KOTC: Madness – Winnipeg – September 19


KOTC MadnessDate: September 19, 2014
Venue: RBC Convention Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tickets: 204-961-0349 or Ticketmaster

Fight Card:
205lbs- Joe Doerksen (50-16) vs. Tony Lopez (34-14)
170lbs- Jarod Milko (8-3) vs. Vyron Phillips (3-0)
187lbs- Andrija Pavlic (3-1) vs Drayton Angus (3-2)
155lbs- Lee Gaudet (2-4) vs Connor Derry (1-2)
170lbs- Corey Atkinson (3-2) vs. Thomas Richardson (1-0)
265lbs- Steve Roy (0-0) vs. Jared Henderson (1-0)
175lbs- Ivan James (0-1) vs. Damian Johnston (0-0)
180lbs- Brett Dumas (0-1) vs. Herman Neufeld (0-0)

***All fights unconfirmed and subject to commission approval

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  1. Andrija was scheduled to fight at 200lbs, he was walking around just over that and attempting to ‘bulk’ up as well

    Less than two weeks ago that opponent backed out, a 185 opponent was found. Andrija has never made 185 before, but being a gamer and really wanting to fight we offered 190, they agreed to 187.

    Don’t give these guys a hard time, they are both making sacrifices and doing something non ideal in order for the show to go on.

    Given enough notice 185 wouldn’t have been an issue… Hell, given 3 weeks notice it should have been fine.

    Maybe you’ve never had to cut weight before but that last extra two pounds can make a difference. We’d rather have an odd listed weight than be over contracted weight

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  2. Ryan D says:

    It was a question. Who is giving anyone a hard time. As for cutting weight no I never have thanks for asking. Lol Can’t ask questions anymore??

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  3. a proud friend says:

    Thank you for everything Mr. Black

    One More Time

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  4. My bad ryan D, i apologize, tones are hard to understand online, and one gets used to unwarranted criticisms…

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  5. Ryan D says:

    I’m guilty of being a idiot on here time to time. I can’t imagine how hard the weight cut thing on fighters is. Being a fan not a fighter I have learned to watch my comments as I mean no disrespect to fighters that give it there all. I love mma so freaking much and I owe it to you fighters that sacrifice so much to compete. I would love to try it out but I’m a kidney donor so I don’t think I could actually fight but would live to hit up a gym and learn the technique

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  6. Steve hill says:

    Good luck robin…. Hope u finish it off with a win…. Best of luck buddy …

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  7. Graham Weenk says:

    Best of luck Robin, great job of summarizing the “fight experience” and roller coaster of it all

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  8. Vale Tudo says:

    I really dont understand why people are talking about Robin Black vs Adam Bodwell. Let me repeat myself. Robin Black vs Adam Bodwell. Bodwell will get subbed in the first round as he himself has admitted he does not train. I really dont know why Robin is lowering himself to fight Adam Bodwell for his last MMA match, but thats up to him.

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  9. Shawn says:

    The only people who rag on Robin these days are jealous haters. He’s 45 and not that good, but has brought a lot of positivity ato the sport in Canada and raised the quality of view of it. He has earned the right to have whatever kind of fight he can handle and earned it 5 times over. 19 out 20 people who actually watch his contribution enough to know what he does really appreciate him. Negative prick. Let the man fight to even his record then let him carry on and continue make his positive contributions. Good for you Robin go give him hell.

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  10. Shawn says:

    You do great work Mr. Black.


    Go enjoy your last fight guy you’ve earned it. Thanks for what you do every week to make more people love the sport.

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  11. Slim says:

    I was about to post that despite Bodewell not training, at least the guy shows up. Well it looks like he doesn’t even want to do that.

    It’s a sad ending to Robin’s career. Sorry to hear bud.

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  12. Shawn says:

    Just took from Robin Black’s facebook-

    My fight is off. My opponent never got on the plane to Winnipeg.

    I cried for an hour then I decided to spend the day learning how to set the cage up with the crew. As I set the bolts into the metal and arranged the pad under the canvas, I reflected on how much I’ve enjoyed this journey of fighting.

    I’ll always cherish all of the experiences. The wins and the losses, the hard times. The pains and the failures. The sweet taste of victory. The great people I’ve met because of this.

    I could taste the win and taste the pride that I would feel to say that I fought 10 times and won 5 of them. Instead I will say that I fought 9 times and won almost as much as I lost.

    Thank you to Erica Black and Marc-Andre Drolet and Billy Martin and Evan Boris and John Ramdeen and The Fight Network and Para Bellum Tuesday Pro Sessions and Sergio Cunha Fight and and Chris Horodecki and Mark Hominick and Sandy Tsagouris and Adrian Woolley and Rory McDonell and Buzz Grant and Claude Patrick and tons and tons and tons of other people that helped me do this.

    Fighting and the Martial Arts has made me a better man. The happiness it has brought me is second only to the happiness I felt when I married my Erica.

    I look forward to using all of these experiences to do the very best I can in the job that I love analyzing Mixed Martial Arts every week on Fight Network.

    Thanks to everyone that has helped me. I love you all.


    Sorry to hear it Robin. All the best guy.

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  13. BOOBOO says:




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  14. Adam Bodwell says:

    Marc Aka Mad planned all this out with Robin they waited to tell me about my MED’s, To stress me out and throw me off my game, also telling me they wouldn’t license me, They were scared Robin was gonna lose cause I had an actually two month training camp and there still scared, Why did you call me so late, your the one with the exuses, Shouldn’t of even called me, GJ Marc, I would a been there, You guy’s succeeded

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  15. harry balls says:

    haha ‘your game’.

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  16. Old School Jake says:

    Never thought I’d actually say this but I agree with Harry Balls.

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  17. mmafan says:

    lol that news stressed you out enough to go to the hospital? thats just sad

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  18. Robin was scheduled to fight Adam once. The athletic commission didn’t approve the matchup.

    Nobody bailed on anybody that time.

    That fight was very costly for me. Why would I spend money to not have Robin fight? That makes no sense. I could have hired him cheaper and flown him out to be the ring announcer. And if he wasn’t fighting, he’d just stay at my house.

    I notified Adam the minute the Commission alerted me to the problem. I treated him no different than any other fighter. I let them know what is happening as soon as it happens.

    I was calling to see if he had the 3rd page of blood results that had the Hep B and maybe just forgot to send it.

    And again, if I was going to pretend Robin was fighting don’t you think I’d find somebody better than Bodwell to bail on him?

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  19. I removed comments from Cheerup as per comment rules of using multiple names.


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