Hard Knocks 35 Play-by-Play


Hard Knocks FightingHard Knocks 35 goes down live at the Century Casino tonight in Calgary, Alberta. The pro/am card features a main event of Ryan Dickson vs. CJ Marsh.

Tickets are still available but if you can’t make it to the venue to see all the action live you can watch the live HERE.

Top MMA News Awards

  • Fight of the Night – Ryan Dickson vs. CJ Marsh
  • Submission of the Night – Ryan Dickson
  • KO of the Night – Mike Scamurra

Here is the play-by-play of tonight’s action:


Ryan Dickson vs. CJ Marsh
ref. Brian Beauchamp

Round 1: CJ lands a nice right hook and Ryan lands a leg kick. CJ looks really fast on his feet. CJ lands a great left hook then another right hook . CJ lands a jab that stuns Ryan. Ryan shoots for a takedown but CJ stuffs it then lands a leg kick. CJ lands a stiff jab to Ryan’s body. CJ is landing whatever he wants right now. Ryan comes back with a huge leg kick. CJ lands another jab and leaves Ryan swinging at air. CJ’s movement is impressive. CJ lands another jab then a hard right hook. Ryan times a double leg and takes CJ down. Ryan passes to side control. CJ quickly recovers half guard before Ryan passes to mount. Ryan drops down for an arm bar but CJ quickly escapes and stands up. This was a close round!
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 CJ Marsh.

Round 2: CJ lands a leg lick then Ryan returns the favour twice over. CJ lands a hard left hook then a devastating three punch combination. Ryan is bloodied up now bleeding from his eye and his lip. That was a brutal combination. CJ lands another left hook that stuns Ryan. Ryan moves in with a flurry of strikes but CJ manages to avoid them all. Ryan lands another leg kick but they don’t seem to be slowing CJ down. Ryan ducks under one of CJ’s strikes and shoots for a takedown but CJ easily evades it. Ryan finally manages to catch CJ, pinning up against the cage then taking him down with a double leg. Ryan quickly passes to mount and starts to pound CJ. Ryan is working armbar again and this time he get it! What a fight!
Ryan Dickson submits CJ Marsh by Arm Bar in Round 2, 4:44

Jesse Dayrider vs. Anton Tokarchuk
ref. Adam Cheadle

Round 1: Anton lands a jab then follows it with a right hook that drops Jesse. Jesse shoots for a takedown but Anton defends then drops two hard elbows. Jesse crumbles and referee Adam Cheadle stops the fight.
Anton Tokarchuk defeats Jesse Dayrider by TKO (strikes) in Round 1, 0:36

Pat Gionette vs. Josh Griffin
ref. Brian Beauchamp

Round 1: Josh lands a nice kick to Pat’s body but Pat hip tosses him then takes his back. Josh get back to his feet and pins Pat up against the cage. Pat manages to take Josh’s back standing. Josh secures an arm lock and Pat’s howls in pain but doesn’t submit. Pat escapes and pins Josh up against the cage. Pat is working for a double leg against the cage but Josh manages to turn him and he lands a knee to Pat’s forehead. Josh squirms in behind Pat and takes his back standing. Pat pulls him down to the mat belly up taking his back and securing both hooks. Josh is working for rear naked choke. Josh sinks it in but Pat somehow turns out of it escaping and securing top position just as the round ends. That was an exciting back and forth round!
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Josh Griffin.

Round 2: Josh moves in to attack and something happens to Pat’s leg. Pat limps over to the cage and tries to clinch with Josh. Josh lands some strikes and is clearly attacking Pat’s injured leg. Josh separates and Pat wobbles forward still looking for a fight. Josh lands a few strikes then Pat starts walloping him with huge looping punches. Pat is an animal and is clearly not finished yet. Pat pushes Josh up against the cage and takes him down with a huge double leg takedown. Pat is working to pass Josh’s guard. Josh secures an omoplata from bottom position but Pat pulls his arm out. Josh grabs for a heel hook and locks it up. Pat tries to roll with Josh but the submission is tight and Pat cries out in pain as he taps out. This was a crazy fight!
Josh Griffin submits Pat Gionette by Heel Hook in Round 2, 4:12

Justin Schmit vs. Devon Smith
ref. Adam Cheadle
Round 1: Devon lands a couple of body kicks prompting Justin to move in for a takedown. Justin secures to takedown and passes to half mount. From half mount Justin is landing some incredibly short elbows that are clearly annoying Devon. Justin looks a lot bigger than Devon on the mat. Devon sweeps Justin but Justin immediately recovers half mount and keeps working those short elbows. Devon sweeps Justin again and this time he passes to side control. Justin quickly turtles, isolates an arm then stands back up. The fighters clinch against the cage. Devon lands three knees from the clinch that got a reaction from the crowd. I couldn’t see if they connected or not. Justin is working for a takedown and drops levels for a double leg. Devon defends and lands some really hard elbows to the side of Justin’s head. They looked brutal. This is a really close round. Justin controlled position for most of the fight but those elbows and knees may have done a lot of damage.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Justin Schmit.

Round 2: Justin opens the round with another takedown to half mount. Devon looks like he is baiting Justin to pass to a mount so he can sweep him. Maybe he is just hurt. Justin starts dropping some hard elbows and this fight looks like it’s almost over. Devon manages to trap Justin’s arm and slow the onslaught. Justin frees his arm and resumes his pounding prompting referee Adam Cheadle to stop the fight.
Justin Schmit defeats Devon Smith by TKO (GNP) in Round 2, 2:25

Julius Huhs vs. Fabian Cortez
ref. Brian Beauchamp
Round 1: The fighters scramble right away and Julius eventually lands on top and secures mount. Fabian starts to roll and Julius follows him and takes his back. After securing both hooks Julius is calmly working for a rear naked choke. Fabian is defending well though. Julius is landing a few strikes and transitions to a neck crank. Fabian rolls again and frees himself from one of Julius’ hooks but still can’t manage to turn into Julius’ guard. Julius recovers both hooks and from back mount resumes working for the rear naked choke. Fabian tries again to roll and Julius catches him with an arm triangle. Julius transitions to side control and really tightens down the choke. Fabian was saved by the bell. That submission looked really tight.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Julius Huhs.

Round 2: Fabian lands a body kick and shoots for a take down but Julius easily stuffs the takedown and pushes Fabian down to the mat landing in side control. Fabian escapes a North South choke and turtles. Julius still has Fabian’s back and starts landing some hard punches while Fabian is turtled. Fabian rolls again and reverses Julius. The reversal was short lives though. Julius takes Fabian’s back again and lands some hard knees and punches to Fabian’s body. Julius transitions to half mount and starts working for a Kimura. He suddenly locks it in and forces the tap!
Julius Huhs defeats Fabian Cortez by Kimura in Round 2, 4:08

Theo Toney vs. Adam Smith
ref. Adam Cheadle
Round 1: Adam throws a high kick then drops levels and shoots for a double leg on Theo and effortlessly take him to the mat. Theo is holding him down from the bottom not letting Adam create and distance between him and effectively limiting Adams ability to generate offence. Referee Adam Cheadle stands the fighters up and the action resumes. Theo moves in with a right hand that barely connects but Adam secures a body lock and takes Theo down. This time Adam has him pinned against the cage and Adam is landing some body shots but that is about it. Adam passes to half mount then mount. Now Theo is holding on to Adams’ waist. Adam lands a couple of elbows to Theo’s forehead just as the bell rings.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Adam Smith

Round 2: Adam lands a hard leg kick and Theo comes back with a great right hand. From across the cage Adam shoots for a double leg and actually takes Theo down. He must have been ten feet away from him and Theo still couldn’t stop the takedown. From Theo’s guard Adam is landing more strikes this round. He manages to create some space and land a hard hammer fist. Adam passes Theo’s guard and secures the mounted crucifix position. Adam is landing a lot of unanswered blows from the mounted crucifix Roy Nelson style but Theo eventually escapes and recovers half guard. Referee Adam Cheadle was close to stopping the fight there.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Adam Smith

Round 3: Theo lands a nice body shot then a hard leg kick and a right hand. Theo moves in a little to aggressively and Adam shoots for a double leg and takes Theo down. Adam passes to half mount and is landing a lot of peppering strikes. Adam is attempting to pass to mount but Theo won’t let him. If he wants to win the fight Theo should be worrying less about securing half guard and more about standing back up. Adam finally postures up but doesn’t manage to land a significant strike. From half guard Theo isn’t making any attempts to recover guard or sweep Adam. Adams short shots to Theo’s body are definitely scoring but they aren’t threatening to finish the fight. Adam finishes the round on top.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Adam Smith
Adam Smith defeats Theo Toney by Unanimous Decision

Mike Scamurra vs. George De La Rosa
ref. Brian Beauchamp
Round 1: These fighters are fast George throws a great low kick but loses his balance and the fighters clinch up. George secures double underhooks and tosses Mike to the ground landing in Mikes guard. From top position George lands some great shots before Mike kicks him off. Mike lands a punch that stuns George and Mike recognize the damages and seizes the opportunity. Mike lands a devastating flury of punches. George drops to the ground and Mike secures mount. From mount Mike drops for an arm bar but doesn’t secure the submission. George escapes the arm bar and stands up. Mike lands a crushing body shot. George looks like he doesn’t have anything left. Mike is landing punches at will like he is hitting a bag. Finally a body shot drops George to his knees and referee Brian Beauchamps stops the fight. Great stoppage.
Mike Scamurra defeats George De La Rosa by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 3:17

Amateur Fights

Dauda Keita vs. Lee Popp
ref. Adam Cheadle
Round 1: Both of these fighters are huge lightweights and they look like they are in incredible shape. Lee lands a right hand and Dauda lands a nice low kick before the fighters clinch up against the fence. Lee secures double underhooks but is unable to capitalize with a takedown. Both fighters land hard knees to the midsection and are staying active in the clinch. The fighters break away and Lee lands a couple of hard shots to Dauda’s body. Lee clearly wants to play this clinch game but Dauda is showing great takedown defence. Dauda lands a hard knee as Lee works for a takedown. Lee overcommits and Dauda pushes him over and jumps into his guard just as the bell rings. This was a really close round. I think Lee narrowly won the round with more aggressive striking and a those hard body shots against the cage.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Lee Popp.

Round 2: Dauda is more active with his kicks this round but Lee avoids them and lands a hard straight right before clinching up against the cage again. Lee is working his knees from the clinch and controlling the action up against the cage a little better this round. Dauda turns Lee and drops down for an ankle pick and secures a takedown. Lee is working to stand up against the cage but Dauda manages to take his back and secure one hook. Dauda is working for a rear naked choke as the round ends. This round was clearly for Dauda.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Dauda Keita

Round 3: Dauda lands a nice left hand and the fighters clinch up again. Lee is landing some great body shots. Lee’s nose is really bleeding from Dauda’s left hand that connected. Both fighters are landing some great knees. One of Dauda’s lands to the groin and referee Adam Cheadle pauses the action to give Lee his five minutes. When the action resumes Lee charges in for a clinch with a couple of strikes. Dauda tries for a takedown but Lee reverses him and lands on top. Dauda sweeps him but punches Lee in the face which is not legal. Referee Adam Cheadle stands the fighters up and docks a point to Dauda. Seems a little harsh but the blow was clearly illegal. These fighters are very evenly matched so that point may end up being crutial in this fight.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 (One point deducted to Duada) Lee Popp.

Round 4: The fighters clinch up and Lee takes Dauda down right away passing to mount. From top position Lee lands a few strikes but Dauda sweeps him and stands up with a standing guillotine attempt. Lee is out of danger but Dauda lands a solid knee to Lee’s body. Dauda controlling the action against the cage this round. This was another very close round. Lee only secured mount for a few seconds so I think with the sweep and the guillotine Dauda narrowly won this round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Dauda Keita.

Round 5: Both fighters look fresh for this round which is amazing considering the pace they have kept. The fighters clinch up right away again and go to work with knees to the body. Lee is working the right hands to Dauda’s body and really racking up the points. Dauda lands a series of punches to Lee’s face and the crowd starts cheering like crazy. The fighters clinch and break .
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Dauda Keita.

With the point deduction I see this fight as a draw. The point deduction was questionable so I’m hoping Dauda wins this despite losing a point.
Dauda Kieta defeats Lee Popp by Split Decision
*** Dauda Kieta wins the Hard Knocks Amateur Lightweight title


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  1. Louden Swain says:

    I didn’t think Gionette or Griffin were going to be able to fight their way out of that wet paper bag.

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  2. Winston says:

    That was the worst fight I have ever watched…^

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  3. Cody Saftic says:

    War Ryan Dickson! Way to overcome everything and get the win. Sounded like a great fight for the live crowd

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