MFC Light-Heavyweight Title History


MFC-THUMBThe Maximum Fighting Championship is one of the oldest and most prestigious MMA organizations based in Canada.

Dating back to 2006, the MFC has had eight Light-Heavyweight title fights and five champions.

Here is a list of the MFC Light-Heavyweight champions:

Champion Defeated Method Event
Date Video
Victor Valimaki Jason Day SUB1, RNC, 2:15 MFC 10 9/8/2006
Victor Valimaki Jared Kilkenny KO1, 3:26  MFC 11  2/3/2007
 Roger Hollett Victor Valimaki SUB1, Punches, 2:06 MFC 13 8/24/2007
Emanuel Newton Roger Hollett DEC5, Unanimous MFC 19 12/5/2008
Trevor Prangley Emanuel Newton DEC5, Unanimous MFC 21 5/15/2009
 Vacant Trevor Prangley Stripped, fought outside of MFC 10/8/2009
 Ryan Jimmo Dwayne Lewis TKO3, Doctor Stoppage, 3:13 MFC 28 2/25/2011
Ryan Jimmo Zak Cummings DEC5, Unanimous MFC 29 4/8/2011
Ryan Jimmo Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou DEC5, Unanimous MFC 31 10/7/2011


  • Most Title Defenses: Ryan Jimmo (2)
  • Only three out the ten Light-Heavyweights who have fought for the MFC title have not fought in the UFC: Dwayne Lewis, Jared Kilkenny, Emanuel Newton.
  • Ryan Jimmo vs Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou was fought under the 1/2 point scoring system.
  • Emanuel Newton went on to become the Bellator MMA Light-Heavyweight champion

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  1. K.Rasmuss says:

    Quality !!!

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  2. Absolutely @K.Rasmuss…

    3 MFC title holders went on to fight in the UFC
    1 went on to win Bellator LHW title
    1 came from the UFC/Strikeforce and went on to fight in Bellator/Strikeforce


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  3. Bruce Griffin says:

    Two of the worst fights I have ever seen,

    Jimmo vs Cummings
    Jimmo vs Sokoudjou

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