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unified MMAUnified MMA brought yet another sold out show to the Mirage Banquet Hall tonight in Edmonton, Alberta. Brandt Dewsbery scored a huge 5th round flying knee KO to capture the vacant Welterweight Title in the main event. In the co-main event Smealinho Rama cemented his place as the top Heavyweight in Canada and likely moved one step closer to a UFC contract.

  • Fight of the Night: Brandt Dewsbery vs. Chase Maxwell
  • Knockout of the Night: Brandt Dewsbery
  • Submission of the Night: Parwez Ghulam


Chase Maxwell vs. Brandt Dewsbery
Round 1: Maxwell pumps the jab and lands a leg kick followed by the takedown. Maxwell works to get the back and looks for the choke while landing elbows. Maxwell is warned to watch the back of the head. Maxwell lands a couple of rights and continues to work for the choke. Dewsbery tries to bridge but Maxwell lands several hard rights. Maxwell still on the back with the body triangle and working towards the rear naked choke. Dewsbery defending well and neutralizing the threat as Maxwell can’t get his arms free. Dewsbery fires a couple of shots backwards and tries to push off the cage as time expires. Top MMA News scores the Round 10-9 Maxwell

Round 2: Dewsbery sticks a solid jab on the chin and stuffs a takedown and moves to the back. Maxwell gets his guard and locks on an armbar. Dewsbery backwards somersault to try to escape and looks like he’s out of trouble. Maxwell still sticking on the arm and Dewsbery is out. Dewsbery in north/south and Maxwell to his feet and they separate. Maxwell lands a jabs and Dewsbery connects with a body shot and looks for the guillotine. Dewsbery releases and Maxwell gets back to his feet. Dewsbery stays on him and presses him into the cage looking for the double and gets it landing in half guard. Dewsbery postures and lands. Maxwell gets to all four and up to his feet. Dewsbery spins to take the back and lands a knee to the thigh. Maxwell back up and Dewsbery with a big knee as time runs out. Looks like Dewsbery might have injured his hand, Lee Mein pops his dislocated thumb back into place and the doctor is called to check on the injury. Top MMA News scores the Round 10-9 Dewsbery

Round 3: Doc gives the okay and they get back at it. They clash in the center and Dewsbery with a leg kick. Maxwell shoots for the takedown but Dewsbery defends the single against the cage. Dewsbery lands little punches as Maxwell continues to work the takedown. Dewsbery looks for a guillotine but Maxwell gets out and lands a knee. Another takedown attempt by Maxwell but Dewsbery stays vertical. Dewsbery drops down on top of him and may be working for an inverted triangle but he moves to the side and lands an elbow. Dewsbery has him all tangled up in a leg scissor and switches back to the inverted triangle. Dewsbery lands knees to the thigh and drops back to north/south. Dewsbery takes the back and looks for the choke but Maxwell slips out and survives. Ten second warning and he rides out the round. Top MMA News scores the Round 10-9 Dewsbery

Round 4: They trade leg kicks and Dewsbery connects. Maxwell connects with some shots of his own and another stiff right from Dewsbery. Dewsbery gets the takedown landing in guard and Maxwell fires a few elbows from the bottom. Maxwell threatens with an armbar and Dewsbery pulls his arm free and moves to half guard. Maxwell tries to get to his feet but Dewsbery presses him into the cage and knees the thigh. Dewsbery takes the back and works for the rear naked choke. Dewsbery still working but Maxwell is defending well and controlling the hands. Maxwell to his knees and Dewsbery is content to stay in this position. Dewsbery releases and lands a shot and rides out the final seconds. Top MMA News scores the Round 10-9 Dewsbery

Round 5: Hug to open. Shot by Maxwell easily defending and Dewsbery with a leg kick and a combo. Dewsbery with a sneaky elbow and avoids the takedown to get on his back. Dewsbery sinks his hooks and works for the rear naked choke but lets go and lands a pair of elbows with a sickening thud. Maxwell controls one arm but Dewsbery is still able to land shots with the other. Dewsbery still has the back with a body lock and continues to land shots. Dewsbery connects with a pair of elbows and continues to ride the back in cruise control. Dewsbery looks for an armbar but Maxwell stands and motions for Dewsbery to “bring it on”. Dewsbery obliges and lands a picture perfect flying knee knocking Maxwell out cold and sending him face first into the mat.
Brandt Dewsbery defeats Chase Maxwell by KO (Flying Knee) in Round 5, 4:34

Smealinho Rama vs. Tim Hague
Rama pacing like a caged animal during the intros. Rama with a left and ties him up against the cage. Rama looks for the guillotine but Hague pulls his head free and they separate. Rama lands a solid jumping knee and a pair of rights. A head kick glances from Hague and a huge knee to the body connects. Hague grabs his midsection and drops to the mat and Rama pounces on top with a barrage heavy punches. Hague tries to get back to his feet but Rama drags him right back down and continues his assault with Hague covering up and referee Vern Gorman has no choice but to step in and stop the bout. Hague hints at retirement in his post fight interview.
Smealinho Rama defeats Tim Hague by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:41

Mike Scarcello vs. Aleksander Todosov
Round 1: Scarcello shoots for the takedown and gets to full guard and lands some solid shots. Scarcello stands and drops a right back into the guard. Scarcello passes to half guard and lands shots to the ribs. Scarcello with a big elbow and another. Scarcello continues to land at will and connects with another hard elbow. Scarcello works in more body shots in between elbows and rights for good measure. Todosov can do nothing on the bottom and eats more elbows. Scarcello drives him into the cage and connects with some lefts. Scarcello stands and Todosov follows him up and they tie up against the cage. Todosov with a knee to the body and stuffs a takedown. Scarcello knees the thigh and they jockey for position as time expires. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Scarcello

Round 2: They trade leg kicks and Scarcello with a quick shot for the takedown and eventually muscles him to the mat landing in side control. Scarcello lands shots and connects with some short elbows. Todosov works to stand but gives up his back and Scarcello looks for the choke. Scarcello lets go and is content to land shots from half guard. Todosov is offering little defense and Scarcello continues to lands shots. Todosov looks for the sweep but Scarcello stays on top and connects with some big rights. Scarcello lands several hammerfists and Todosov looks all but defeated. Scarcello sees another opening and continues to pound away until Todosov gives his back. Scarcello briefly works for the choke but lets go and lands more hard elbows just prior to the end of the round which was very close to a 10-8 for Scarcello. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Scarcello

Between rounds the doctor enters to check on Todosov who is a bloodied and battered mess. Upon the doctor’s advice, referee Kyle Cardinal calls the fight.
Mike Scarcello defeats Aleksander Todosov by TKO (Doctor Stoppage) in Round 2, 5:00

Parwez Ghulam vs. Magomed Dibirov
Ghulam falls short with a head kick and Dibirov lands a big right. Ghulam lands a big kick to the body and bull rushes Dibirov gets the big takedown to full mount. Ghulam begins raining down shots forcing Dibirov to give up his back. Ghulam locks in the rear naked choke and has Dibirov tapping quickly.
Parwez Ghulam submits Magomed Dibirov by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:04

Justin Nanaquawetung vs. Andrew Bard
Both trade and they tie up and Bard lands a knee before Nanaquawetung presses him against the cage. Bard reverses but Nanaquawetung jumps on his back. Bard shakes him off and gets to the guard. Nanaquawetung sweeps but Bard sweeps him right back. Nanaquawetung gets to his feet but they go right back to the ground with Bard in full guard. Nanaquawetung throws up a triangle attempt and locks it in, quickly forcing the tap.
Justin Nanaquawetung submits Andrew Bard by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 2:18

Neil Doty vs. Bo Cooper
Round 1: Doty lands a leg kick and Cooper with a combo. Doty muscles him to the mat and works for the rear naked choke. Cooper gets the sweep to full guard and chips away with little shots. Cooper begins to work the body and postures up. Doty pulls him back in and referee Kyle Cardinal stands them up. Doty combo falls short but follows up with a leg kick and a right. Cooper ties him up against the cage Doty reverses and looks for a single. Doty switches to the double and gets him down to half guard. Doty lands elbows to the body but Cooper gets back to his feet and looks for a single of his own. Doty continues to land elbows and they trade a wild flurry against the cage. Cooper looks for the knees and eats another combo from Doty as the round comes to an end. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Doty

Round 2: Doty with a leg kick and Cooper connects with a combo and gets the clinch where he connects with a couple of knees. They tie up and Cooper presses him into the cage. Doty looks for the double but eats a couple of elbows. Cooper lands another knee and Cooper connects on a bloodied Doty and lands another knee. Cooper drops Doty with a combo and follows up on the ground. Doty covers up and Cooper’s pace has slowed but he’s still landing and Cardinal steps in to rescue Doty from any further damage.
Bo Cooper defeats Neil Doty by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 2:42

Dede Lin vs. Chantha Bun
Round 1: Lin lands a kick to the body right off the bat and comes forward for another but Bun lands a shot. Bun looks for the overhand right but can’t connect and Lin gets the clinch and lands a knee. Bun secures the guillotine choke and lands a knee. Lin pulls his head free and lands a couple of knees of his own. Bun responds with a wild combo but can;’t land anything significant. Bun lands a solid leg kick and another before falling short with a high kick. Lin throws a high kick and Bun rushes in and is lunging in for punches but can’t connect. Bun is cut over his right eye and continues to press forward. They exchange leg kick and Lin connects with a pair of front kicks. Lin gets the clinch and lands more knees and presses him into the cage. Lin gets the takedown and Bun looks for the guillotine. Lin pulls his head free and lands little shots until the round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Lin

Round 2: Lin opens with pair of hard leg kicks and a high kick sails right over Bun’s head. Lin gets the takedown but gets caught in a guillotine. Lin is in half guard and pulls his head free and passes to full mount. Bun gives up his back and Lin locks in a rear naked choke but Bun is able to defend and escape. Lin still has the back and keeps working for the choke. Bun is defending well and Lin throws little shots to try to create an opening. Lin connects with a couple elbows and Bun spins to guard and lands. Referee Vern Gorman warns Bun to work and finally stands them up. Lin lands a high kicks and Bun responds with a looping right. Lin with one more kick to the body as time runs out. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Lin

Round 3: Lin with a leg kick and Bun with a lazy right. Bun lands a solid right and rushes him against the cage. Lin gets the clinch and they trade knees before separating. The tie up against the cage again and Lin with three big knees. Bun drops and Lin rides his back and lands some big shots. Gorman warns Bun that he needs to defend or improve his position and Bun is unable to and the fight is stopped.
Dede Lin defeats Chantha Bun by TKO (Punches) in Round 3, 1:38

Connor Radkie vs. Ricki Semaan
Radkie high kick partially blocked and Semaan responds with a kick that lands low. Referee Kyle Cardinal pauses the action and Radkie takes a few moments to recover. On the restart Semaan lands a solid combo and swarms him with punches. They tie up and fall to the mat with Semaan on top but Radkie gets the sweep to full mount. Radkie can’t mount an offense and Semaan gets a sweep of his own and begins to work the body. Semaan postures and connects with a big right while moving him against the cage. Semaan postures and begins to land several unanswered shots. The punches don’t look too devastating but they are enough to coax the tap out from Radkie giving Semaan the victoy.
Ricki Semaan submits Connor Radkie by Punches in Round 1, 2:20

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    why is gfl live stream not working?

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  2. Is Bo Cooper BDC? congrats on the win.

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    With their respective wins, Nanaquawetung and Ghulam will now fight at Unified MMA 20 to determine the Featherweight #1 Contender.

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    Atta boy Uhaul!

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    That’s the way you get it done.Good job Smealinho.

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    Is this really how weak the HW div is? You beat a 48 year old punching bag and that gets a shot against Rama? (no disrespect to Hague..completely overmatched).

    Sign me up then.

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    Damn….. always mad respect to you, Hague. Hope ya dont retire. I still see ya puttin on some great, entertaining fights.

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