ECC 21: Contenders Weigh-In Results


ECC THUMBUsually summertime has little to offer when it comes to live mixed martial arts in Canada. Lucky enough, fans in Halifax will get the chance to see a live event as Extreme Cage Combat will hold their 21st event titled Contenders tomorrow night at Olympic Hall.

This afternoon the promotion held its weigh ins at Oasis Pub and Eatery which includes a main event match of Lyndon Whitlock against rising star Michael Spoenlein.Whitlock though was the only person to miss weight as he came in at 137lbs and will forfeit 20% of his fight purse. The rules with the commission in Nova Scotia is that you only get the one time to weigh in. They will give you two hours before the official weigh in to check your weight as many times as possible to make sure everything is on cue. They will also allow one extra pound for shorts/underwear

Tickets are still available for the event with the doors opening up at Olympic Hall at 6:30.

Here are the full results from the weigh ins this afternoon:

135lbs- Lyndon Whitlock (137)*** vs. Michael Spoenlein (135.6)
125lbs- Chris Kelades (125.6) vs. Adrian Woolley (125.2)
185lbs- Pat Carroll (181.2) vs Matt Heim (178.4)
155lbs- Joe MacDougall (153.2) vs. Rick Doyle (153.6)

Amateur MMA
265lbs- JP Shortall (233.8) vs Trevor White (254.2)
185lbs- Scott Naus (183.2) vs Chase Laudy (180.6)
160lbs- Eric Norris (158.2) vs Dan Vanderlans (158.6)
145lbs- Mike McKinnon (142) vs Cody Glode (143.6)

***missed weight

4 Responses to “ ECC 21: Contenders Weigh-In Results ”

  1. First time Kelades made 125. Congrats! Wish I could see Kelades vs Woolley.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Adrian Woolley is an important pioneer in this country.

    Every minute of every one of his fights is remarkable.

    Its hard to take a minute from him, never mind a round.

    Kelades is young and hungry. Good on him for trying to conquer this tough challenge.

    I wish I could see this fight.

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  3. Mike kent says:

    Man great top two fight ! Wish I was in attendance for this one. Lyndon wasn’t a small 45er I’m not surprised he’s hving difficulty making bantamweight but I think he will get there. Great fighter regardless.

    Woodleys a beast and kelades is a amazing on the ground.

    Good fights :)

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  4. Riggs says:

    How can a veteran, battle tested fighter like Whitlock show up heavy? He made the decision to drop to 135, competed once already at the weight and had at least 4 months notice for this fight

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