Canadian Welterweight MMA Rankings – May 2014


By far, Welterweight is the deepest division in Canada. Even with dominating fighters like Georges St-Pierre and Claude Patrick removed from this list, there are still six UFC fighters on this list. What an vast array of talent Canada brings to the 170 division.

In fact, it is so deep that there is no room for The Ultimate Fighter champion Chad Laprise, Bellator’s Vaughn Anderson, Toshido MMA smasher Mike Hill, nor super prospect Ryan Dickson!

Here is the Top 10:

Top 10 Canadian Welterweight Rankings

1. Rory MacDonald (16-2) – Previous Rank (2) – With Georges St-Pierre taking a hiatus from the sport, Rory MacDonald jumps up to claim the number one spot. Over the past year, the Tristar fighter has dominated Demian Maia and Jake Ellenberger while dropping a decision to Robbie Lawler, in a fight that probably cost him a shot at the vacant UFC belt. He takes on Tyrone Woodley in his home province next in another fight that could grant a title shot to the winner. Next fight: vs Tyrone Woodley at UFC 174 on June 14

Jordan Mein (photo: Mike Fischl)

Jordan Mein (photo: Mike Fischl)

2. Jordan Mein (28-9) – Previous Rank (3) Jordan Mein can throw standing elbows for days! “Young Gun” has beaten Dan Miller and, more recently, Hernani Perpetuo in the UFC.  In between those octagon victories, was a loss to “The Immortal” Matt Brown and there is no shame in that.  Like Rory MacDonald, Mein graduated from bright prospect to full-fledged top Canadian gun!   Skies the limit for Mein! Next fight: TBD.

3. Patrick Côté (20-8) – Previous Rank (NR)Patrick Côté has shone inside and outside the octagon! Since dropping down to Welterweight, the former #1 Canadian Middleweight is unbeaten with decision wins over Bobby Voelker and Kyle Noke.  He also has a DQ win thrown in for good measure. Outside the cage, Côté successfully coached Canadian Welterweights and Middleweights to TUF Nations victories.  A great year for ‘The Predator’ who debuts at #3! Next fight: TBD

4. Ryan Ford (22-4) – Previous Rank (4) – “The Real Deal” retains his number four spot in the rankings with three wins in the AFC/WSOF Canada organization since the start of 2013.  Ryan Ford is on a six fight win streak with wins over Joel Powell, Michael Hill, and Brendan Tierney and is the current WSOF Canada Welterweight champion. Ford, who is also 2-0 in Bellator action, is an aggressive fighter who is currently injured.  Let’s hope we see him competing in the fall.  Next fight: vs TBD.

5. Sean Pierson (14-6) – Previous Rank (5) – The Punisher maintains his position in the Top 10 with a win over Kenny Robertson.  That Sean Pierson performance at UFC 161 set the Canadian standard for Heart and Durability.  Pierson took the first two rounds, but a game Robertson rebounded in the third and had Pierson rocked.  The #5 Canadian refused to quit and took home his third consecutive UFC win.  Pierson has become synonymous with gritty performances! Next fight: vs TBD

Alex Garcia (photo: Mike Fischl)

Alex Garcia (photo: Mike Fischl)

6. Alex Garcia (12-1) – Previous Rank (9) – One of the biggest movers since the last rankings, Alex Garcia defeated three consecutive fighters in 2013 with wins over Ryan Dickson, Chris Heatherly, and Ben Wall.  The win against Wall was an incredible KO performance in his UFC debut.  Garcia continued his winning ways in 2014 with a win over Sean Spencer at UFC 171.  2-0 in the UFC and one of Canada’s most powerful Welterweights, the sky is the limit for “The Dominican Nightmare”. Next fight: TBD.

7. Joel Powell (7-4) – Previous Rank (10) – Fans need to see more Joel Powell.  A strong wrestler who is not afraid to throw, Powell defeated former Ultimate Fighters George Lockhart and Michael Hill in 2013.  Unfortunately, he ran into a red hot Ryan Ford and got knocked out rather quickly in that fight.  Powell, who is on a 6-2 run since 2011, will be back better than ever! Next fight: TBD

8. Chris Clements (11-5) – Previous Rank (6) – After defeating Keith Wisniewski at UFC 145,  Chris Clements has been pretty quiet in the UFC.  First he lost to Matt Riddle but that was overturned due to a failed drug test and then he came up short against “Wonderboy” Stephen Thompson.  Clements has been suffering the effects of a shoulder injury and is taking his time returning to the octagon.  Fans could expect to see “Menace” back in the fall – maybe at Lightweight.  Next fight: TBD

9. Matt MacGrath (15-8) – Previous Rank (NR) – Matt MacGrath is the reigning Elite 1 MMA, Extreme Cage Combat, and Xcessive Force Fighting champion.  Quite simply, Matt MacGrath is “The Belt Collector”. Although his record is not fantastic, a deeper look reveals that seven of his eight losses have come at the hands of current or former UFC fighters.  MacGrath is riding a five fight win streak that includes wins over former UFCer Mark Holst and the tough Jarod Milko.  Who will put their belt on the line against “The Belt Collector” next.  Next fight: TBD

Ryan Machan (photo: Rob Trudeau)

Ryan Machan (photo: Rob Trudeau)

10. Ryan Machan (22-9) – Previous Rank (NR) – A former Top 10 ranked Lightweight, Ryan Machan finally debuts on the Welterweight rankings.  Machan is fun to watch as he is a finisher.  In fact, the Red Deer fighter has finished each of his 22 wins.  Just when you think he is on the ropes, out of nowhere he will turn the tables on his opponent and send him home with a loss. Machan is on a 7-1 run with wins over Nathan Gunn, Brendan Tierney, and Richie Whitson in that streak.  Next fight: TBD

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10 – Georges St-Pierre (was #1, hiatus), Nordine Taleb (was #7, now MW), Tyson Steele (was #8),

Just out of Top 10 (in no order):
Brandt Dewsbery (12-3-1)
Advin Omic (13-4)
Ryan Dickson (7-2) – Next fight: vs Shawn Fitzsimmons at Hard Knocks 37 on June 13
Chad Laprise (8-0)
Tyson Steele (10-2)
Michael Hill (7-2)
Matt Dwyer (7-1)

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  1. the goods says:

    now we wait for loyd’s rant

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  2. Lloyd Christmas says:

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  3. lannymcdonald says:

    Mein almost lost both fights to Miller and Perpetuo narrowly escaping submissions…and got spanked by Brown. Don’t get too excited yet.

    Macdonald needs to show that he can win that big fight before he reaches the next level. If Woodley smashes him it’s gonna be awhile before he gets another opportunity if at all.

    I think Cote will be the biggest surprise out of all of them…but he’s got a smaller window obviously being 34.

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  4. Sheldon Westcott does not qualify for our Welterweight rankings as he has not fought at 170 in the past 365 days.

    Since his last Welterweight fight 14 months ago, Westcott is 1-1 at Middleweight with a win over a low ranked Aaron Shmyr and a loss to highly ranked Elias Theodorou.

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  5. Cow Town says:

    Agree with top 10 and Keith

    You have to fight tough guys to rise.

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  6. Other than his TUF outings its tough for westcott to garner any rankings momemtum when he accepts one or two fights a year and usually against the Aaron Shmyrs of the mma world or undersized opponents like wildman Denny , lol I recall one AFC card where they were trying to line him up with Neil Doty. until he challenges and beats upper eschalon fighters like ford,machan,etc his standing deserves to be where it is.

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  7. It will get even harder to make this list with up to four UFC Welterweights not currently in our ranks potentially fighting in the next while – Westcott, Taleb, Patrick, and I could see St-Pierre even returning at some point.

    I assume Laprise and Aubin-Mercier will drop to 155 and Theodorou will stay at 185.

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  9. Snyper Mcgrath says:

    You know I had the opportunity to watch Neil Doty fight last week a a great Unified card and it seems a lot of the critisicm directed toward him is no necessary. The guy comes to fight and put on a crowd pleaser.

    Probably a hard working guy who just likes to fight.

    Support your efforts Neil!

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  10. BrandtG says:

    There’s no championship material presently in the Canadian pool IMO. Talent and depth…yes.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 13

  11. Cody Rempel says:

    I’d love to see Advin Omic against Brandt Dewsbery for his first Unified title defense!

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  12. There are a lots of awesome matchups available from 9 down.

    Fights that I would like to see:

    1. MacGrath vs Powell
    2. Machan vs Dwyer
    3. Omic vs Dewsbery
    4. Steele vs Hill

    You can mix and match any of these guys and get a great fight.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 14 Thumb down 4

  13. Jimmy Dean says:

    Excited to see Derek Medler make his return to the cage and to these rankings this year. He would definitely be a tough fight for many of these guys. Great list !

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  14. metta world peace says:


    The rest are irrelevant unless of course it’s just canucks you want to rank. Ww is just stacked.

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  15. Duh! Read the title it says Canadian welterweight rankings, it does not say world welterweight rankings!

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  16. metta world peace says:

    I understand that BPG69 don’t get in a huff. I’m just saying theres no sense debating after the last 3 as it’s irrelevant.

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  17. sirfightalot says:

    Ford beats Cote for that spot

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  18. metta world peace says:

    Ford or Cote yes could go either way. Four solid Canadians in WW.

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  19. Blackout says:

    Whats Steele doing nowadays? Pity he got dropped :( Absolute Tank.

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  20. Alex Caporicci says:

    Don’t forget Sergej Juskevic who should be considered Canadian. Would love to see him fight Machan out west. Maybe for the Hard Knocks Title? :)

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  21. Juskevic is a killer, but no one has been able to verify that he is Canadian or a landed immigrant.

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  22. Alex Caporicci says:

    Just spoke to Sergej. He is a landed immigrant and looking to become a citizen in September.

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  23. Crazy how deep this division is!

    With the signing of Dwyer, that is 8 active Canadian Welterweights in the UFC.

    10 if you include GSP and Claude Patrick.

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  24. Lloyd Christmas says:

    You all know my thoughts and feelings :)

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