KOTC: Madness Weigh-In Results


KOTC MadnessMMA is back in Winnipeg as King of the Cage makes its Manitoba debut.  Headlining the card is Winnipeg favorite Joe Doerksen taking on Tony Lopez.

In the semi-main event, Jarod Milko came in five pounds heavy.  “The Milkman” will take on Vyron Phillips in an exciting matchup of Winnipeg Welterweights.

If you are in Winnipeg, you can catch these two bouts and many more by picking up a pair of tickets by calling 204-961-0349 or from Ticketmaster.

Unfortunately, the fight between Robin Black and Adam Bodwell has been called off as Bodwell called in sick with a migraine five hours before his flight to Winnipeg.

The Manitoba Combative Sports Commission held weigh-ins today to make things official.

Some tough

Here are the results:

Fight Card:
205lbs- Joe Doerksen (206) vs. Tony Lopez (205.5)
170lbs- Jarod Milko (176)*** vs. Vyron Phillips (170)
187lbs- Andrija Pavlic (187) vs Drayton Angus (187.5)
155lbs- Lee Gaudet (155) vs Connor Derry (154)
170lbs- Corey Atkinson (171.5)*** vs. Thomas Richardson (169)
265lbs- Steve Roy (230.5) vs. Jared Henderson (259)
175lbs- Ivan James (175.5) vs. Damian Johnston (174.5)
Robin Black vs. Adam Bodwell +++
Brett Dumas vs. Herman Neufeld $$$

***missed weight. Has one hour to make weight.

+++ Adam Bodwell called in sick

$$$ Herman Neufeld under BC Commission suspension

61 Responses to “ KOTC: Madness Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Old School Jake says:

    “Unfortunately, the fight between Robin Black and Adam Bodwell has been called off as Bodwell called in sick with a migraine five hours before his flight to Winnipeg.”

    Oh sweet Jesus

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  2. WHAT A PUSSY says:

    a migraine? ye it’s called cutting weight there has to be a better explanation. How can this guy ask for fights and be so unprofessional and pull such a total bitch move. Ok so he’s scared! you don’t think Robin is scared ? he openly admits it, that comes with fighting. Don’t sign a contract if you know deep down you don’t want the fight or please post on here and explain your totally psycho move bodwell.

    how do you expect to get another fight ?

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  3. Shawn says:

    Robin Black talks openly about the fear.


    A lot of people are so choked for Black that he never got to fight. Check out twitter and FB.
    But congrats to him on a great career and we look forward to seeing his breakdowns for years to come.

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  4. Bryan Shute says:

    I was hoping Milko would make the weight. 5 lbs is a big miss. Let’s see if he can hold his mud tomorrow.

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  5. cavemanbully says:

    thats awful robin feel horrible for you, hope you didnt cut too much before you were notified your opponent pussed out.
    shameful Adam. I have gotten sick weigh day a few times cutting weight but i still fought, have respect for your opponent.

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  6. Blackout says:

    Booooooooo!!! To Bodwell!

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  7. EPerez says:


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  8. Dana says:

    Milko shows up 6 lbs overweight! WOW. That’s completely unprofessional and unacceptable. Hope he gets KO’d.

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  9. Really crappy for Robin. Promoters better not hire Bodwell for future fights.

    This was Milko’s second miss in a row. Bad trend.

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  10. Adam Bodwell says:

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  11. Donald Duck says:

    Booo Bodwel! I hope this means no one ever tries to sign this make believe moron to another show.

    Robin – next time you’re in town beers are on me.


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  12. Adam Bodwell says:

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  13. AMLECF says:

    But you didn’t have the stones to fight Robin?

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  14. timhague says:

    Leave the kid alone. He explained what happened. It sucks for both parties.

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  15. Robin Black says:

    Were you crying before or after you decided to skip the second flight the promoter booked for you?

    You skipped the flight he booked for you Tuesday to get you to Winnipeg with plenty of time to get blood done. Then they fronted you a couple hundred cash so you could get the next plane. Then you skipped that plane.

    I had a lot of curveballs in the last 3 weeks including a separated shoulder 9 days out. Couldn’t move my right arm but never thought about canceling on you man.

    No one ever, EVER book this guy again.

    You call me your easiest fight yet? You can’t even get on a plane to come face me you coward?

    Fuck you you clown.

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  16. Hawkes says:

    Maybe you should post when you have a cooler head robin. This situation sucks I know. I’ll buy you a beer if I see you tonight.

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Thank Lindsey that would be delicious.

    You’re right man. Thanks.

    I do have a cooler head now.

    And with a cooler head the only thing I do have to say to this cat is “Fuck you you clown”.


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  18. jets says:

    Adam…..they were going to fly you up to do blood work again. I remember at a cfm show a bunch of guys needed to blood.again before weigh ins! And got everything done before the show the following day…. i paid good money to see all the fights tonight!

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  19. Kenji says:

    Everyone knows Adam Bodwell is a clown who has no business fighting in Pro MMA. Adam is no pussy tho. He has fought some really tough guys that are alot tougher than Robin Black, like Shane Rice and Corey Lauticher and Mike Davis, all of which would kill Robin Black. He was never scared of them, everyone knows Black would have subbed Bodwell in the first.

    I am no fan of Bodwell by any means. But I really think Bodwell is so stupid that he really thought he meds were fucked and he couldnt compete so he didnt show.

    Robin I feel bad for you but really man, what did you expect? Its Adam Bodwell. You knew the guy was a clown well in advance. You also knew that this would be an easy win to end your career which is why you took the fight. Lets be real here guys.

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  20. Robin Black says:

    I expected him to be professional and show up and fight hard and give me a scary 3 minutes. If I got past those 3 minutes I was confident I would win.

    I didn’t expect him to flake out and miss 2 planes on purpose.

    Oh well its done now. It is what it is. You win some, you lose some, you don’t get to do some.

    Its all genuine experience I can draw on, the good, the bad, and the sad.

    All the best to Adam and his family. No hard feelings man sorry to lash out.

    Thanks to everyone that supported me. Take care. See you guys out there.

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  21. Robin Black says:

    And for the record I fought Lautischer and he subbed me in a minute. I turned down Shane Rice cuz he’s a black belt who’s been fighting for 12 years and I’m not crazy, and I’m looking forward to facing Davis in a grappling contest in Alberta this year.

    I was not a great fighter by any stretch of the imagination but I learned a ton from it and it made me happy and a better man. These experiences will help me in my career as a TV analyst and I cherish them.

    Thanks again to my friends and the people who helped me and were kind to me.

    Cheers. See you guys out there.

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  22. Jono says:

    Robin is one of the few people that doesn’t ask for props for ‘just getting in the cage’.


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  23. Bear Rugg says:

    That facking sucks! Robin put in a shit ton of work. I saw him on Fight Network all cut, bruised, with little bandages on his face. That’s too much work to just be tossed away. I feel for ya Mr. Black I really do.

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  24. bjj fan says:

    Sounds like a lot of bs to go through to fight for a couple hundred dollars. I would have said fuck it too.its not bod wells fault his blood work came back with positive hep b.when you get vaccination for it that’s what happens. Like Tim said give the kid a break.promoters and fans think a fighter should travel all over to fix promoters or medical mistakes that’s bs.

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  25. Gongshow says:

    If everyone on the card pulled a bodwell then there would be no card tonite in the peg.

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  26. b2j_bjj says:

    Damn that sucks for Robin. All the hard work in training camp without the reward of putting the work to use and being able to test himself.

    “I’m looking forward to facing Davis in a grappling contest in Alberta this year.”
    – This comment peaked my interest, Robin, are their confirmed plans to have a grappling match vs Mike in Alberta this year??

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  27. b2j_bjj says:


    I wouldn’t mind seeing that grappling match if it actually happens.

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  28. KJ says:

    I hope another promoter can work something out for an upcoming card and get Black his final fight. If Robin is in shape, extend this current training camp an extra month or so.

    Bodwell had no intention of ever fighting. Whatever excuse is said is obviously complete bs. Prescription drugs and alcohol can be a real confidence booster in the moment, but there is no amount that will make bodwells delusions an actual reality

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  29. Adam Bodwell says:

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  30. Adam Bodwell says:

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  31. Robin Black says:

    MAD and I are brilliant. We psychically knew your buddy gets paid by the job so you’d miss your Tuesday flight.

    It worked out according to plan. I got to cut weight and not fight. I got to feel this awesome empty feeling. I got to do the hard part but not the fun part.

    Look man like I said, sorry for lashing out.

    The chances of me ever getting my life structured in such a way that I could train and make weight and fight are pretty slim to none. You probably took that gift away from me son. Your un-professionalism may have taken that away from you too man.

    But I’ll look into this November thing on Monday after I get over this shitty feeling.

    If not, good luck to you and your family.

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  32. Joshua Willms says:

    Dear Robin,

    You have been an inspiration for me and you have taught me so much about MMA. Because of you I have a punching bag and a mat room set up in my apartment, and I teach everyone who has time about how awesome MMA is. Although I have a full time job as a medical student, I still train every day as much as I can with the goal of participating in an amateur fight one day.

    You make the technical parts of fights stand out like no one else! You reveal the magic in what some see as ‘boring’. Your breakdowns of Mighty Mouse, Carlos Condit, Uriah Faber, and all of the others are the best sources of information on the technical and mental aspects of fighting that I have ever seen.

    You deserve one last fight. I have had your fight down on my calendar for three weeks because I was more excited for it than for even the UFC cards.

    Only you know whether or not you can make the sacrifices necessary to train, cut weight, and get in the cage at this point, but you have one fan over here who wants to see you go 5 and 5!!!

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  33. M.F.M. says:

    I don’t like this bodwell flake.

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  34. I would like to see Robin get to. 500. However, why risk another camp on a guy who flaked out once already? Promoters should stay away from Bodwell.

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  35. david letourneau says:

    Bodwell that’s a bullshit excuse but just to clarify your bullshit, my last fight I drove 3 hours to the USA 24 hours out and got the proper hep b blood work as required in Fort mac. Cost me 100 bucks but whipty Fuckin do ya bitch. Robin black is feeling the pain right now of this but it’s you who has to live with the fact that you quit like a bitch for the rest of your life, the pain from losing goes away but what you did will haunt you as a man forever ya bitch!!!!!

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  36. harry balls says:

    “whipty Fuckin do ya bitch”. If anyone is ever dumb enough to use Bodwell on a card again, I’m getting a shirt made with that on it and going to watch him.

    ……………and don’t think I won’t make the goddamn thing. ask about my last tshirt project….

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  37. AMLECF says:

    Ummmmm….what was your last tshirt project?

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  38. Bear Rugg says:

    I had no gas money! I usually respect all fighters in the sport I love, but you are not a fighter Adam Bodwell. A true fighter has no excuses. Robin, you did a great job as the host/announcer.

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  39. umm says:

    you realize there is gonna be a list of guys that wanna fight Bodwell now…

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  40. Josh Harley says:

    I know Robin wants and deserves one last fight, he’s a phenomenal asset to have in Canadian MMA, we don’t really have anyone else to fill his spot once he’s gone.

    The Second fight 4 pride card is in November, here in Quebec. If Robin is willing to stay in shape until then,I’m willing to give up my show purse to fly him out. If he beats me, he can have my win $ as well.

    I’ll fight him. Give him a war, and send him home with some beers.



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  41. Robin Black says:

    Thanks Josh. A lot of people have offered to help get me that last fight. Promoters called, fighters called. I’m really humbled by how cool people have been.

    But I’m at peace with it all.

    Said by my friend last night:

    “This is my friend Robin Black. He was an MMA fighter. He’s retired now. He doesn’t have to fight any more, he has a TV show and he just talks about fighting on camera and stuff. He gets paid a lot more and no one kicks him in the face.”

    I really like the sound of that. I’m good with it. I think I can be proud of that.

    Thanks for all the kindness my friends. When I started in this business 7 years ago everyone hated me. It was painful every day to be called names and mocked openly all day every day. It is really really nice to feel like people appreciate my small contributions now. I feel very welcome and appreciated in this game today, and that means the world to me.

    Thank you guys so much.

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  42. Hawkes says:

    Hey robin,

    you are one hell of a ring announcer. Great energy. You really got the crowd going.

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  43. Andrija Pavlic says:

    I agree with Hawkes. Thanks for being a good sport when I corrected you on how to say my name!

    Good job!!

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  44. Inflict says:

    I see lots of excused from Bodwell, but no apologies to the fans or anyone else. It says a lot about his character. I’m in agreement that promoters should think twice before booking Bodwell to a show again.

    To all the fighters who did show up, I applaud you. It was a great night of fights and I hope to see you all in the cage again in Winnipeg.

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  45. @Hawkes…I agree with that statement on the ring announcing. Robin brought a lot of energy to the event.

    @Andrija Pavlic… how many times have you swept the guy off the top of you with a kimura sweep? I swear I see that move of yours every fight that you are in. Any post fight pics of that toe of yours? Great job.

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  46. Adam Bodwell says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  47. Adam Bodwell says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  48. harry balls says:

    AMLECF : you didn’t see my Coletti shirts? they turned out amazing. Robin, Keith, MAD and JYD all have one.

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  49. Andrija Pavlic says:

    @ Keith Grienke

    I love using that sweep, attack the shoulder with a kimura, it’s effective if I can’t get the sub, I usually turn it into a sweep. Give Curtis Brigham credit for that one!

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  50. david letourneau says:

    Oh shit I’m sorry man I didn’t mean to offend and certainly didn’t want to put myself in any danger of having my 2 Fight win streak put in jeopardy. Please accept my deepest apologies man truly sorry.

    P.s. BITCH!!!!!!!!!

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