Canadian Rumour Mill – June 16, 2014

Photo: Alicia Hamilton | Red Statyk

Photo: Alicia Hamilton | Red Statyk

Congrats to Valerie Letourneau and Jason Saggo for recording their first UFC wins this weekend in Vancouver, British Columbia. That is a feat that only 48 Canadians have now done! Welcome to the club, Val and Jason.

  • MFC World Middleweight champion Sam Alvey is leaving for the UFC. “Smilin” Sam will make his UFC debut against another MFC vet in Tom Watson on August 16th at UFC Fight Night in Bangor, Maine! That MFC belt has to be one of the best career launching pads for the UFC in the world!
  • Unified 21 will be held on October 24th at the Mirage Banquet Centre in Edmonton (did you think it’d be elsewhere, lol)! Merrick Duggan, Rocky Biggs and Matt Spisak will all be on the card!
  • Battlefield Fight League 33 has been set for September 20th in Richmond, BC… The all amateur card will feature an Amateur Light Heavyweight Title Fight between Kyle Francotti and Robin Laybourn
  • Ryan Jimmo broke his right forearm in his loss to Ovince St. Preux, here are pre and post surgery pics (PRE and POST)

  • Oh and by the way Valerie Letourneau’s big bruised eye was not due to a break. She just got a serious bruise and mega shiner! Tough!
  • Major congrats to Jerin Valel who at UFC 174 became the first Canadian referee other than Yves Lavigne to ref a UFC title fight when oversaw Johnson vs Bagautinov! Also can’t forget Kevin Dornan on a great job reffing UFC 174. And, of course, Alin Halmagean was a UFC cut man once again.
  • Good luck to Mike Sledzion and Woodrow James who both retired after their Pro Fighting Series bouts on the weekend! Here’s what Mike had to say about ending his pro career…

“I just wanted to say that last night’s fight will be my last as I am calling it a career, I want to thank all of my opponents that have had an effect in a positive way in my life. Win or lose I wouldn’t change a thing, it has been a great learning experience and changed me for the better, it was something that helped me realize what my life is about, I have a beautiful supportive wife and two beautiful daughters that are deserving of my full attention. Martial arts is a tool to heal people not hurt them, I would like to be remembered as a martial artist not just a guy that fought.. Thank you to all that had a place in this from the bottom of my heart. Peace!”

  • XFFC 5 is moving up a day to Friday October 24th, the promotion is doing some thinking and doesn’t want to compete with a huge charity poker tourney that’s happening on that Saturday. This show will try to give all of us fans Eric Wilson versus Adrian Woolley for their 125lbs Title, hopefully both guys will get to Grande Prairie in the best of health. Also look for hometown hero Spencer Jebb, who’s on a 6 fight win streak, to fight on the card! I’d like to see “The Jedi” get a rematch with Mark Drummond and try to avenge that loss!
  • Hopefully Jordan Murray is feeling much better. Jordan had to have emergency surgery on his gallbladder. Here’s what he had to say… “All my weight cutting has finally caught up to me I guess, looks like I have to remove my gallbladder after spending all day in emergency and losing alot of blood the Doctor says its 100% from cutting weight, crazy!” All our best to Jordan!
  • Where’s Mike “The Honey Badger” Hackert?

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  1. topmmafan says:

    This does not pertain to these specific rumors.. But Claude Patrick was “supposed” to be on the UFC 174 card in Vancouver after stating he has a clean bill of health. That didn’t happen, does anyone know if “The Prince” will be returning to the cage anytime soon? Besides his mishap against Ebersole, he has had one hell of a career. Would like to see him back!

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Claude is heading up the MMA program at Toronto BJJ I hear.

    IMO one of the best MMA coaches out there. Understands the game like so few.

    If I had to guess he’ll fight again. Incredible talent.

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  3. marshmallow says:

    How about Dickson vs Devin Murray and the winner takes on Healy?

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  4. robert says:

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  5. MMA Princess says:


    MMA Princess says:

    June 15, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    Hard Knox show Friday the 13 was everything you could want from a fight event as my husband and I travelled to Calgary from Edmonton and absolutely got our money back ten fold , from the very first fight to the last! except an unfortunate injury to one fighter while warming up but it was non stop action, skilled fighters with tons of heart and even the officials were top notch! thanks a bunch Hard Knox MMA

    Why is we never hear about the Hard Knox product out of Calgary on the your weekly blog ? just curious they deserve more credit and while I am on a rant Unified has been the best product out Edmonton ….not the MFC or WSOF props to these great promotions from both cities

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  6. Gossip Queen says:

    If people want to send me rumours about Hard Knocks, email them to me:

    If I get them, I will post them !

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