Prestige FC 5 Weigh-In Photos

(photo: Alicia A. Hamilton | Red Statyk)

(photo: Alicia A. Hamilton | Red Statyk)

Prestige Fighting Championship is holding their fifth show on May 16, 2014 at the Casman Centre inĀ Fort McMurray, AB.

Today, they held their weigh-ins at the beautiful MacDonald Island facility and Alicia A. Hamilton was there to record the event on film

Here are her weigh-in pictures:

*** All photos by Alicia A. Hamilton | Red Statyk

7 Responses to “ Prestige FC 5 Weigh-In Photos ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Ok, Show wins with that pic….

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  2. jake 2 says:

    anybody know why the commissioner from Manitoba who has no events is regulating a event in ft mcmurray, if they have a legit commission there?
    what does fingard charge to work a show in oil country?

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  3. Joel works as a consultant for a few commissions. He’s helped with Ontario, BC, Fort Mac, etc.

    Fort Mac can hire whoever they want to consult, but it’s Joel the individual they’ve hired, not the Manitoba Combative Sports Commission.

    Somebody is planning a show in Manitoba this year.

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  4. jake2 says:

    if they have a good commission , why do they need a consultant, i guess he brings all that experience lol (one show this year)

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  5. No it was more about getting the commission set up in the first place, and training the current people.

    The Fort Mac commission is very new, and Joel has been doing this for awhile.

    The fact only 1 show is being planned here this year has nothing to do with the commission. He’s had much more activity here in the past 5 years.

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  6. I think it is good to see the commission bringing in experienced guys, like Yves Lavigne, Kyle Cardinal, and Joel Fingard, to ensure that things go off without a hitch.

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  7. The goods says:

    so why aren’t there more shows being put on in manitoba?

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