Matt Dwyer to Face UFC Vet at BFL 30 on May 23

Matt Dwyer (photo: Hassan Behgouei)

Matt Dwyer (photo: Hassan Behgouei)

BFL was rumoured to be chasing down a UFC veteran for Matt Dwyer and now they have found their man as Dwyer will face DaMarques Johnson at Battlefield Fight League 30.

Toshido MMA’s Matt Dwyer (6-1) is the BFL Welterweight champion and is riding a four fight win streak. Most recently, Dwyer stopped Shonie Carter at BFL 27 in January 2014. Dwyer also finished Ryan Chiappe, Levi Alford, and Colin Daynes in his recent win streak.

DaMarques Johnson (15-13) is a The Ultimate Fighter 9 finalist who lost to James Wilks in the USA vs Britain final. Johnson fought ten times in the UFC and went 4-6 in the organization. Johnson lost three in a row and was release from the UFC and lost his last bout to Ian Williams at Cage Warrior Combat last November.

The Dwyer vs Johnson main event will take place May 23rd in Richmond, British Columbia at the River Rock Casino.

13 Responses to “ Matt Dwyer to Face UFC Vet at BFL 30 on May 23 ”

  1. Judon't says:

    I thought he was a prospect? He’s fighting a guy who’s lost 6 of his last 8, right after he had a victory over a guy who lost 12 of his last 15?

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  2. Judon't says:

    After a more thorough review of his record, here’s the records of the guys he has victories over (in order):

    And then Shonie, who is clearly just showing up for the appearance money these days.

    I get that the odd guy can have a record that’s not fitting for his skill level, but come on, this is brutal.

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  3. Thesubzero says:

    Well how about you sign up to fight him then? He has 7 fights and he’s taking on a ufc vet, seems a logical step to me.

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  4. Judon't says:

    I doubt he’d take the fight, I’m not currently on a 4 or 5 fight losing streak.

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  5. Cody Saftic says:

    His team is clearly making a wise decision and building him up. Like you pointed out, he hasn’t fought the best guys so far, and in Johnson, he’s facing a 10-time UFC veteran who has three times the experience that he does. Demarques is also 10 years younger than Shonie Carter and will provide a hell of a stiff test for Dwyer.

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  6. Cody Saftic says:

    Who did you want them to bring in instead, Jake Shields?

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  7. Thesubzero says:

    Perhaps you don’t realize this. But you can’t make people fight you, have you heard of Dwyer turning down any potential opponents? At any rate, this seems like a great fight, will definitely be entertaining.

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  8. Robin Black says:

    Talk to anyone who has trained with David Lea at Toshido.

    Top notch trainer. Everyone who fights out of that gym is top flight and crazy well prepared.

    Looking forward to this fight.

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  9. RickRoll says:

    Perfect fight for him to get a win over a tough 10x UFC vet with 28 pro fights. Anyone thinking otherwise is not very smart.

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  10. The Champ says:

    Johnson isn’t a can and there was a reason he was fighting in the UFC. Good step up in competition for the young champ.

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  11. realmmafan says:

    @robin black I agree team toshido just keeps pumping out those welterweights, they had gary evil ginger wright, whatever happened to him anyways? Rory mac, mike hill, now dwyer. And that cam[ps not afraid to take tough fights or why would Hill fight ford when he was only 5-1? Battlefields not the biggest promotion but I like how they build up there home town talent. His last 3 fights were againts 10-8 4-0 and 50-30, and now 16-14. I could think of an easier way to pad your record then to fight those guys. Either way every dwyeer fight Ive seens been a barn burner, should be a good one to watch!

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  12. John Nguyen says:

    Matt has came a long way. I’ve watch most of his fights. People need to stop hating and give the man the respect that he have earned. When you are good at what you do and work super hard for it and achieve your every goal, people tend to get jealous. They tell you you’re lucky that you got there. It’s no fluke mother fucker, hard work and motivation do pay off. I’ve never been lucky for the last 10 years, just good. If you can’t recognize the hard work and the commitment that Matt had went through and think it’s luck then you’re stupid. I work every day 10-14 hours per day and have achieved every goal I’ve set, it’s no luck. Matt is quick, his technic is unstoppable, hard to defend yourself when you don’t know what is coming. His track record say it all. Banker don’t lend millions of dollar to me cause I’m lucky, it’s because I’m good at what I do. Matt Dwyer all the way, knowledge is power and skill is natural talent. Fuck the hater, they spend all there time hating. We are doer, we get things done… Keep up the good work Matt, much respect!!!!

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  13. PUCK says:

    I give the dude props as he’s had some good wins, I do think Johnson may take this one though.

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