Prestige Fight Club MMA and Saskatchewan Government Come to Terms


Prestige Fight Club THUMB(Prestige Fight Club Press Release)

Prestige Fight Club MMA is happy to announce that they have reached a deal with the Saskatchewan Government in regards to charges laid in conjunction with Prestige’s September 28th, 2013 event. Charges stemmed from a new law created with the passing of Bill 209. Prestige Fight Club and the Saskatchewan Government have agreed that a conditional discharge would be in the best interest of all parties involved, thus best thing for the advancement of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the Province.
Presiding Judge Kovatch , states he felt at no time did Prestige intentionally or maliciously try to break the law.

“We feel this is a huge victory for Prestige and for MMA” says Cord Crowthers who, along with Derek Daku, is a founding partner in Prestige Fight Club MMA. Crowthers states, “We have always felt that, if outside observers were given a chance to examine the facts, common sense would prevail and it would be obvious that no malicious intent was meant and no laws were premeditatedly broken.”

The discharge opens up the door for all promotors to move forward on a level playing field, and sets the stage for Prestige to apply for their license to host Saskatchewan’s first all Professional MMA event.

“We want to bring the best possible talent to the fans of Saskatchewan” says Daku. “That means from fighters from Saskatchewan, other parts of Canada and from around the World.” Crowthers goes on to say, “The Prestige Brand will be one of the biggest stages in Canadian MMA, and is looking to give the fans more than they could ever expected from an MMA event here at home!”

The second part of the deal is to start fresh and Crowthers & Daku have taken the initiative in doing just that by agreeing to stay their law suit against the Saskatchewan Government and the Saskatchewan Mixed Martial Arts Association(SMAA). With the same intent the Saskatchewan Government has ask for Prestige’s input in regards to helping with policy , while forming the new Pro Commission regulations and structure. Crowthers stated that their lawsuit was set in motion because “…we had no other option and our backs were up against the wall with the way events unfolded. This discharge, from all charges, allows Prestige to focus on what’s important and we have full expectations the Government wants the same. The goal now is to bring the best possible product to a very savvy market here in our Province.”

If the rumours are true, in regards to time frames, Prestige Fight Club MMA is looking to host their first professional show by the fall. Crowthers and Daku plan to keep the City of Weyburn as the home of Prestige and to host the Inaugural Professional event at Crecent Point Place.

“The city has been behind us from day one and we plan to show them our gratitude in a big way,” states Crowthers.

Prestige Fight Club MMA has hinted that they will be looking at new markets in Saskatchewan in the near future, but when pressed on whether or not they will look outside the Province, Daku says, “only time will tell.”

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  1. This seems like a sensible resolution to this. What are the conditions attached to the discharge?

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  2. kong says:

    big fail

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  3. The conditions of the discharge, as per Prestige Fight Club:

    1) Keep the peace for 90 days.
    2) The Crown wanted a $2000 fine. Prestige suggested a donation to local youth sports in Weyburn in lieu of a fine. $6000 was agreed on happily by Prestige and will be paid out to several local groups ASAP.

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  4. Thanks Keith.

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  5. Graham Weenk says:

    All in all, I’m glad to see it, we’ve been starved for pro MMA here so long, i have so many fighters sit out well over a year between fights because we don’t have the power of home fights…

    Hopefully Prestige, Honor Fight, Alpha Fight, Saturday Night Fights can all survive and thrive here! $6000 to local charity is a better way to go than giving a dime to the government in this case.

    Kurt “the Hurt”, Tyson Steele, Adam Lorenz may finally get to headline a fully legal and professional show here in Sask, they have worked hard, fought thru allot of adversity and waited a long time for this! weather its Honor fights or Prestige or whoever takes the first big plunge into pro MMA, I’m just excited its finally becoming a reality!

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    With the amount of talent Saskatchewan has that could make for a huge first card… hopefully I can get to the first Saskatoon pro card!

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