Havoc FC 7 – Red Deer – December 19


Havoc FCDate: December 19, 2014
Venue: Sheraton Hotel in Red Deer, Alberta
Tickets: Buy Tickets

Pro Fights:
185lbs- Jordan McKay (6-2) vs. Andrew Buckland (15-12-1)
145lbs- Sabah Fadai (9-4) vs. Tim Tamaki (17-26-1)
185lbs- Dwayne Mombourquette (3-1) vs. Tanner Willshaw (0-0)
165lbs- Chris Chapman (0-1) vs. Jemark Brady (2-6)

Amateur Fights:
205lbs- Blaine Cust (1-1) vs. Dan Juricic (0-1)
170lbs- Colton Cronkite (2-2) vs. Dave Puhky (0-0)
130lbs- Alix Beatty (0-0) vs. Jess Elverum (0-0)
185lbs- Daniel Yoner (0-0-1) vs. John Balsam (0-0)
135lbs- Ryan Williams (1-1) vs. Connor Crebbs (0-0)

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  1. the goods says:

    ^^^ Christopher Boisvert at MFC 41, came in 6 pounds heavy so chapman declined the fight, Kellan is still a fan boy tho

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  2. Blackout says:

    Oh, ok. Cool, cool. Difficult decision to make. Had to be done, though.

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  3. Kellen Falt says:

    I love how everyone was all over Mike Hills nuts for making the “professional decison” when he declined the Hicks fight over 1.2lbs and how he did the right thing (which he did) and now Chapmans opponent blows weight by 6lbs and Chapman gets shit on for it. Makes a lot of sense. And ya, maybe Im a cheerleader, call me a fanboy all you want. Im simply defending the decision of a friend, former team mate and long time training partner and being supportive of him as any of you would expect from your friends and team mates.

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  4. Kenji says:

    @Kellen Falt

    I respect that you backup for friends. Quick question, since you are the offical Arashi Do Red Cheer Hype Man/Cheerleader, could you please shed some light on a question I have?

    What is the beef between Tyler Davis and Morgan Littlechild? What’s Tylers problem with him?


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  5. The goods says:

    Take a breath Kellen I wasn’t hating on chapman for declining I was simply stating the facts that “blackout” was unclear about

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  6. Kellen Falt says:

    @Kenjii, I cant speak as to why two people dont like each other, suppose you would have to ask them and it wouldnt be my place to say anyways.

    @The Goods, was just a general statement. Wasnt directed at anyone really

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  7. I'll Say It says:

    Tyler must want to fight again but looking to fight somebody with a low record again

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  8. Padded Bra says:

    That’s how these arashi dolts operate

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  9. Tyler Davis says:

    Dear Kenji,
    To answer your questions, No not looking for a fight right now. Not at all trying to fight Morgan, just generally don’t like the kid. I am going to pay the unified admission mainy to watch him get destroyed. My “beef” with him was he called me out after his second fight and accused me of ducking him? And just the way he throws his stupid little flicking front kicks ……that too. Hope that clears thing up, thanks. Ohhhh and he “war”ed himself that was pretty lame.

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  10. Mad Dog Littlechild says:

    Tyler, just because your brother got ko’d by Cam Yallits does not mean that Im going to, and quit talking shit about my front kicks. You got a very pale white bald ass head that looks like a fucking hard-boiled egg, but you dont see me talking shit about it.
    P.S, never accused you of ducking me. Look at my record, of course you wouldn’t duck me.

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  11. Kellen Falt says:

    And the reasons why Tyler dislikes this kid become much clearer. Hahahah

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  12. Tyler Davis says:


    P.s.(sobbing)I know I’m pale it’s been a real issue throughout my life. Walking down the street people point and yell “there goes that egg head pale guy” thanks for bringing that up :(
    In all seriousness though, you should probably go train! You got bigger things to worry about right now, wouldn’t hurt to settle power of attorney and will issues.

    P.p.s mike(flyweight) got tko’ed in the 3rd round in his debut fight at 145

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  13. I'll Say It says:

    Davis vs Imperato summer time… I would pay to watch these to beat each other up

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  14. I'll Say It says:

    Davis vs Lyndon another one I would pay to see

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  15. Cody Rempel says:

    -John Alessio (Injury), Wolfgang Janssen (Injury), Jared Henderson (Suspension), Andrew Marsden (Injury) and Grayson Wells (Injury) out.
    -Dan Juricic replaces Grayson Wells against Ronnie Oar, fight will now be an amateur bout

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  16. brandon says:

    Sad to hear that alessio is injured really wanted to see him fight live!

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  17. Cody Rempel says:

    Colton Cronkite replaces Andrew Marsden against Dave Puhky

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  18. Mmafan says:

    At least lots of Amy fights! Lol

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  19. Cody Rempel says:

    Sabah Fadai replaces Wolfgang Janssen against Tim Tamaki, Will Quijada out due to injury

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  20. Cody Rempel says:

    Jose Rodriguez replaces John Alessio against Derek Boyle

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  21. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Chris Chapman vs. Jemark Brady

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  22. Mmafan says:

    I feel bad for Jemark.

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  23. Kellen Falt says:

    Well dont. He still has to show up to weigh ins and make it to the cage. And even if that happens, dont feel bad

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  24. Kenji says:

    Well its nice and refreshing to see Chapman taking the tough fights by fighting Jemark Brady. Bet he doesnt pull out of this one when Jemark misses weight.

    Chapman is so concerned about his opponents making weight that he takes a fight with a guy who never makes weight.

    And people wonder why Chapman takes so much heat on here lol lol

    Kellen, I await your response lol

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  25. Kellen Falt says:

    The fight is at 165 and Jemark walks around at about that weight so shouldnt be tough. He most definitely wont blow weight by 6lbs either, if in fact he does make it to weigh ins at all. Im glad I can be of service

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  26. Jerry Jones says:

    Unfortunately for Chapman, he wants to follow the same path to greatness as his Arashi Do Mentors and take the easiest fights possible and then wonder why their stock doesn’t become anything more than a regional guy.

    It’s ok to only fight for fun and small town celebrity. Good on him.

    Shame on the promotion for even making Brady an option….thankfully he doesn’t have far to hitchhike this time.


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  27. Tanner Willshaw says:

    At least Jemark shows up and fights that’s a lot more then I can say for some people

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  28. brent lawrence says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  29. Ryan Machan says:

    Listen, if you don’t like the match ups me and Jesse have made, don’t watch the free stream, if you guys can’t appreciate it, we don’t need to do it, I’d gladly save the money. We sell out every show because of our matchmaking, Trust me when I say, you’re opinions of our matchmaking mean less to me then the dog shit I step over walking to work!

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  30. Fight Fan says:

    I don’t get all the hate on this card, I would like any promotion recover from losing 5 fighters a month out. No one looks at it like a business decision you can’t go on having 5 fights on a show, they did their best to replace guys. Of course not the first options, month ago people thought this card was amazing and guys pulled out. The card still looks fun and will provide the ticket sellers a fight.

    As for arashi do padding record what local shows don’t try look at tri Stars promotion they have the most lip sided fights. Most do that cause those locals sell tickets but saying all of them have easy fights is crazy. They don’t have the best record at home if I recall, chapman is 0-1 and young who you expect him to fight ? Derek Boyle, while Jemark has a bad record he has more wins still..

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  31. Dean Panas says:

    Jesse, Ryan, and everybody involved with Havoc do a great job! I have heard nothing but positive things from people who have ever dealt with them.
    All the best on the upcoming show boys.

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  32. Gunner says:

    Havoc was a tremendous show to fight for and Jesse and Ryan were amazing even when I was fighting one of there friends/training partners.

    I do agree though look at that guy Ryan fought for excessive total record padder

    This new mean Ryan even said dog shit in public I like it

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  33. Blackout says:

    …..Im just passing through…. dont mind me….. :)

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  34. LBoutin says:

    What are the details on the free stream ? Don’t want to miss this one. Some good fights !

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  35. Havoc/Fox says:

    Fights will be streamed on http://www.mmamadhouse.com
    Check out there site and it will be on there.

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  36. LBoutin says:

    Perfect ! Thanks !

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  37. LBoutin says:

    Sounds like Boyle dropped out. Bummer, was excited for that fight.

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  38. Havoc/Fox says:

    So every one is clear on what happened, Derek is extremely sick, wanted to fight and spent a lot of money and time training away for this fight. He didn’t back out because he wanted to but it legitimately sick and in bed. Definitely suck but it’s the fight game!

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  39. Stevie says:

    Weigh In Results?

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