Battle for the Border 3 – Quick Results


Battle for the Border 3Battle for the Border returns for their annual fight card tonight at the Memorial Arena in Cranbrook, British Columbia. Mike Kent takes on Alfonso Gonzalez in the main event and Mark Dobie will be in search of the upset over UFC Veteran Cody McKenzie in the co-main event.

If you are not in Cranbrook, you can watch the fights live on the internet HERE

Pro MMA:

Alfonso Gonzales defeats Mike Kent by TKO in Round 1, 0:52
Cody Mckenzie submits Mark Dobie by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:28
Jordan Tracey submits Dan Amyotte by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:26
Adam Wills submits Cleve Bentley by Guillotine in Round 1, 2:20
Will Monzon defeats Riley Buzzard via Unanimous Decision

Amateur MMA:

Ryan Rohovich defeats Donovan Hack via RNC @2:46 Rd3
*** Rohovich wins Amateur Welterweight title

Dustin Luke defeats Yuri Gromochikhin by KO (Punches) in Round 1, 0:27
Clayton Schira defeats Herman Neufeld by TKO (Punches) in Round 3, 0:44
Wesley Bowman defeats Josh Freisen by Unanimous Decision

Shout out to Carl Mortensen from MMA Madhouse for providing the results for the event.

Pro Fights:
200lbs- Mike Kent (200.2) vs. Alfonso Gonzales (199)
180lbs- (180.3)

19 Responses to “ Battle for the Border 3 – Quick Results ”

  1. Mike kent says:

    Congrats to Alfonso on fighting very well . We both through he landed ! Best luck in the future !

    Thanks to Isaac and Jody for putting on a great fight card and treating all the fighters from top to bottom on the card like gold.
    We live to fight another day

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  2. harry balls says:

    Next time, Mr. Kent.

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  3. PhIl Mimeau says:

    I`m surprised that Kent lost, Wow at 0:52 sec. of the first round..Alfonso Gonzales didn’t waste any time.

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  4. dangit says:

    You are a class act Mr Kent RESPECT

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

  5. Mike kent says:

    I through a step in standing right elbow and Alfonso through a short straight right. He got there first ! Mma is a cold hearted bitch at times and amazing others. It’s what makes fighting so special. If I was two seconds earlier maybe id be celebrating.

    I’ll be back. When my wife let’s me :)

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  6. Ispitrudely says:

    I would love to see Mark Pavelich and his son fight a tag team mma fight against the bottom of my boot:)

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  7. Robin Black says:

    Mike Kent has become one of my favorite fighters and people in the game. There are not enough people who examine the sport in strict and honest reality. Good on ya for spelling it out my man.

    Stand up proud Mike Kent and go get ’em next time sir.

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  8. Big Win says:

    Here’s the fight video for Kent vs. Alfonso

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  9. Thanks for letting us know what happened, @Mike Kent. Next time you’ll get there first.

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  10. Bdc says:

    That was a crushing right hand!

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  11. Bill Muise says:

    I’m a kent fan but if he fights Allan hope he better take him down because I would say Allan hits a lot harder then that guy


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  12. XYZ says:

    For fighters who like to stand and bang, sometimes they need to walk away from this sport before they become unable to function normally, especially with a family to support. Look at the difference between wanderlei and chael, one is still sharp witted doing broadcasting, while the other sounds like a moron every time he speaks and is one punch away from being a vegetable.
    There are much more important things in your life Mr. Kent, than a few hundred spectators and fans. You have nothing to prove to anyone or even yourself anymore. Without being able to commit to 100% to training for mma, the results can be devastating, especially when you are taking these tougher fights. You said yourself, this guy was faster to the punch and he did look a step or two ahead of you that fight. Not to mention you looked smaller and softer at a heavier weight, more than ever before.
    Only you know when it’s time to walk away. But would you rather take the family to Disneyland or train a few weeks at ATT for you to improve your skills for your mma career?

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  13. Mike kent says:

    Can’t hate on the truth ^^^ well said xyz. I agree with pretty mug revert thing you’ve just stated. All my dreams now involve things with my family and daughters not UFC and fighting and the guys Are blood thirsty and hungry. To say I’ve lost a step is putting it nicely the truth is it’s hard to walk away when you love it and still have fun but I see a decline in my performances and a increase in opponents . Not always a good combo !

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  14. Mike kent says:

    lol I’m not punchy yet I just typed quickly ! Mma is very dangerous and anyone that’s taken a few losses by ko like I have and doesn’t reevaluate or Atleast have it on there mind is blind. I don’t think I have anything to prove nor did I ever . I just enjoy fighting .

    Maybe having to cut 20 piounds to make 200 when I used to easily make 85 is a sign that my focus is other places . Being a dad / full time worker / and fighting slome of the best is tough and sometimes ends up like that posted link . Even though I look softer I’m still training my butt off and putting the work I’n everyday and not slacking just coming up on the losing side. One day you think you can hang with anyone the next day your wondering if you’ve taken too many blows to the head at 30 loll mma sucks

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  15. Mamas boy says:

    One fighter that comes to mind when speaking of brain deterioration due to getting knocked out so many times is bobby kalmakoff.

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  16. Brent Keryluke says:

    Nope, had plently of brain deterioration before MMA. Just added to the problem.

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  17. therealmmafan says:

    It cant be that bad he usually only takes 1 punch per fight. Then goes into the turtle position.

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  18. Donald Duck says:

    @Mama’s Boy – Bobby would have actually had to get hit to be punchy. I think he was always a few turnips short of a full load…


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  19. Big Win says:

    Here’s the fight video for Tracey vs. Amyotte

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