Hard Knocks FC Welterweight Title History


Hard_Knocks_THUMBBased out of Calgary, Alberta, the Hard Knocks Fighting Championship has only held a few professional title fights.

Here is a list of the HKFC Welterweight champions:

Champion Defeated Method Event
Date Video
Andrew Buckland Keto Allen SUB2, Guillotine, 4:55 HKFC 14 11/23/2011 WATCH
Vacant Andrew Buckland Released from HKFC contract to fight for BFL 11/30/2013
Sergej Juskevic Joel Powell SUB1, Knee Bar, 0:58 HKFC 39   11/14/2014  WATCH
Sergej Juskevic Lorawnt-T Nelson SUB2, Heel Hook, 2:43 HKFC 43 5/22/2015
 Cody Wilson  Sergej Juskevic SUB2, Arm Bar, 4:42 HKFC 48 1/29/2016



  • Andrew Buckland was HKFC’s first ever pro champion in any weight class.

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  1. updated title history with Sergej Juskevic’s win.
    Let’s see Juskevic vs Buckland next !

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  2. updated with Juskevic’s last two fights.
    added Juskevic vs Powell video.

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