup, good fight between two game opponents, and good stop. Great start to the night.
Damian Johnston defeats Ivan James by TKO (GNP) in Round 2, 2:41


5 Responses to “ KOTC 67: Madness Play-by-Play ”

  1. Cory says:

    Kotc madness

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  2. I was very impressed with Damian Johnston’s debut. Kid lost the first round. Took a knee which really hurt him but showed great composure and took it to the ground. Came on stronger near the end of the first and then won it in the second.

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  3. Joe Doerksen says:

    I agree Keith. He was impressive.

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  4. Of course, you were very impressive as usual Joe. I don’t think Tony Lopez threatened you the whole fight and your hands continue to look great even with Lopez having a significant reach and height advantage. Four wins in a row and 51 in your career. Simply amazing!

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  5. Dean says:

    Fun fight night for sure. Only lowlite was the poor job of reffing by that super tall ref. He shouldnt be a ref as someones gonna take permanent damage because of his inabilty to pay attention. That guy that was eating brutal elbows taped so many times it was kinda sick and the Pavlic fight was odd too. Im not saying he wouldnt have won but I counted at least 8 shots to the back of the head as the ref stood there and then stopped the fight. I dont think the shots were intentonal but the ref has the job to at least yell, watch the back of the head. Great card all in all.

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