Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – May 12, 2014


SCC 2.0Always nice to see Canadians making their UFC debuts.  The latest person to sign a fight to make their long-awaited debut is Sarah Moras.   Check out the rumours below for the other Canadian who is just signed for his UFC debut.

  • TUF NATIONS: Ok… so the original Canadian Middleweights selected for the UFC reality show were: Elias Theodorou, Sheldon Westcott, Luke Harris and… Strahinja Gavrilovic! Unfortunately for Gavrilovic some legal issues held him out of competing on the show. Then a week later, Nordine Taleb had a great performance in a losing effort on TUF 19. ! With TUF Nations having not started yet and with a nice record as well as being from a UFC favoured camp in Tristar, Nordine was given a second Ultimate Fighter shot and came in to replace Gavrilovic prior to filming! Good for Nordine, too bad for Strahinja. Hopefully, Gavrilovic gets his shot in the near future!
  • Unfortunately, Strahinja Gavrilovic has broken a rib and is out of his Empire MMA fight.  Tough year for the unbeaten fighter!
  • Jason Saggo is off SCC 2.0 as the UFC came calling and signed him to fight on UFC 174. SCC graciously signed his release from the Ricci fight and wish him nothing but the best.  E.J “The Pretty Boy” Brooks (7-2), a four time Bellator vet (3-1 in BFC), will now be fighting Alex Ricci in the nights headliner

Check out some MMA in Toronto, Ontario on May 30th !!!

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  • “The Sylvan Lake Strangler”, Ryan Machan, passed on the Battlegrounds 8 man 1 night tournament.
  • Hearing that Robin Black is looking to get on the KOTC Winnipeg show in September.

  • Valerie Letourneau fights May 16th for the Absolute Fighting Championship against Jazmine Quezada (1-3)
  • Congrats to Mitch Fryia and Owen Martin who picked up a victories on Saturday in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan at KOTC!
  • Jessica Rakoczy is rumored to return at UFC 178 in Toronto. Very close to her hometown of Hamilton, makes sense to me!
  • What do you do when you are desperate for a fight after having many previous scheduled bouts cancelled? Adrian Woolley wants to fight so bad, he is forgoing a pay cheque in order to get his US opponent flown up to the SCC card in Toronto on May 30th.

  • The next ECC show will be on June 21st!
  • There will be no MFC shows this summer.
  • Who doesn’t remember Jean-Claude Van Damme’s 1989 epic movie, Kickboxer? Well…there is a remake coming out and Georges St-Pierre and Dave Bautista both will have parts in the film. I wonder who get’s Tong Po?
  • Duncan Wilson (6-4 MMA) will make his boxing debut on July 18th in Nanaimo, BC.
  • “Bazooka” Joe Valtellini will get a shot at Marc De Bonte and his GLORY WW Title at GLORY 17 – Last Man Standing! The June 21st show is jam packed with the prelims on Spike TV and the main card on PPV! Don’t forget Marcus Edwards is also on the show, oh yea also Cro Cop, Andy Ristie vs Ky Hollenbeck, Manhoef, etc…! WOW

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59 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – May 12, 2014 ”

  1. Pat Wilson says:

    Hey guys I’m looking for a pro fighter between 180-185 for 1 of my clients May 30, were having a very hard time matching him up, the fight is in Quebec and would prefer driving distance but fly in is a possibility if you or somebody you know might be interested please call me the opponent has 3 fights, thank you 519-991-2409

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  2. Cody Saftic says:

    ^^^Contact Aaron Jollimore

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  3. That ^^^is a demonstratipon of high level management skills, heck even a fat dumb Fu#K like myself could have done the same, congrats PAT your the man.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 8

  4. Pat Wilson says:

    Thanks BigPoppaGrove69

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  5. Michael Imperato says:

    To mike.

    see you got it all wrong. Promoters do fly me out there but you and many others find every excuse not to fight. Also im far from racist hence why I have multicultural coaches and friends.

    As for my record. Lets see I fought jeff black who was alot bigger amd missed weight but had a bad record. I was 1-0 I fought belair who was 1-0. I was 2-0 and took a fight on a days notice against a guy who was 0-0 but 160lbs catch weight. I was 3-0 and took a fight on a weeks notice a weight class up and the guy missed weight when i had a fight scheduled 3 weeks later. Then fought andrew while i was going through alot of shit. Then took 18 months off and fought brigham then dimitri then arnett.

    All of them will smash you. And arnett is going to.

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  6. All kidding aside that is a demonstration of a good manager utilizing all available resources in order to get his client a fight, good for you Pat.

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  7. chad freeman says:

    Way to go saggo!all the hard work has finally paid off! Can’t wait to watch you represent Canada in the ufc. Proud of ya buddy

    Well-loved! Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2

  8. Mark abelardo says:

    ^^ That was just you making excuses for all of your fights, had nothing to do with there records haha if your going through a lot of shit that’s your choice to fight or not same as if you fight up a weight class, take short notice fights or take 18 months off. All your choices, What do those things have to do with the records of your opponents

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  9. PUCK says:

    Wilson is making his (pro) boxing debut. To my understanding he was like 4-0 as an amature. Pumped as his hands are great!

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