MFC Heavyweight Title History


MFC-THUMBThe Maximum Fighting Championship is one of the oldest and most prestigious MMA organizations based in Canada.

Dating back to 2007, the MFC has only had two Heavyweight title fights in its rich history.

Following the first Heavyweight title fight, the organization disbanded the division.

President Mark Pavelich re-instated the Heavyweight title in 2013 after several entertaining bouts.

Here is a list of the MFC Heavyweight champions:

Champion Defeated Method Event
Date Video
Scott Junk Jimmy Ambriz TKO1, Corner Stoppage, 5:00 MFC 12 6/22/2007
Vacant Scott Junk  Stripped, Division Disbanded  8/2008
 Anthony Hamilton  Smealinho Rama  KO2, Head Kick, 0:12 MFC 38  10/4/2013 WATCH
Anthony Hamilton Darrill Schoonover  UD5, 5:00 MFC 39  1/17/2014
  • Most Title Defenses: Anthony Hamilton (1)

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  1. This is the first of the Top MMA News title history series. The intention is to do one for every pro title of every Canadian promotion.

    This is archival data to be enjoyed and negative comments will be heavily moderated.

    Feel free to add comments on memories of the bouts and if you see errors, please let me know.


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  2. Mustapha says:

    Great job done by the crew that was able to dig up all that information.

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  3. Donald Duck says:

    Scott Junk is a monstrously large man. Wasn’t he training out of BJ Penn’s gym?


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  4. XYZ says:

    Junk fought in the UFC, only once though, soon after winning this title and now Hamilton is in the UFC

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  5. RickRoll says:

    Who will be the next MFC hwt champion?

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