Pro Fighting Series 3 – Sarnia – June 14


Pro Fighting Series III THUMBDate: June 14, 2014
Venue: Sarnia Arena in Sarnia, Ontario

Fight Card:
145lbs- Jesse Gross (8-4) vs. Tony Hervey (16-16)
155lbs- Adam Assenza (3-2) vs. Mike Sledzion (3-4)
180lbs- Woodrow James (1-0) vs. Taylor Lang
145lbs- Dave Hale (0-1) vs. Neelan Hordatt-Reece (3-1)
125lbs- Bojan Kladnjakovic (1-2) vs. Tyler Kirk (0-2)
135lbs- Josh Rich (1-0) vs. Ryan Thomson (0-1)
265lbs- Blake Nash (2-1) vs. Bryan Jordan (2-0)
155lbs- Paul Jalbert (1-0) vs. Matthew Socholotiuk (1-0)
155lbs- Bobbi-Jo Dalziel (0-0) vs. Tamikka Brents
???lbs- Marcello Solinas (0-1) vs. TBA
155lbs- TBA vs. Oliver Vadnais (1-1)

*All Fights are unconfirmed and subject to commission approval

60 Responses to “ Pro Fighting Series 3 – Sarnia – June 14 ”

  1. BarrieMMAFan says:

    He got licensed because he is a skilled fighter and in the best shape possible. You don’t have to have fights in order to get licensed..he has won numerous bjj and judo tournaments. Tomorrow night he will win, the crowd will go crazy, and Woodrow will go down. End of story.
    Ya, Woodrow faked everything in Lang’s “record”, that reflects on Woodrow NOT Lang..

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  2. I have had nothing but good dealings with Woodrow James over the phone, over the net, or when I met him in London.

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  3. Western Man says:

    @BarrieMMAfan, that’s fine and all dude, but if the commission finds out, and all it takes is one of us to contact them, Taylor will be banned from fighting in Ontario for frauding his amateur record. It’s a BIG no no

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  4. Fightfan1 says: site is ridiculous stats on their they all say unofficial. Lang chokes woodrow out. Who cares about unofficial amateur stats

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  5. Riggs says:

    I see how it is possible to falsify 1 or 2 fights on a fighters record, especially if a database accepts results without substantial proof, but hundreds of fights and dozens of events being faked seems hard to believe…or is it peoples opinion only these 2 fighters, James and Lang, have faked their records to allow this fight to take place and deceive the commission?

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  6. James says:

    (Google it)

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  7. BarrieMMAFan says:

    Western man..
    Lang DID NOT fake the record. Woodrow DID.

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  8. Western Man says:

    He went along with it didn’t he?

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  9. Durdle says:

    Missing weight by 3 pounds is embarassing. Unfortunately some don’t take it as serious as it is

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  10. Sarnia says:

    When we talk about Woody James are we talking about the same guy that was in high school and went to fight Matt Melo when he was in elementary school and got his ass kicked in front of a bunch of grade 8s hahahah This guy is a joke It kills me when they even mention this guy on the radio He is the biggest pussy. Keep on setting yourself up to fight weak fighters We all know what your plan is YOUR A BIG PUSS

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