KOTC: Madness Weigh-In Results


KOTC MadnessMMA is back in Winnipeg as King of the Cage makes its Manitoba debut.  Headlining the card is Winnipeg favorite Joe Doerksen taking on Tony Lopez.

In the semi-main event, Jarod Milko came in five pounds heavy.  “The Milkman” will take on Vyron Phillips in an exciting matchup of Winnipeg Welterweights.

If you are in Winnipeg, you can catch these two bouts and many more by picking up a pair of tickets by calling 204-961-0349 or from Ticketmaster.

Unfortunately, the fight between Robin Black and Adam Bodwell has been called off as Bodwell called in sick with a migraine five hours before his flight to Winnipeg.

The Manitoba Combative Sports Commission held weigh-ins today to make things official.

Some tough

Here are the results:

Fight Card:
205lbs- Joe Doerksen (206) vs. Tony Lopez (205.5)
170lbs- Jarod Milko (176)*** vs. Vyron Phillips (170)
187lbs- Andrija Pavlic (187) vs Drayton Angus (187.5)
155lbs- Lee Gaudet (155) vs Connor Derry (154)
170lbs- Corey Atkinson (171.5)*** vs. Thomas Richardson (169)
265lbs- Steve Roy (230.5) vs. Jared Henderson (259)
175lbs- Ivan James (175.5) vs. Damian Johnston (174.5)
Robin Black vs. Adam Bodwell +++
Brett Dumas vs. Herman Neufeld $$$

***missed weight. Has one hour to make weight.

+++ Adam Bodwell called in sick

$$$ Herman Neufeld under BC Commission suspension

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  1. Robin Black says:

    Joshua Williams.

    Thank you so much for writing that. The idea that I could somehow inspire someone to pursue the study of Martial Arts is the greatest compliment I have ever gotten in my life.

    Sincere thanks for telling me that.


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  2. Bodwell, you are delusional.

    The athletic commission is the one that verifies medicals. I’m just the middle man. You sent them in late. 8 days before the event, when the doctor was able to look at them, I was notified you needed a newer version of Hep B Antigen.

    I had provided you this form on numerous occasions, and when I called to talk to you about this, you were very apologetic and kept saying you were sorry for not bringing the form I sent, and asked you to bring.

    It doesn’t matter what some girl at the clinic says in regards to you being immunized. You had all your medicals completed with no Hep B within the past 90 days.

    I had the number to the lab you had your blood pulled from. I said get on the plane, and I’ll call the lab in the morning to check if they have Hep B results from it, or if they could test the blood to get those results.

    I also told you I could get your blood drawn by the commission doctor and get quick results.

    I never once said you wouldn’t get licensed. i said if you didn’t have your hep B antigen completed you wouldn’t get licensed.

    You were going to drive for this event. Then few weeks ago changed your mind and said you’d fly. I even offered to fly you in a few days earlier, so you could get adjusted before the weighins and fight.

    The week before the event you were bitching about not having any money, and needed a ride to the airport for Tuesday. I sent you 200 dollars of money i couldn’t afford to give, to ensure you got here. Monday you inform me you don’t have a ride, and will need your flight switched to Thursday. I made the change and that cost me 290 dollars.

    We talked how many times over the past few months Adam? Why on earth would I spend all this money only to screw you around and not have a fight? That makes zero sense. I would have signed a much tougher guy for Robin if it was for a fight that was never going to happen.

    You’ve listed a ton of excuses here, none of which are valid. You should just stop any delusions of being a fighter. If you couldn’t get your sorry ass on a plane to fight a 45 year old Robin Black, then just pack it in, and call it a day.

    I take my job very seriously, and find it comical a clown like you has the balls to blame everybody else for your shortcomings.

    I put everything I have into this sport, and people like you wreck it. Maybe I should take you to court to recover the costs I lost in this process. There are a few breaches of the contract on your part, and you would be forced to pay back a lot more than the 200 I sent you.

    All I ask is honesty. You were a humbled little bitch on the phone when we spoke, and then you grow balls when you get in front of a keyboard. You aren’t intelligent enough to be a keyboard warrior, so stop that too!

    I wish you and your family all the best. You are a good father to your kids.

    But as far as MMA context. Please fuck off and leave the sport alone. You don’t deserve to be a part of it.

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  3. Sept. 11th was 10 days after the medical deadline.

    PARTICIPANT agrees solely to bear the full and complete cost of all
    medical treatment and all other costs in PARTICIPANT shall provide COMPANY no later than
    Sept. 1/2014 with written documentation (satisfactory to COMPANY, in COMPANY’s sole
    discretion) evidencing negative HIV, Hepatitis B Antigen, Hepatitis C, said blood test must have
    been administered within 90 days of Event (After June 21/2014). Also the required physical
    form, and basic eye exam. All medicals need to be within 90 days of September 19th, which is
    June 21st, 2014.

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  4. david letourneau says:


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  5. Adam Bodwell says:

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  6. Adam Bodwell says:

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  7. Adam Bodwell says:

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  8. harry balls says:

    Robin got fucking punched in the head by Eric Perez. Nobody – NOBODY – is remotely ‘scared’ of you. Why on earth would a promotion put itself in jeopardy of losing a fight, especially one that is going to sell tickets (say what you will, Robinho is going to move product, especially in Manitoba). Your foolish story simply makes no sense.

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  9. Ken Kupsch says:

    I know a lot of promoters, some I like and others not so much. One thing they have in common is that nobody wants to lose a fight before a show. Bodwells claims are ridiculous.

    In life there are always uncertainties, and you can’t count on very many things. One thing you can count on, is that he will never fight for KOTC, and this includes USA events.

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  10. Ryan D says:

    I think its safe to say Adam Bodwell came down with a case of the chicken willys. You word means nothing and your keyboard even less. You have disgraced and embarrassed yourself so do yourself a favour and just go away. I DONT think there is a person alive that would take your word/keyboard over Robin,Marc or Ken’s.The fact your even allowed to post on this site blows my mind. It a wonderful free country we live so whatever. The more your keyboard writes the worse you look. So go back to doing what you probably do best and be a great father. I hope the best in life for you but mma is done for you. You lost the right to be a fighter. Good-bye!!

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  11. Joejoe says:

    Why do you guys even bother arguing with Bodwell? That’s giving him to much credit…

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