Jake Shields Heads North To Fight Ryan Ford at WSOF 14

Jake Shields (photo: WSOF)

Jake Shields (photo: WSOF)

Jake Shields is heading to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to face hometown fighter Ryan Ford at World Series of Fighting 14, according Top MMA News‘ sources close to the fight.   The event will be held on October 11th at the Northlands Expo Centre and will be live on NBC Sports Network.

Facing Ford in front of his rabid hometown crowd will be not be an issue for Jake Shields, who headlined UFC 129 in Toronto in front of 55,000 Georges St-Pierre backers. Shields (29-7), who will be making his first appearance for the World Series of Fighting, is a former Strikeforce and EliteXC champion and a UFC Welterweight title contender. Shields has gone 3-1-1 in his last five fights with wins over Demian Maia, Tyron Woodley, and Yoshihiro Akiyama.  He lost a decision to Hector Lombard in his last UFC appearance.

Ryan Ford Signs to Fight Jake Shields

Ryan Ford Signs to Fight Jake Shields

Shields will undoubtedly be the biggest test of Ryan Ford’s career. Ford (22-4), the #4 ranked Canadian Welterweight, is unbeaten in his last six fights and has been victorious in ten of his last eleven trips to the cage. In his most recent bouts, “The Real Deal” smashed Joel Powell with a Front Kick, submitted Michael Hill while he had a broken arm, and knocked out Brendan Tierney with a left hook while jumping into his guard.

Canada’s top Heavyweight Smealinho Rama (8-1) will join Shields and Ford on the card. Rama most recently defeated former UFC Heavyweight Tim Hague in May. Previous to that fight, Rama stopped the highly-regarded World Series of Fighting prospect, former Olympic wrestler Steve Mocco.

The event was originally scheduled for October 4th, according to the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission, but sources state that the show has now been pushed back one week to October 11th.

42 Responses to “ Jake Shields Heads North To Fight Ryan Ford at WSOF 14 ”

  1. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Interesting… No comments, everyone’s still in shock with what happened earlier today with Jones and Cormier!

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  2. Powell says:

    For fuck sakes ford has no fucking ground …easy fight for shields..gup not..more like fords getting beat up and taped out Quick…

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  3. Donald Duck says:

    On paper Shields beats Ford 9 times out of 10.

    The MMA Nerds will be out in full force to tell you why this is a bad fight for Ryan.

    I have learned to never bet against Ford.


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  4. mcinnes says:

    *waits for someone to post a foot in mouth joke*

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  5. Troy says:

    Shields just has too much experience against higher level strikers (Daley, kampmann) and hendo did not put him away with his big right hand so I see it being trouble for ford. I hope he has great TDD this fight, but looks like shields has it

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  6. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    We certainly haven’t seen Ford’s development on the ground because no one has either tested it or gotten far enough too. I think Ford is still getting better where as Shields hasn’t looked good in his last few outings.

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  7. Adam Lorenz says:

    I think this is a sweet fight. Ford is strong & fast so he could definitely catch Jake. Jake is actually on a pretty decent run despite what people say…In his last 3 he lost a decision to Lombard but got wins against Maia and Woodley who are both top notch guys. I bet most sites have Shields in the top 10 in the world so this is a big opportunity for Ryan.

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  8. K.Rasmuss says:

    I think the Ford Army is going to be disappointed when Jake leaves with a win . But hey , Ryan deserves this fight . Its a Huge fight , Home field advantage , He can elavate his career to the top level with a unerdog Knock Out ! Im buying a ticket .

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  9. TaporSnap72 says:

    I said this was the match up 3 weeks ago and got shit on in this forum…even though I knew what I was talking about…and as much as I love Ford..Shields subs him inside of 2 rounds…

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  10. This fight is now confirmed by WSOF.

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  11. mmafan2 says:

    Shields is on his way down and Ford is on his way up. It could be Ford’s time to take on a guy who is on his way out with a big name, But honestly Ford has been caught and has had troubles with guys like Lima, and even hutlet so I do see this being a problem for Ford if he can’t keep it standing. I have to give this to Shields.

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  12. TaporSnap72 says:

    Another thing that nobody has mentioned is how this fight makes little sense from the perspective of the WSOF. If Ford wins what does that mean…While a win over Shields is a great career mark there is no way Ford gets a title shot unless he gets his issues with entering the US cleared up and based on what caused said issues I do not see this happening. There is no way the WSOF will host WW title shots for Ford in Edmonton for him…So while this fight will draw in the long term its kind of short sighted by the WSOF considering its future implications..

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  13. Darren Owen says:

    WSOF would indeed have WW title fights in Canada. Why wouldn’t we? Canada is a very strong MMA market and when we the best fans in Canada pack the house Oct.11 that will prove even more why Canada has the best MMA fans in the world.

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  14. @TaporSnap72…. Ford draws crowds. If he beats Shields, imagine what the size of the crowd will be at WSOF 18 in Edmonton against Palhares or Fitch or whoever holds the title? If he wins the title, how many more would come for his title defenses?

    Edmonton has done at least three Aggression, AFC, WSOF Canada shows every year, of course they would support Ford title fights in even larger numbers.

    We all know Edmonton is the #1 place for MMA in Canada. The UFC has missed the boat with this market and WSOF could own the market just like Strikeforce owned San Jose.

    Its when Ford starts losing that the crowds may dry up because no one has his fan base.

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  15. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Is Ford still limited to only fighting in Canada? That’s still the real question because if he wins his next fight, one would think he would/could be the next challenger for the belt (Palhares’). Though there is only two markets in Canada I see them booking fights, Edmonton & Montreal, I would think that WSOF won’t book events around somebody who is bound to only fight in a smaller share of the market compared to that of the U.S. and whom fighters have working visas. Not even the UFC accommodates any one fighter.

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  16. Dean Panas says:

    Keith made a very good point comparing the Strikeforce and San Jose to what could happen with WSOF and Edmonton. I am not sure how big the crowds have been for the WSOF in the States, but I do know they have drawn great numbers on tv.

    Ryan Ford is a very polarizing individual. He catches your attention with his appearance and he keeps it with his fight style. Let’s speculate and say Ryan does beat Shields. He will draw attention instantly from people who don’t know who he is now. All of a sudden WSOF and NBC is going to start putting a little more effort into making him more known. His story will get told, he will be showcased a bit more. And all of a sudden there are bigger cards in Edmonton and hopefully the rest of Canada. If this were to happen it would be HUGE for every other fighter who gets a chance to fight on the show.

    I don’t need to state that I am pulling for Ryan, that’s obvious. But just think of the opportunity it may bring to other fighters if Edmonton is to become to WSOF what San Jose was to Strikeforce. It’s speculating a lot, but damn that would be great for Canadian MMA.

    Once again, great point Keith!

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  17. TaporSnap72 says:

    Edmonton supports Ford…they do not support MMA shows in the droves you say they do as shown by the last WSOF card held there…and comparing what Strikeforce did with their San Jose shows to the WSOF strictly holding (potentially holding) their most prestigious division title only in Edmonton or elsewhere I guess in Canada is ridiculous. The business implications of Ryan being unable to promote ANY WSOF business in your largest Market is huge and to deny that is ignorant to say the least…

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  18. Ryan D says:

    Are you kidding? That was one show. Have you ever been to an MFC or Unified card or one of the many other shows? That was one show that was a weak card.

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  19. Jeff says:

    I have never been to a Unified,AFC or MFC that was not packed full of people!

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  20. Snooki says:

    If u want to see the biggest MMA Event to ever hit Edmonton. U will be at Ford vs Shields Oct 11. Mfc Wec Unified all together still won’t put as many asses in the seats as Ford Vs Shields and that’s one fight not a whole card. WAR FORD

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  21. Frankie Bollinger says:

    Canada speak up get Cody Bollinger on this Card!

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  22. Bateman says:

    Jeeeeesus Frankie. Doesnt your brother have a legit manager or something that can find him fights?

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  23. Cody Saftic says:

    I’m pretty sure Frankie Bollinger is his father…I remember him fighting back in the day:


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  24. mmarama says:

    Bollinger can’t get into Canada.. They have this doorway you have to walk through and his HEAD won’t fit.. Same Reason Tito Couldn’t make it.

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  25. AMLECF says:

    He’s also too fat to get through that doorway

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  26. Frankie Bollinger says:

    I’ve been there and know more about this game than anyone that charges 15 percent

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  27. Cody Saftic says:

    ^^^ I agree sir, I’d love to see your son fight in Canada, unfortunately he would likely draw a Canadian so it’s going to be hard to get any love on this forum

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  28. Frankie Bollinger says:

    Hate love either way we just want a Fight.
    We can walk out to that “fuck Canada ” song if they
    want TeamBollinger 16-2 at age 23. Probably too much French blood Enbread in Canada for them to find a tough enough
    featherweight to face The ClicKable
    Now I dont really believe that but lets see…
    ty cody ;)

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  29. Frankie Bollinger says:

    Clickable lol

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  30. Don't Call Me Leon says:

    Wait Frankie, is Cody’s Dad? No his brother yeah? Either way, is Cody fighting in one division exclusively or both 35′ & 45′? Not sure who from Canada is available for him, nobody whose not locked up anyway!

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  31. Frankie Bollinger says:

    Cody has fought at 35 45 55 and Catchweight 165
    Doesn’t matter weight didn’t use to be an issue.
    you make weight 2000 x and miss twice your labeled
    He just wanst to put on exciting fights and feed his family
    16-2 23 just the beginning

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  32. Graham Spencer or Josh Machan vs Bollinger

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  33. “Probably too much French blood Enbread in Canada for them to find a tough enough

    Is enbread, like Inbred?

    LOL this is kinda funny, in a super ignorant kinda way. WTF

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  34. BOOBOO says:


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  35. BOOBOO says:

    HINT. HINT .

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  36. Frankie Bollinger says:

    Sounds great! Grienke get the media ball
    rolling l ll get Cody 10 interviews to pump this fight
    up and start a blog on the camp with RehEat

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  37. Darren Owen says:

    Frankie, we appreciate the efforts to secure a fight for Cody. To be honest with you your efforts are better off directed towards Ali. Although all of us Canadian fans enjoy watching very talented fighters the main card for this event is already booked, just not all fights have been announced. I personally would like to see Cody vs Georgi Karakhanyan @145 and with a win a title fight next.

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  38. M.F.M says:

    At the end of the day, Cody’s contract is pretty heavy duty, and it doesn’t make financial sense to bring Bollinger out to Edmonton. He’s not going to be a big draw, won’t sell tickets, and he costs a shit ton of money. Since he won his first 2 fights with WSOF Vegas, he’s on his 3rd pay-grade, too rich for WSOF Canada.

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  39. RickRoll says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  40. Ryan D says:

    Pav would give his left but to get Ford back you clown!!

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  41. harry balls says:

    “Enbread”. classy as hell. you know guys who can’t make weight get the gears around here?

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  42. Frankie Bollinger's doppelganger says:

    Never a good idea to call others “enbead” when you can’t even spell the word. I guess Johns Hopkins won’t be calling for either “Frankie” or “Cody” anytime soon.

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