Hard Knocks 37 Play-by-Play


Hard_Knocks_THUMBHard Knocks Fighting Championship is back in their home base of Calgary, Alberta holding their 37th show and Dallas Bargholz is cageside covering all the action.

If you are in Calgary, why not buy some tickets HERE and enjoy some live MMA. There is nothing like it. If you are out of town, you can watch the Internet PPV and catch all the action.

Top MMA News Awards

  •  Fight of the Night: Matt Krayco vs Peter Arbeau
  • Submission of the Night: Rick Pfeifer
  • KO of the Night: n/a

Here is the play-by-play:

Pro Fights

Ryan Dickson vs Shawn Fitzsimmons
Round 1.
Shawn comes in with some rushing combos, but Ryan keeps his cool and replies with counters.  Shawn catches Ryan with a clean right hook knocking Ryan back to the cage.  Shawn stays on his wounded opponent but Ryan reverses Shawn as he follows him to the mat. Shawn retains full guard in the center of the cage.  Ryan works his way to half guard  and lands a left elbow.  Ryan Keeps working in some ground and pound but Shawn regains full guard.  Ryan keeps scoring from the top dodges some up-kicks as he creates distance and plunges into side control.  As Shawn turns Ryan takes his back and quickly locks in the rear naked choke.
Ryan Dickson submits Shawn Fitzsimmons by rear naked choke in Round 1, 3:46

Luis Huete vs Corey Houston
Round 1.
Fighters show respect and work their way around the cage throwing strikes and judging distance. Corey lands first with a combo to the body and keeps up the trend moving in and attacking the body.  Luis throws a head kick, Corey blocks, Luis lands another hard kick Corey comes in to the body Luis scores a short Elbow opening a cut under Corey’s eye.  Luis continues to moves in  with strikes and Corey counters to the body. Corey shoots for a double but Luis throws a flying knee which stuns his opponent.  Corey shoots for another  double but Luis shrugs him off and lands some damaging knees and kicks to the body.  Luis scores another cutting short elbow as his opponent moves in and the fighters trade.  They end up at the cage and Luis slams Corey to the mat.  Corey works his way back up but his feet seem to be slowed by the body kicks.  As he ducks Luis  lands a mean leg kick .   The fighters trade, Luis lands some more shots to the body Corey comes back with a flurry to to Luis’ body.  Luis peppers his opponent and throws another  body kick.  Corey catches it and gets a take down immediately trying to lock in a heel hook.  Luis defends and finishes the round with some ground and pound.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Luis Huete

Round 2.
The Ref calls in the doctor to look at Corey’s cut.  The doctor rules that the fight should continue.  Luis comes out with clear intent  creating angles with his footwork and working his opponent with leg and body kicks.  Corey replies with a punching combo to  Luis’ body and the fighters stand in the pocket exchanging combos.  Corey shoots for a double Luis counters with a knee, Corey winces but sticks to his technique and gets the take down. Luis gets to his feet pushes Corey away and catches him with a clean uppercut as he comes back in.  The fighters tie back up against the cage.  Luis lands a combo of knees to the head which buckles Corey’s knees.  Luis jumps on him and keeps the  pressure on him with ground and pound. Corey scrambles but Luis takes his back and chokes his opponent out.
Luis Huete submits Corey Houston by rear naked choke in Round 2, 2:58

Anton Tokarchuk vs RJ Richter
Round 1.
Anton has a large reach advantage, RJ throws first but Anton is able to stay out of range.  RJ finds his distance and lands a clean right strait then circles and lands a leg kick.  Anton keeps working but keeps waiting for RJ to attack first.  RJ moves in and lands a right strait to the body then is able to duck the inevitable counter.  Anton lands a teep to the thigh then checks RJ’s leg kick counter.  Anton circles and lands a leg kick of his own.  RJ shoots for a double  but Anton grabs his neck and defends.  RJ is able to get under hooks elevates Anton and brings him down to the mat.  Anton immediately reverses, stands up and lands a flurry against the cage.  RJ turns him and drives for another take down into side control, then mount.  RJ lands an couple elbows from top, Anton pushes off the cage but RJ rides him and continues to score some ground and pound.  Anton tries to tie him up but is unable to as the bell rings.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 RJ Richter

Round 2.
The fighters stand in the pocket and throw but both are too fast to be hit.  Anton lands a couple front kicks then a leg kick.  RJ throws a leg kick of his own, Anton moves in and lands a left hook.  They trade leg kicks and RJ shoots for another double, slamming his opponent to the mat. Anton pulls rubber guard but as he lets it go RJ takes mount.  Anton  Rolls and takes top position, and hits some ground and pound. RJ kicks him off, Anton stays on him rushing him with a barrage of punches and knees.  Stunning RJ who crumples, Anton follows him to the mat landing a variety of strikes .  RJ covers up and defends, works back to his feet then drags Anton down eating allot of strikes in the process.  From side control he tries to mount an offence but Anton ties him up eating the odd shot until the bell.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Anton Tokarchuk

Round 3.
Anton appears to be freshest at the beginning of the round and lands a crisp jab followed by a front kick.  RJ sees and opportunity shoots and gets a body lock on Anton.  Anton shrugs him off and throws a backward elbow which lands clean.  RJ ties him up against the cage and drags him down quickly taking mount position.   RJ lands some short elbows and Anton throws on a body lock from the bottom  then using the leverage of the position the drags his head out of danger. But RJ stays on him and scores some crushing elbows.  Anton works to tie up his opponent but RJ take mount. RJ tries to trap his arm and attacks with a head and arm choke.  Anton rolls out but RJ takes mount and feeds him some cage rattling elbows.  Anton guts it out and tries to box from the bottom but takes the worse of the exchange until the end of the round.  After the bell Anton stands up but is clearly wobbly and staggers into the cage.
TopMMANews Scores the round 10-9 RJ Richter
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 Richter
RJ Richter defeats Anton Tokarchuk by unanimous decision.

Chad Anheliger vs Rick Pfeifer
Round 1.
The fighters come out fast and circle the cage with speed. Rick movers in with a combo but Chad catches him with a clean right counter. The fighters tie up against the cage Chad grabs Ricks neck and Rick uses the grip to take Chad down. Rick lands in half guard and tries to advance his position But Chad defends Rick attacks an arm as Chad makes his way to his feet. Rick drags Chad down and traps Chad’s arm underneath him leaving him open to some right handed ground and pound. Chad goes for a guillotine but Rick is able to get out. Chad sweeps Rick as he goes for a Kimura, Rick immediately attacks from guard and the fighters get back to their feet. Chad lands a cracking head kick but Rick keeps his composure, catches it and trips Chad eating a couple up-kicks as he moves into Chad’s guard. Chad attacks with an arm bar from guard but Rick shakes him off.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Chad Anheliger

Round 2.
Chad goes for another head kick but Rick sees it coming a ducks. Rick throws some strikes and shoots but Chad circles out of danger. Rick eventually traps him against the cage and drags Chad down. Chad goes for a Kimura Rick rolls and takes Chad’s back. Chad escapes bur Rick stays on him and is able to keep half guard. Rick rides him high stars to set up a triangle from top position pausing to sneak in and elbow. As Chad bucks Rick rolls into and arm bar and vary quickly forces Chad to tap.
Rick Pfeifer submits Chad Anheliger by arm bar in Round 2, 2:37

Zach Manywounds vs Devon Smith
Fight cancelled due to an injury during warm-up.

Peter Arbeau vs Matt Krayco
Ref: Andy Social
Round 1
Peter throws hard but Matt lands first with a leg kick. Matt goes for a teep to the face but Peter is out of range the fighters move in and exchange close shots, Matt drives peter to the cage. Peter reverses and scores some hard strikes. The fighters jockey against the cage exchanging knees and short punches. Peter works some outside knees, Matt comes in with and uppercut. Peter slips in an and elbow but things even out when Matt lands some clinching knees to the head. Peter continues to work the knees Mat goes for a hip toss or a scissor leg take down, peter drops in him in top position Matt spins around and the fighters make their way to the feet Peter lands a crushing elbow Matt drops, Peter pounces on him and lays down some ground and pound but Matt hangs on till the end of the round.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Peter Arbeau

Round 2.
The hard pace of the first round is now apparent on the fighters as they wait for the bell. They start out the exchanging kicks 1-1 then punches, Peter clinches and pushes Matt down to his knees. Matt works back to his feet and takes Peter down. Peter works his way to his feet and Matt goes for a deep single Peter makes him pay with some hard repeating elbows to the side of his head opening up a large laceration in Matt’s scalp. The fighters clinch again against the cage trading knees, Peter from the outside Matt from the inside. Matt again goes for the deep single peter elbows his now viciously bleeding head. The fighters move to the center of the cage and exchange kicks Peter drives a nice strait knee then a short elbow. Matt takes the center of the cage and scores an elbow of his own then a clean head kick. Peter looks very tired but keeps coming at Matt till the end of the round.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Peter Arbeau

Round 3.
The crowd is deafening as this fight proves to be the most action packed of the night. Peter throws a teep Matt a leg kick, Peter throws two high kicks and Matt attacks his legs again. The fighters stay at the center of the cage and Peter throws two teeps Matt a leg kick peter counters with a right, Matt throws a strait kick Peter catches it and throws Matt down but immediately lets him up. Matt keeps working Peters legs but Peter stays in the pocket and the men trade strike for strike countering kicks with punches an punches with kicks. Matt scores a clean teep to the body then Peter lands an outside leg kick. The crowd finally starts to settle down, now used to this furious pace. Peter throws a glancing kick Mat makes him pay with a 1-2 combo. Matt starts to work his double jab and begins to extend his combos. The crowd cheers with a violence that matches the fighters efforts as the fight ends.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Matt Krayco
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 for Peter Arbeau

Peter Arbeau defeats Matt Krayco by Unanimous Decision

Amateur Fights

Keith MacDuff vs Nick Burnham
Round 1
Keith lands first with a pouching combo Nick ducks the last blow and gets a quick double leg take down. Keith works hard from the bottom but Nick maintains side control. Nick lands a good knee to the body then starts to isolate an arm but Keith escapes. Nick goes again for a Kimaura Keith circles and escapes. Keith regains half then full guard but Nick frees a leg and throws some digging body shots.
TopMMANews Scores the fight 10-9 Nick Burnham.

Round 2.
Keith throws a super man punch at the bell but Nick shoots under and double legs him into side control. Nick gets mount and flattens Keith out, from mount he locks in and head and arm choke swings his legs over and tightens the choke. Keith fights out and gets back to his feet then Nick drags him back down to the mat. Nick gets mount, Keith kicks off the cage but Nick is able to keep dominant postion. Nick goes for anither head and arm choke but lets go at the 10s clapper and throws some more right hooks to the body.
TopMMANews Scores the fight 10-9 Nick Burnham

Round 3.
The fighters jockey a little Nick throws a right hook immediately closes the distance and takes Keith down against the cage. Nick works his way to half guard but Keith keeps a good defences from the bottom. Nick goes for a Kimaura from half guard but Keith escapes. Nick uses the submission attempt to move into side control, postures up and lands a good body shot. Keith tries to shrimp and reverse but Nick uses the space to throw knees. Keith briefly gets up to his knees and as the 10s clapper goes Nick latches on a guillotine pulls guard and holds it until the end of the fight.
TopMMANews Scores the round 10-9 Nick Burnham.
Top MMA News scores the fight 30-27 Nick Burnham
Nick Burnham defeats Keith MacDuff by Unanimous Decision

Ryan Niddery vs Darcy Caissie
Round 1.
Darcy starts to feel the distance lands a jab moving in then a combo of over hands driving ryan back into the cage. Ryan grabes his neck but Darcy pulls out and lands from top position. Ryan grabs a single but Darcy flattens him out. Ryan works hard to get back up but leaves his neck out Darcy grabs it and rolls him going for a guillotine from the bottom. Ryan fights Darcy’s grip and throws some knees to Darcy’s hips. Sticks with his submission locks in his grips straitens Ryan out and squeezes a d forces Ryan to tap.
Darcy Caissie submits Ryan Niddery by Guillotine in Round 1, 2:49

Mac Laursen vs. Damon Begg
Round 1.
Both fighters look very focused Damon starts off with a kick Mac responds with a right strait Damon Ties him up Mac fights the takedown and brings Damon down with a hip toss. Mack moves from side control to mount and throws a shoulder blow. Damon trys to shrimp Mac keeps his base but Damon eventually sweeps, Mac takes full guard and works his way up to his feet. Damon briefly takes his back but Mac shakes him off and works his way back into mount. He goes for a guillotine but Damon pulls out and takes top position.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Mac Laursen

Round 2.
The fighters meet on the middle Mac uses his foot work to keep the distance lands a three punch combo Damon throws another kick Mac lands a crisp right down the middle. Damon clinches a drives Mac to the cage. Mac reverses lands a flurry to the body Damon ties him up but Mac gets another hip toss, Damon sees it coming this time and tries to reverse but Mac takes his back. Damon scrambles and tries to control Mac’s neck but Mac is able to sink in the rear naked choke and forces Damon to tap at 54s in round 2.
Mac Laursen submits Damon Begg by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 0:54

Samuel Franchi vs. Nic Dupasquier
Round 1
The bell rings and the fighters start the night out. Fighters shake hands and immediately Nic goes for a take down, Sam defends and Nic drives him against the cage.  Nic throws some body shots Sam replies with some short punches .  Sam gets the Muay Thai plumbe then releases and turns Nic.  Nic reverses Sam and pressures him into the cage. Nic lands a low blow and the ref separates the fighters.  They meet again in the center of the cage and Sam throws a sharp leg kick Nic responds in kind, Sam seems to be expecting the counter low kick catches it elevates Nic and slams him to the mat, immediately passes guard and starts flattening Nic out.  From side control Sam starts working for mount  and gets it at the 10 second clapper.  Sam throws some shots from top position and maintains dominant position as the round ends.
TopMMANews scores the Round 10-9 Franchi

Round 2
The fighters know each others game plans now have felt each other out and both look fresh. They exchange in the middle Nic with and inside leg kick Sam with straight punch then a very hard right hook, the fighters tie-up and Sam gets another thunderous take down.  Sam works for the arm from the top Nic shakes him off and Sam grabs his neck and tries for a guillotine.  Nic escapes takes top position but Sam sweeps from the bottom, takes mount and goes for triangle from top.  Nic spins Sam retains half guard.    Nic works hard from bottom but Sam is able to keep position, trap an arm and roll or an arm bar.  Nic defends as the bell goes.
TopMMANews scores the Round 10-9 Franchi

Round 3
Sam starts the round with a now trade mark slam from top starts attacking his arm.  Nics joint is hyper extended and can be heard popping from ringside.  Nic holds on and does not tap Sam goes for a triangle.  Nic rolls him and takes top position escaping from the triangle.  Nic digs into Sams body, Sam holds half guard   Nic continues to feed Sam body shots and Sam works his way to full guard as the fight ends.
TopMMANews scores the round 10-9 Franchi
Top MMA News scores the fight 30-27 Franchi
Sam Franchi defeats Nic Dupasquier by Decision


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  1. Mamas boy says:

    An injury during warm-ups? Wow…

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  2. caveman bully says:

    Anyone else’s having loads of problems with the stream? Mine dropped the whole thing completely

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  3. cavemanbully says:

    back on to catch the end of the houston huette fight.

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  4. Fighter says:

    Ryan Dickson is going to be a beast at 155lbs…sick..Hopefully he fights a couple of times during the summer and he just may get the call for the UFC Toronto card…good RD

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  5. B2J says:

    Great night of fights. Arbeau vs Krayco was a war. Congrats to both guys.

    Congrats to Luis Huete. Amazing performance and display of striking.

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  6. Brad Wall says:

    I just wanted to say thanks to Hard Knocks for the great night of fights. We can’t wait for Devon to fight next event. Unfortunate he was unable to compete, due to his opponents injury. I wish Zach a quick recovery, no one wants to see someone get injured before it after a fight!

    Devon put in a great training camp here in Lethbridge, 12 hrs away from him home and family. Glad you’ve found a second family and team at PFA.

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  7. MMA Princess says:

    Hard Knox show Friday the 13 was everything you could want from a fight event as my husband and I travelled to Calgary from Edmonton and absolutely got our money back ten fold , from the very first fight to the last! except an unfortunate injury to one fighter while warming up but it was non stop action, skilled fighters with tons of heart and the even the officials were top notch! thanks a bunch Hard Knox MMA

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