*UPDATED* Lee Mein arrested on Sexual Battery charges


Rumble in the Cage (RITC) promoter/founder as well as the founder and head coach of Lethbridge’s Canadian Martial Arts Centre (CMC) Lee Mein was arrested on Friday afternoon in Tulsa, Oklahoma by the Tulsa Police Department on charges of sexual battery.

James Lee Mein, 47, who’s in Tulsa for UFC Fight Night 49 to corner his son Jordan Mein in a bout again Mike Pyle this coming Saturday, was arrested by TPD officers at 3:30pm and taken to Tulsa County Jail.
A bond of $2,000 was set, which was posted shortly afterwards and Mein was released at 12:26am on Saturday. He was given a court date of August 29th on the previously mentioned Sexual Battery charge.


UPDATE: Mmafighting.com got the following statement on the situation from the UFC:

“We were made aware that James Lee Mein, father of UFC competitor Jordan Mein, was arrested yesterday on allegations of felony sexual assault. Mr. Mein is accused of sexually assaulting a housekeeper at the UFC’s host hotel in Tulsa, Okla.

The UFC finds the allegations against Mr. Mein deplorable and we fully support local law enforcement in its investigation. The UFC is also prohibiting Mr. Mein from attending tonight’s event should he post bail.

Jordan Mein will remain on tonight’s card.”

56 Responses to “ *UPDATED* Lee Mein arrested on Sexual Battery charges ”

  1. BBking says:

    Nothing new there…just sounds like another MMA guy trying to justify/stick up for the sport and its image.

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  2. mike kent says:

    I’ve never hear a bigger crock of shit then that guy in the radio interview. Just has absolutely no facts or anything and acts like he was in the room. Complete bullshit that they even asked him about this with him admittedly only hearing hearsay

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  3. Nick Penner says:

    Anyone have any actual news yet?

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  4. letsfight says:

    If you do a Twitter search you will find updates.

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  5. letsfight says:

    So what happens if he is found guilty after the next court date? Won’t Mein need a coach travelling to the US with him for future fights?

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  6. Jim says:

    Pretty awesome that this all turned out to be a bullshit accusation. Nice of the UFC to bar him from the event for nothing.

    False accusations should be punished brutally, it’s a corruption of the justice system.

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