Edmonton MMA Fighter Facing Manslaughter Charges


Justin Nanaquawetung faces manslaughter charges following the death of Michael Laronde on June 22, 2014, according to a Beacon News report.  Lalonde died of blunt force trauma to the head following a fight outside an Edmonton Bar.

Nanaquawetung voluntarily turned himself in to authorities and has been released on bail.

Nanaquawetung (3-1) was scheduled to face Parwez Ghulam in a Unified MMA 20 bout on September 26th.  Due to these unfortunate circumstances, Nanaquawetung will no longer appear on the card.  Ghulam will now face Behrang Yousefi.

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  1. Old School Jake says:

    Obviously we don’t know all the details and he’s entitled to due process in a court of law. However, I can say, that I am happy that the Edmonton Sun or other newspapers didn’t run the headline “MMA Fighter kills someone in fight”…..yet.

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  2. Donald Duck says:

    Given the quality of SUN writers I think you just wrote their tag line Jake.


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  3. Old School Jake says:

    @Donnie…so true…lol

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  4. leanne says:

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  5. Having met Justin on a few occasions he seemed like a quiet, unasuming, reserved individual, but I guess that can change in quite a hurry when that individual subjects himself in an environment rampant with drugs ,booze and hostilities.

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  6. cody says:

    Hope it gets settled and mma doesnt get a bad name , leanne I really hope your not lieing and there is an actual tape that you have seen, cause if not thats retarded to assume

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  7. harry balls says:

    Makes me sad. Bar fights are so fucking idiotic and this can be the result. Unless you or someone else is in imminent danger, why do the dance.

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  8. F-you says:

    You know what I hope that Justin has to serve some time for killing this man an for no reason except he was asked to stop banging on a bar Window cuz Justin was mad it was past last call and just showed up past last call so fuck you Justin you piece of shit FUCK YOU!

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  9. F-you says:

    NO reason for this to happen and I don’t have anything against mma look at all the fighters who can think before they act, Justin not one of them obviously

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  10. Justin will probably be sentenced to 5 years for manslaughter and be out in 18 months with good behavior.

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  11. leanne says:

    The surveillance camera at the pub caught it. The video was running as all watched and ran to Micheals aid.

    Its very unfortunate as it sounds like Justin was making a huge name in the MMA sector. Good looking man who could of went further in life. Makes a selfish move and now his life has changed.

    For Micheal, he leaves behind a beautiful 10 year old daughter, numerous family members and friends. Michael was a very loving, compassionate, funny, hard working individual. Who had a full life ahead of him. Justin sentenced him to death.

    Your right folks, Justin will likely get a light sentence. He will be able to go on and live a full life. Have children and watch them grow and live out his life. His sentence freedom!

    However in closing what the jury chooses here in this life for Justin is far from the judgment he will be set before in the next.GOD sees everything and knew Justin’s heart at the time of his decision to sentence Michael.

    Enough said.

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  12. Boxer says:

    Justin goes to my gym, I know him personally, I look up to him; not because of his talent in MMA but because I’ve always admired the good in him. He’s very deep and down to earth. A Quiet, understanding, intelligent, over all a very friendly guy. I’ve always wanted to become a better person than I was yesterday so I see the good in people and I understand that good inside, and people like Justin are few and far between, I have the up most respect for him. Why do you all think he turned himself in? There’s no doubt in my mind Justin didn’t want to live with the guilt. He knew it was the right thing to do. Good people do what’s right. I’m absolutely sure it was an accident, he did not mean for it to escalate that far. After all, how often do people die of blunt head trauma by getting head butted. Death was not intentional. Justin, if you read this I want you to know that they’re not who they say you are. That’s not you. Stay true to yourself when things go completely wrong. You’ll get through this.

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  13. cjay says:

    bull shit if you a trained fighter there is no biz hiting a drunk guy come on now you a prize fighter train your hole life to us it on a drunk guy not a fighter what so ever

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