Substance Cage Combat 2.0 Weigh-In Results


Substance Cage Combat LEADSubstance Cage Combat is holding their second show on May 30, 2014 in Toronto, Ontario.  If you are in the area, why not pick up a pair of tickets at TicketBreak.  There is nothing like live MMA!

Here are the results from today’s weigh-ins.

Fight Card:
155lbs- Alex Ricci (156.0) vs. EJ Brooks (156.2)
145lbs- Ainsley Robinson (146) vs. Kyle Nelson (146)
205lbs- Todd Stoute (203) vs. Jeremy Osheim (204)
125lbs- Adrian Woolley (125.2) vs. Jeimeson Saudino (126)
155lbs- Allan Wilson (150.6) vs. Mike Malott (151.4)
125lbs- Abdula Teymouri (124.2) vs. Julian Villanova (126)
155lbs- Rob Santos (135) vs. Max Li (135.2)
125lbs- Ahmed Kakar (123.8) vs. Omar Karami (124.6)

7 Responses to “ Substance Cage Combat 2.0 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Happy for Wooley. Get some….

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  2. david atkinson says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  3. Lyndon Whitlock says:

    Thanks for the insight Dave. Those lazy mma fighters are wrecking this sport. Fucking guys lol

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  4. Riggs says:

    SCC had there first show sell out and this event will be the same. Getting between 1000-2000 people at smaller shows seems to be the average across the country and enough to have a recurring show. Trying to have these fighters sellout the Air Canada Centre is not a viable option.
    Being able to showcase at least a few of Canada’s top mma and possibly UFC bound fighters seems like a great event to attend or watch on internet stream(insert link)

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  5. Totti says:

    Lets go Alex and Ahmad !!

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  6. Mr Know it All says:

    David is right though, an event in Ontario costs between 50 and 90 thousand dollars. You can’t make a profit unless the fighters make no money and sell a lot of tickets and that’s just too unfair to ask. Hence shows don’t last in Ontario.

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  7. Those first five fights are very good. Hope fans come out and watch it live or on the PPV.

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