Unified MMA 21 – Edmonton – December 19


unified MMADate: Decemeber 19, 2014
Venue: Sultan Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta
TV: Go Fight Live
Tickets: (780) 695-6656 or Buy Tickets

Fight Card:
150lbs- Matt Spisak (7-5) vs. Aaron Armstrong (5-3)
170lbs- Merrick Duggan (7-2) vs. Corey Atkinson (3-3)
155lbs- Ryan Rother (5-5) vs. Aaron Shymr (4-4)
145lbs- Cam Yallits (2-2) vs. Morgan Littlechild (2-2)
160lbs- Nick Hrabec (2-1) vs. Liam McGowan (1-0)
120lbs- Alyssa Krahn (1-0) vs. Michelle Howse (0-1)
150lbs- Gurjeet Bilkhu (1-0) vs. Jake Poitras (1-0)
190lbs- Justin Parsons (0-0) vs. Jonathan Perley (0-0)

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  1. Blackout says:

    Then when we put em on blast out come the armies of dislikes lol

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  2. Zach b says:

    Kieth after all the bashing that has been done on here , seems the last six months have been incredibly bad. Have you guys had conversations about how to make this a less slanderous forum ? Do like what the underground has done , block ip s ? Make contributors verify account names or sign in with an email account . So than you can block these trolls , the things that are being said about Tim and his family is unjust and that is just a start.

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  3. whowillwin says:

    @Zack B – I do agree about having an ability to log in would be nice perhaps even being able to post pictures if you are a paid member. A was to further monetize the website. Having fight fans supporting the Canadian MMA news scene.

    As for your comments about slanderous comments and bashing of Tim Hague and his family being unjust I am not sure if you are directing that comment at some of the things I have posted.
    If so let me explain

    I have not said anything about Tim’s family as I do not know his personal relationships
    or his son.

    What I did say is that Tim had publicly spoke about taking his son to Disneyland and then
    not following up with that.

    I then spoke about how Tim has spoke out about his money problems but then has publicly
    through social media talked about how much he has spent on partying and showing off pictures
    of his gambling wins 10 000 but then claiming he can’t afford gas and has to sleep on his
    friends floor.

    This is information Tim has shared with the world in a public forum not something that
    has been speculated on.

    I then spoke about Tim admitting he hasn’t been training his past few fights and the fact
    he has spoken multiple times about getting serious about training and getting his weight down going on a diet ect. He hasn’t seemed to follow through – again not slanderous comments as
    he has put this out on a public forum and made these statements.

    I mentioned his 5 fights in the UFC – a huge achievement to make it to the highest level of the sport and going 1-4 which is a fact. I stated that he said Gigante was a 3x world champion and then back tracked on that statement.

    I questioned his work ethic as he has posted via social media publicly the many jobs he had the apprenticeship he was going to do
    and hasn’t followed up on those. These are not slanderous statements about him these are things he has shared with the world.

    I then questioned his gym venture

    I question his statement about having a professional business plan and while I have
    no idea if he did have one made. I also stated it was my opinion he didn’t have one
    as it seemed like he lacked the information one would have if they had a business plan.

    Things like location, pricing, schedule, number of people in the Edmonton area as he stated there
    are 2 million people here.

    I then made a factual point that he is not the only person to fight in the UFC from Edmonton and
    there are fighters that are actively fighting in the UFC right now. Just because you have fought or currently fight in the UFC does not mean you will attract a large number of new students. I also made a factual statement that Gignante has taught in Edmonton previously and that he didn’t have a huge student base. So I questioned his statement that his 5 fights in the UFC and this Brazilian black belt with ATT Edmonton on the door will fill the school on name value alone.
    Given others with similar experience and records are not having to beat off new clients and cap memberships.

    Tim has trained at a number of gyms and so he should know the amount of students at these
    types of gyms are not in the 1000 range yet he claims they will have to cap the student sign up at 600. I only questioned his marketing abilities which is not slanderous as the gym market is very difficult, and I was just wonder how he planned to fill the school or if he was just hoping on name value alone to make the school successful. I made this point as Tim had stated he was going to open the gym in a month from now and there has been no marketing done nor has a location been mentioned and that doesn’t sound like a solid marketing plan

    Grand opening Jan 2, 2015 … Location unknown, schedule unknown, pricing unknown, but he stated you can pre buy a one year membership.

    My personal comments about Tim being a financial disaster were a reflection on the information he has posted publicly which I outlined above and through my previous posts. Although I will readily admit I have no idea his actual financial position.

    My comments about him being a motivational speaker are based on his seemly not following through with his public comments and my questioning his ability to speak about success and overcoming obstacles these were my own personal observations about a public figure based solely on his public disclosures. If you review my past post you can see while I am critical of his public persona and his public declarations I do not speak about his family. I do speak critically about his public statements and these are not slanderous as I am questioning with legitimate arguments comments he has made public.

    If your comments about bashing are not towards myself disregard the above. And perhaps I am wrong and Tim Hague’s new gym venture will be the most successful gym in Edmonton. I guess we will see how the grand opening goes of ATT Edmonton as it is just 30 days away according to Tim.

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  5. Zach b says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  6. Blackout says:

    ^^Case in point. Zach defends Tim, gets hated on for it. lol wow.

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  7. whowillwin says:

    @Zach b

    I posted an opinion like I previously mentioned I did not speak about his son. I only spoke about my opinion on the things Tim has shared publicly. I do not bring up anything that is private I only comment on things he has posted for the world to see.

    If you post or make a comment on a public forum you can expect a response positive or negative. This is no different than any other sporting venture. People talk about players in every other sport and discuss why they do or do not like them. It’s not a personal reflection it’s based solely on how they are seen in a public setting.

    I am a fan of sport I questioned his public posts. I used logic and posted examples that supported my opinion using his posts. If you don’t like it you are entitled to your own opinions but calling people pathetic for having an opinion is like the pot calling the kettle black. (you have an opinion of me based on my public posts)

    I didn’t make any slanderous comments or make anything up. I only commented on what Tim has shared publicly and questioned his ability to do what he claims.

    And besides if you noted Tim offered to buy me coffee he didn’t call me pathetic for essentially reposting his posts asking him about what happened. Also I am still of the belief his gym will not be opening Jan 2, 2015 – you can call that slanderous if you like.

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  8. We have a list of 1000s of IPs that are banned, Zach.

    We try to stay on top the comments as much as possible.

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  9. Mad Dog Littlechild says:

    I’m back here to update everyone on my fight with Cam Yallits. Unfortunately I blew my shoulder out at strength and conditioning this past week and I have to pull out of the fight. Cam and I have been training for weeks and weeks for this fight and I was very excited to experience the war we would have had on December 19 but sadly it will not be happening. I hope we can still do battle in the coming year but for now I need to take time off and heal. I apologize to all the fans and MA vomit, but this is the darker side of our business.
    Cam, I hope you find a new opponent on time, again, I am sorry for this unfortunate event. God bless and happy holidays everyone.

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  10. Mad Dog Littlechild says:

    P.S, Tyler, I know you were looking forward to seeing me get kicked in the head but it will have to wait. Fuck you sir!
    All respects for real, Merry Christmas.

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    Garret Nybakken replaces Chris Ade against Nick Hrabec

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    Liam McGowan replaces Garret Nybakken against Nick Hrabec

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  13. Cody Rempel says:

    Added link for Go Fight Live stream

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  14. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Who’s Cam fighting?

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  15. Lloyd Christmas says:

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  16. the goods says:

    if you mean Cam will get KO’d in the first by all these guys, I’d mostly agree

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  17. booboo says:

    Lloyd ur smoking better shit than i am,

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  18. MMAZ says:

    Can is to pretty to fight tough opponents

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  19. Can vs Can is likely the billing for Cans fight.

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  20. Ams says:

    Is it an 18+ event??

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