Getting to Know… Alex Ricci


Alex RicciName: Alex Ricci

Height: 5’11

Walking Around Weight: 175 lbs

MMA Competition Weight Class: 155 lbs

Date of Birth: July 21, 1982

City Born In: Toronto

City Currently Residing In: Toronto

First Job: welder/ pipe fitter

Current Job: fighter/ teacher

First Car: Honda Civic

Current Car: Ford Focus

Favorite Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street

Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad

Favorite Band/Singer: Queen

Nickname, and how you got it: Don’t have one.

MMA Team/Camp: Team Ricci/ M1 Thaiboxing

MMA Titles Held:

Belts attained in other combat sports: Canadian amateur champion 1999

Favorite UFC Fighter: GSP/Anthony Pettis/Ronda Rousey/Jose Aldo

MMA Inspirations/Mentor/Idol: I look up to all of the coaches, fighters, and people involved that dedicate their lives to the sport of MMA.

First Martial Arts Memory: Doing my first Muay Thai class and not being able to skip and being very uncoordinated.

First MMA Memory: Going to my first Brazilian jujitsu class and getting ringworm.

Greatest MMA Moment to Date: My greatest moments in MMA are competing and being able to showcase my skill.

Funniest MMA Fighter that You Know: Chael Sonnen

Ricci taking on Tim Smith (photo: Mike Fischl)

Ricci taking on Tim Smith (photo: Mike Fischl)

Toughest MMA Competitors Encountered: Jesse Ronson

Most Memorable Finish: Iraj Hadin

Cage or Ring: Cage

Embarrassing MMA Memory:

Funny MMA Memory: having my team lock me in the sauna while cutting weight and me getting very angry at them. We all laughed about it afterwards

Favorite MMA Move (finish/strike): jab, teep, and the triangle choke

Favorite Sport Outside of MMA: Biking

Favorite Food: Thai food, Italian

Relationship Status: single

Twitter Account: @alexriccimma

Facebook Account/Fan Page: Alex Ricci


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