Prestige FC 5 Play-by-Play


Prestige FC 5Prestige Fighting Championship is holding their fifth show on May 16, 2014 at the Casman Centre in Fort McMurray, AB.

The promoters are expecting a huge crowd. If you don’t have tickets, the only place to follow the action is right here on the Top MMA News play-by-play.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night: Diana Atkin vs Sarah McRann
  • Knockout of the Night: Teddy Watson
  • Submission of the Night: Miles “Deep” Anstead


205lbs- Clay Davidson vs Dwayne Lewis

Needless to say, D-Bomb gets a standing ovation from the crowd.
R1. R1. Davidson shoots right away and Lewis stuffs him. Then he unloads on him with about 15 punches from half guard. Now Lewis drops elbows and Davidson gets to guard. Lewis stands back up. Davidson throws a right but misses. He pushes Lewis against the cage as he wants this on the ground. He gets it there and is in Lewis’ half guard. Davidson looking for the kimura. It was very close. He did end up getting Lewis’ back. Full mount for Davidson. He drops three punches. Crowd chanting D-Bomb. Davidson moves to side control and drops some short elbows. Lewis tries to explode but can’t get him off. And then he does to the delight of Fort Mac! Lewis in Davidson’s half guard dropping elbows now. He cuts Davidson up. 10 seconds left and a big right at the buzzer.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Davidson

Kick by Lewis kicks things off. Body kick by Lewis. Davidson shoots and takes Lewis down. Davidson on top dropping rights. Lewis gets to his knees and Davidson throws two knees. Lewis walks the cage to his feet and throws a big knee. Another knee but Davidson is throwing some lefts. Break by Lavigne. Body kick by Davidson and then Davidson shoots and then goes to his back. Lewis drops a ton of elbows. Then throws a bunch of punches. More hard elbows from Lewis and these are hurting. Davidson rising but Yves Lavigne steps in. I think Lavigne could have let that go a bit longer. Looks like Davidson would agree with me.
Dwayne Lewis defeats Clay Davidson by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 2:49

Lewis says he had a seven year itch to fight in Fort Mac.  Lewis said he had nerves and is not pleased by his performance. Davidson had him in some tough spots in the first. He announces that he will fight David Loiseau next.

185lbs- Miles Anstead vs Teddy Ash
Ref. Yves Lavigne
Adam Zugec, Sarah Kaufman, and Luke Harris in Anstead’s corner. Powerhouse corner.
Crowd erupts for Teddy Ash.
R1. Ash moves in and Anstead immediately takes him down. Elbows from Anstead. More elbows from Anstead who moves to half guard. Three more short elbows and then he knees him from half guard in the ribs. Back in full guard. Ash closes his guard and throws the odd punch from bottom. Anstead moves to side and then mount. Anstead slides right over and takes his back. Ash taps out to a RNC.
Miles Anstead submits Teddy Ash by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:17
Teddy Ash leaves the cage prior to the announcement.

185lbs- Marcus Hicks vs. Markhaille Wedderburn
Ref Kyle Cardinal
A loud round of boos for Marcus Hicks. Suprised me.
R1. Hicks misses with a wild leg kick. Almost fell. Didn’t. Hicks ducks under a Wedderburn right. Wedderburn stuffs him. Right by Wedderburn. Leg kick by Hicks. Right by Wedderburn. Body kick by Wedderburn. Side kick by Wedderburn. Right by Wedderburn scores. Hicks shoots and pushes Wedderburn against the fence. Right by Wedderburn. Hicks drags him down. Elbow by Hicks. Showtime reverses him and gets top. Seven hammer fists by Wedderburn. More punches from top. Hicks with a high guard looking to triangle but Wedderburn postured up. Wedderburn dives back in and his corner yells to posture up. Hicks gets the triangle and Wedderburn taps out.
Marcus Hicks submits Markhaille Wedderburn by Triangle in Round 1, 3:33

An upset Wedderburn walks out of the cage before the official announcement but officials and corner get him back for the announcement.

Markhaille Wedderburn grabs the mic and apologizes and states he wants a rematch with Marcus Hicks in September. He will “come back stronger and kick his ass”. Crowd sounds like they want to see the rematch.

185lbs- Bill Fraser vs Jeff Porter
Ref Kyle Cardinal
R1. Big height/reach difference here as Porter has large advantage.
R1. Jab by Porter. Fraser rushes in for a couple shots. High kick by Porter. Leg kick by Fraser. Leg kick by Porter. Kick by Porter catches Fraser on shouler. Fraser bulls way in and lands several punches. Fraser going for a single. Then a double and drags Porter down. Porter tying him up well in mission control. Porter working to lock a shoulder and almost gets in a bad spot. Porter is looking for the triangle but can’t free his right leg. Fraser gets out and has Porter’s back looking for a RNC. They roll and it looks like Porter will get top by Fraser ends up in top by outmuscling him. Fraser with punches from top. Fraser with some elbows. Fraser passes to side control. Porter gives up his back with 10 seconds left.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Fraser

R2. Porter working the jab. Fraser with the leg kick. Hard leg kick by Porter spins Fraser. Uppercuts by Porter. Fraser takes Porter down. Porter looking for a kimura from the bottom but that is not going to happen. Fraser wit hsome hammer fists. A Fraser left lands. Fraser works to side control. Crowd getting antsy as they are tied up but Fraser has the advantage and the ref is right to let them work it out. Porter with some small shots from the bottom. They grapple to a position where Fraser is sitting on Porter’s head. That doesn’t last long and Fraser winds up in Porter’s guard. Punch by Fraser as Porter tries to shrimp away. Porter reverses and Fraser tries to wrap up a guillotine. Porter slips out and lands a punch. Elbow by Porter. Porter drops some hard shots and some more elbows to steal the round at the end, in my opinion.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Porter

R3. Leg kick by Porter. Terrible looking punch by Porter. Front kick lands. Three rights by Porter. Overhand right by Fraser. Leg kick by Porter and then two rights and an uppercut. Just when Porter is getting the advantage. Fraser rushes him and takes him down. Back to mission control and Porter locks up a shoulder and spins to top position. Nice movement there. Small punches by Porter and Fraser is looking for an arm. Porter going for an ankle but Fraser spins out. Porter back on top. Porter unloads with a right and then Fraser gets the top position. Porter using his elbows effectively as Fraser buries his head in Porter’s stomach. Half guard now and Fraser drops some short elbows. 30 seconds left and not much happening. 10 seconds and Fraser mounts Porter but no offense striking wise.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Porter
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 Porter although this one could be for either fighter. That second round was up for grabs.
Bill Fraser defeats Jeff Porter by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

Women’s Fight of the Night is awarded and both fighters will receive $350. Only one fight so it is by default, but these ladies deserve the extra cash for the show they put on.

Sarah McRann goes on the mic and explains that she is donating part of the money she made from the fight to combat autism. A worthy cause!

265lbs- Dustin Joynson vs Jannie Joubert
Ref Yves Lavigne
R1. Hard body shot by Joynson. Joubert pushes him agasint the cage and throws rights hooks at his head. Joynson with knees and then pushes Joubert against the cage. Joynson looking for a double and Joubert pulls guard looking for guillotine. Bad decision as Joynson gets top position and throws punches. Joubert gives up back looking to get to his feet but Joynson maintains back control. With Joubert trapped between the cage and Joynson, Joynson unloads with lefts. Joubert is just covering up and Lavigne is left with no choice but to stop the ground and pound.
Dustin Joynson defeats Jannie Joubert by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 0:58

155lbs- Jordan Berland vs TJ Watson
Ref. Kyle Cardinal
R1. Hard leg kick by Watson. Body kick by Watson. Watson goes to the well once too often and Berland catches it and takes him down. GNP by Berland and Watson regains legs. Kick by Watson. Hard right by Berland. Leg kick by Watson caught by Berland. They clinch up. Knees from the one handed plum by Watson. More knees to the midsection by Watson. Full plum and more knees. Berland goes down holding his liver. Watson jumps on him to capitalize but Berland is done. Cardinal stops the bout.
Teddy Watson defeats Jordan Berland by TKO (Knee to the Body) in Round 1, 3:24


130lbs – Diana Atkin vs Sarah McRann
Ref. Yves Lavigne
R1. Quick tap and a cheap quick left by McRann. They tie up and Atkin tries to suplex here. McRann on top and throws. They regain their feet. Leg kicks by both. Left by Atkin. Front kick caught by McRann and she throws a left and drop Atkin. McRann lands on top and throws some body shots. Back up. Clinching and knees by Atkin. Double jabs rock them both. Body kick by Atkin. Rights by Atkin rock McRann. Hard right by Atkin. Soft leg kicks by Atkin. Not soft punches though. Left by McRann stumbles Atkin. Atkin throws a couple right hooks that find their mark. Body then head by Atkin but McRann drops her with a right. Hard left jab by Atkin. Another. McRann just misses with a hard right. McRann has the power advantage. Right by Atkin who is landing more. Hard left by McRann but gets 10 punches in return. They tap gloves. They two slow down. Jabs by both. The crowd is loving this fight. Jab by McRann and Atkin swings wildly overhead. More straight punches by both fighters and round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Atkin.

R2. Hard right by Atkin and now it is a hockey fight with each throwing rights.  At least 8-10 punches land each.  Atkin gives the better. Leg kick by McRann.  Both ladies cut up and bleeding.  Leg kick Atkin and a right by McRann. Leg kick by Atkin.  Soft right by McRann.  Atkin rocks her hard with a right.  They go at it hard throwing wildly.  Not as much on McRann’s punches anymore.  Atkin rocks here with four or five punches.  McRann is standing but exhausted.  More strikes landing but I don’t think Atkin throws hard enough to knock McRann down.  McRann not defending and Atkin keeps landing.  Lavigne has seen enough and ends it while it is standing.  A very good stoppage.
Diana Atkin defeats Sarah McRann by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 2:39
Atkin goes to 2-0. Those fighters brought the house down. Congrats to both ladies!

170lbs – Pat Pytlik vs Eric Tevely
Ref. Yves Lavigne
Hayabusa’s Pat Pytlik comes out wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey.  I think etiquette says your team has to be still in the playoffs to wear their jersey at this time of year.

R1. Leg kick by Pytlik. Misses a high kick and Tevely ties him up against the cage. Still tied up, Tevely lands a knee. Lavigne warns the two to work as nothing is happening. Hard overhand right by Pytlik. Tevely catches him with a punch. Tevely ties him up again and pushes him against the cage.  Tevely goes lower looking for a double then a single but Pytlik is not giving him much.  Knee by Pytlik and still Tevely is pushing him up against the cage. Two knees by Tevely. Hard knee to the cup stops the action.  As Pytlik recovers, we see he is cut over his right eye.

Back in action.  Right by Tevely lands.  They tie up and exchange knees.  Fists are a flying with Tevely giving a little more than he gets. Things slow down as Tevely pushes him up against the cage. Knee by Pytlik. Body shots by Tevely and a few soft knees by Pytlik. Uppercut by Tevely.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Teveley

R2. Two Pytlik kicks miss their mark and Tevely rushes in and pushes Pytlik to the cage again.  Notice a pattern here? Knee by Pytlik who still has back to the cage.  Uppercut bby Tevely. Tevely still outmuscling Pytlik and keeps him against the cage. Pytlik starts to drop a couple elbows Travis Browne style until Tevely lifts his head. They break and the two are swinging hard.  Pytlik landing some hard rights. They crash to the mat and Pytlik is in Tevely’s half guard. Pytlik standing while Tevely is on his back and he dives into his guard swinging.  Once again Pytlik is in half guard working to get to side. Pytlik stands and kicks some legs.  Lavigne stands him up. Some tape work required by Pytlik’s corner.

Restart. Hard punches by Pytlik find their mark. When these two break, they throw hard!  Tevely pushes Pytlik to the cage and when he goes for a double, Pytlik lands more of those elbows.  Nice work.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pytlik

R3.Kick by Pytlik but Tevely lands two lefts.  They both throw bunches and now Pytlik pushes Tevely to the cage.  Not wise as Tevely is the stronger fighter and quickly reverses the position. Tevely throws a knee right on the cup.  Time out and a point is taken away.  That will cost big time.

Restart and the two trade big time.  Pytlik hurts Tevely with two punches.  Hard knees by Pytlik who had Tevely in the plum.  More knees.  Tevely slumps to the cage and Pytlik drops and throws some hard lefts. Tevely turtles up and the ref stops the bout.
Pat Pytlik defeats Eric Tevely by TKO (Strikes) in Round 3, 3:47
Pytlik throws the James Reimer jersey back on and gets a few ‘Leafs suck’ yells. Smart crowd! Pytlik impressed, despite his questionable choice of NHL team.

180lbs- Will Stelfox vs Travis Cardinal
Ref. Yves Lavigne
R1. Both kick at the same time. Cardinal shoots a double but can’t quite get him down. Stelfox grabbing a guillotine. Cardinal escapes. Stelfox ducks under a huge Cardinal left and drives Cardinal to the mat. They land with Stelfox in side control. Stefock is working to mount and gets it. Cardinal turns his back and Stelfox takes his back and locks on a body triangle and an RNC. Tap Tap Tap.
Will Stelfox submits Travis Cardinal by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:30

btw…nice new Prestige cage that is being broken in at PFC 5.

Amateur MMA

Looks like ammy rules are 3:00 minute rounds.  No equipment.  Same unified rules as pro other than the time limit.

170lbs- Chris Bezaire vs Shawn King
Ref. Kyle Cardinal
R1. Bezaire with a leg kick and and then a knee. King with a takedown. Bezaire in full guard with King throwing punches. Side control but Bezaire gets to feet. Leg kick by Bezaire. King pawing jabs and lands a body kick. Hard left by King. Leg kick x 2 by Bezaire. Another. King with a another hard body kick. Bezaire goes for a takedown by King ends up on top. Two hard shots but then Bezaire regains feet. Body kick by King. Jab/Straight right by Bezaire lands.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 King

R2. Body shot by Bezaire but a body kick by King lands. High kick by Bezaire partially lands. Hard left hook by Bezaire and then a right but King ducks under the next and slams Bezaire down to the cage. King dropping lefts from top. Bezaire regains his feet. Leg kick by Bezaire and body kick by King. Left lands by King. A pair of leg kicks land by Bezaire. Hard left by King lands and Bezaire ties him up. Down to the mat they go and King immediately gets full mount. He drops lefts and rights until the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 King

R3. Hard kick by King lands and a hard right as well. Bezaire shoots a single but King ends up in full mount and drops some rights. Bezaire tries to tie him up. King starts dropping more and more punches and Bezaire has no answer to escape this mount. Ref jumps in and stops the fight.
Shawn King defeats Chris Bezaire by TKO (GNP) in Round 3, 1:30

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